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Newlywed Christmas Card Tips

Everything you need to get ready for your first Christmas Card send!

Christmas Cards

Newlywed Christmas Card Checklist

The first Christmas season as a married couple is such a joyful season of life, and your first holiday card together has to be perfect! We have you covered! We have created lists to guarantee you announce your new marriage perfectly on your Christmas card for all of your friends and family. Phrases, photo ideas, and much more are all included to ensure you design the most memorable Newlywed Christmas Card!

unique festive phrases

The highlight of any newlywed’s year is their gorgeous wedding. Matching that high energy for a Christmas Card is essential and completely possible with one of these unique phrases. Whether you want to keep it simple or enthusiastically make the announcement, we have so many options! The various ways to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas are endless!

Married and So Merry

Married and Bright

Married Christmas

Married Little Christmas

Marrily Ever After

Marry, Marry Christmas!

Merry and Married

Merrily Married

WE DO Wish You a Merry Christmas

Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas

We Wish You a Married Christmas

New Year, New Mr. and Mrs.

New Year, New Life Together

New Year, New Us

New Year, Newlyweds

Cheers to Forever

A Very Married Christmas

A Very Married New Year

Our First Christmas

Tis the Season to be Married


Love, Laughter, Merrily Ever After

choosing the best photo

Choosing the best photo for your Christmas Card is crucial for having a stunning Christmas card. Should you use a wedding photo? What if you want to include a Christmassy image? There are so many options, and we have handpicked our favorites that we predict to trend this holiday season! The perfect photo makes your card uniquely yours and so beautiful!

Your favorite photo from the wedding

A memorable moment from your honeymoon

Wearing adorably ugly Christmas sweaters

Wearing matching Christmas pajamas

Dressed as your favorite Christmas movie characters

A posed photo in a snowy, winter wonderland

Chopping down the perfect Christmas tree

Snuggled up by the fire

Wrapped in a blanket trying to stay warm

Hanging the stockings in your new home

Decorating your first Christmas tree in your seasonally decorated home

Cuddled family photo with your adorable pet

For the artsy type, a painted image of the two of you

sweet little details

There are a few details that you absolutely don’t want to forget on your first Christmas card as newlyweds! These sweet additions will elevate your design and keep all of your loved ones in the loop about your recent special day. These features also make your holiday card an encouraging greeting and a lovely memento of your year for your dear friends and family!

Monogram of your newly shared last initial

Mr. and Mrs.

Date of your special day

Your new address as a married couple

A few post-wedding life updates

Introduction to your new family

The memorable year you tied the knot

A corresponding color palette to your wedding or the chosen photo

celebrating your fresh start

After you have designed the most precious Christmas card, the signature that finalizes your layout must be perfect. There are many ways to tell your loved ones you care for them, and these are some of our favorites! One of the sweetest parts of a new marriage is sharing a last name, so we chose a few that highlight that special detail. These unique signatures add a lovely last element to your Christmas card!

The New Mr. and Mrs. Last Name

Lots of Love from the Last Name family

With Love, Her Name and His Name

The Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Last Name

Wishing you all the best, Mr. and Mrs. Last Name

To You and Yours, From Me and Mine—​the Last Name

Warmly, the Last Names

Merrily and merrily,

Peace and Love to You and Yours,

Love this Christmas and Always,

Happy Holidays from the Last Name Family

Love, the Newlyweds

XOXO, the Last Names

Warm Wishes from the New Mr. and Mrs.

dazzle and delight

You have now created the perfect Christmas card and a lovely recipient list with everyone who cares deeply for you; there are just a few more details or additions you may want to add to elevate your design! These features are all optional, but they certainly enhance the theme of your design and make for a one-of-a-kind card!

1. Envelope Liners

Envelope liners fit perfectly into your envelopes and tie together the theme of your Christmas card suite. They are customizable and can match your design or feature you and your spouse’s monogram! Regardless of your style, these liners are a fabulous touch that truly elevates your Christmas card!

2. Foil

Adding foil to text on your design adds gorgeous detail to your card! The shiny foil glistens and adds a texture to the layout that uniquely enhances the Christmas theme. While foil is optional, it truly is a stunning detail that you may want to include on your Christmas cards this season!

3. Type of Card

The design of your card remains the same but choosing the type of card is a particular aspect of your Christmas card suite. We have postcards, magnets, and typical Christmas cards as well. A postcard is an exy-std-spacing cellent option for those shopping on a budget to save postage and is an attractive option for this season! A magnet is a fun and unique option and makes great memorabilia for your friends and family to hang up on their fridge! The classic Christmas card is exy-std-spacing cellent, and the possibilities do not end here. Different shapes, sizes, and paper choices make this option totally customizable! So many fabulous options make this decision one of the hardest!

Christmas Card List Ideas for Newlyweds

And now that you created the most fabulous Christmas Card, there are so many more questions to be answered. Who can I send a Christmas card to? How can I save money? When do I send out a holiday card? We answer all these questions so that you don’t have to worry!

Who can I send a Christmas card to?

This is a question we hear all the time, and we ask ourselves too! Everyone loves sending and receiving Christmas cards. What a lovely tradition that connects loved ones far and wide! Hearing from long-distance friends and family is a treat every single holiday season. But who should you send a card to? Friends from college? Co-workers? How distant of relatives should receive a card? We understand the stress of choosing who will receive your Christmas card, so here are a few tips for Christmas card etiquette:

1. Family Members

Whether these loved ones attend your wedding or not, everyone loves an update after the wedding! This sweet gesture is a great way to combine a warm wishing of Merry Christmas and reach out to loved ones following a significant life event! Cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, everyone near and far will appreciate being thought of this Christmas season!

2. Friends

While this seems obvious, there are many types of friends. The bridesmaids and groomsmen from your wedding, college friends, family friends, childhood friends, and many in between, but who should you send a Christmas card to? No one absolutely can’t receive your card, but there are a few you don’t want to miss! The most obvious to remember are the beautiful people that stood by you at your wedding and all of your closest friends. The next group of friends you don’t want to leave out is your childhood friends. There is nothing sweeter than receiving a card from one of those friends that knows you so well and has known you for what feels like forever! Including these friends in your list is just so sweet! You can also pick a few of your favorite co-workers- the ones you just love to see each day at work will adore seeing the card you create! Past or present, co-workers love to be thought of during the holidays! Other friends to consider adding to your list would include those from church, a book club you are a part of, or family friends that know you so well! Regardless of who makes your Christmas card list, all recipients are sure to adore your lovely creation!

3. Neighbors

Your neighbors may be lucky enough to call you a friend and, in this case, may have already made the list! Whether you casually say hi when you walk your dogs or love having wine night together on the weekends, sending a Christmas card to your neighbor is a polite gesture! Christmas is an exy-std-spacing cellent opportunity to reach out to new neighbors if you and your new spouse have recently moved into a new neighborhood!

4. Service Providers

Spending hours in a hair salon each year can certainly make the two of you close, and reaching out with a Christmas card is such a kind idea! There are so many wonderful people in your life who work alongside you in many different ways. Holiday cards allow you to encourage others during the holidays, so these people will undoubtedly love a kind gesture from you! This may include your doctors, dentists or orthodontists, hair stylists, nail techs, dog groomers, massage therapists, chiropractors, or anyone else you have worked with! A Christmas card is a beautiful way to say thank you for everything they so graciously do for you!

Christmas Card Planning Tools

Get all the tips and tricks for your Christmas Cards. Simplify your holiday tasks by getting all the best ideas right up front so you can get on with embracing the fun of the season!