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Order Custom Graduation Announcements Online

You never thought this day would come. After many days of counting down graduation is finally here. You know what that means? It's time to celebrate a huge milestone! Check out this large selection of Graduation Announcements and discover a design for sharing your celebration details. Any design can be personalized with your favorite photos, fonts, school colors, and more! Order your custom graduation announcements and let's get the party started!

How to address graduation announcements

You can address a grad announcement as you would any other invitation or card. Use Mr., Mrs., or Ms. before people's names, especially those you don't know well, or simply write first and last names without the formal titles. For addressing a graduation announcement to the entire Brown family, for example, write The Brown Family.

What are graduation announcements?

Graduation announcements do exactly what their name implies: They announce the graduation event and provide a way for you to share the news of your major accomplishment with family and friends. Graduation announcements don't necessarily invite people to the graduation ceremony or a celebration; they just let people know the graduation is approaching.

When do you send out graduation announcements?

If they include an invitation, send out school graduation announcements two weeks before the event at minimum, but sooner than that may be better for planning purposes. If they don't include graduation invitations, you can send them anytime before the event or up to six weeks after the graduation happens.

Where to order graduation announcements

You can order custom graduation announcement from Truly Engaging. Choose from trending options for this graduating year, add photos, and select your preferred shape, paper type, and design to suit you and your graduate's tastes.

What to write on graduation announcements

In addition to a photo or multiple photos, you can include as much or as little information as you want. Details to start with include:

  • Full name of the graduate
  • Graduation year
  • Name of high school or college
  • Degree earned and major (if a college graduate)
  • Honors designation
  • Date of graduation

Who to send graduation announcements to

As a general guideline, you should send your personalized graduation announcements to anyone you might send a Christmas card to, as well as anyone who has impacted the graduate's academic journey. Here's a list of people to start with:

  • Parents of the graduate and other important family members. This includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and great aunts/uncles. Even if these relatives live out of town, it's likely they'll want to hear about the graduate's great accomplishment.
  • Friends. This includes friends of the family and perhaps the graduate.
  • Tutors and teachers. This includes people who have assisted the graduate along the way in their academic journey.

Make sure to also save one for yourself as a keepsake.

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