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2022 Baseball Schedule Magnets

Turn baseball fans into valuable clients this season! Score impressions every week from spring through autumn.

Due to MLB player and owner negotiations, baseball schedules will be printed after final game times and dates are available.

*Although we have taken every precaution to ensure that schedules are accurate, Truly Engaging is not responsible for schedule changes or cancellation due to COVID-19.
MagnetCard Baseball Schedule

MagnetCard Schedules

  • Laminated card with magnet strip
  • Easy-to-read schedule
  • Baseball championships on backside
  • Coordinating envelopes and customized insert available
Fully Backed Magnet Baseball Schedule

Full Magnet Schedules

  • Premium, fully-magnetic schedule
  • Vivid team colors
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Coordinating envelopes and customized insert available

Round out your Baseball Marketing with Custom Team Envelopes and Inserts

Matching suite items with baseball schedule magnets

Expand your marketing reach with our direct mail solutions

  • Customizable team-branded insert
  • Team-branded envelopes

It's proven that eye-catching envelopes with a strong call-to-action is a key factor in getting recipients to open your mail piece. Vibrant home team envelopes are just the ticket!

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Magnetic Baseball Schedules

Baseball has 162 games per season. Translation? 162 chances to draft baseball fans to your business. Catch impressions and convert leads by giving them custom MLB magnet schedules of their favorite team, customized with your photo/logo and contact info.

  • Two design options for all 30 MLB teams
  • Four different styles to fit your budget and brand
  • All schedules customized with your photo, logo, and contact info
All Times Local. Schedule subject to change.
No one associated with the depicted magnets has any sponsorship, arrangement or other connection with any of the teams whose schedules are shown or the leagues in which they play.

Where to get baseball schedule magnets

You can order baseball schedule magnets from Truly Engaging. Choose from magnet card schedules, which have a magnetic strip affixed to the back, and full magnet schedules. Many design options are available and feature your local team's colors.

Can I get any team on baseball schedule magnets?

Baseball schedule magnets are available for all 30 Major League Baseball teams, and combination schedules are available as well for teams located in the same regions, such as the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

What are baseball schedule magnets used for?

Baseball schedule magnets are used for advertising a particular business's services and information, such as the office name, address, and phone number and may include a photo of the owner or key person, such as a real estate agent. They're a simple way to boost your company's marketing strategy and potentially reach a wider audience of people.

Can I get multiple teams on baseball schedule magnets?

Yes, at Truly Engaging you can order baseball schedule magnets with multiple teams included. Available pairs include teams who are either key rivals or who play in the same region.

  • Red Sox and Yankees
  • Cubs and White Sox
  • Orioles and Nationals
  • Cubs and Cardinals
  • Dodgers and Angels
  • Mets and Yankees
  • Athletics and Giants

When is the best time to hand out baseball schedule magnets?

You can hand out baseball schedule magnets to potential or current clients any time of year, but a particularly good time might be before the regular season begins, which typically happens in April. February and March are both good months to hand out baseball schedule magnets because teams are typically beginning preseason activities during this time.

What business information should I include on baseball schedule magnets?

Business information should include your business's name, address (including city and state), phone number, and email. You may also include a photo, a company logo, and a short list of your business's available services.

Customer Raves & Reviews

One of my favorites to buy

By Becky on Apr 14, 2017
I go door to door and hang these magnets on my clients doors and they look forward to them every year!

Repeat Customer

By Bob on Mar 10, 2017
I have been using Truly Engaging the last 6 years for my baseball schedule. They are easy to work with and always deliver a quality product in a short time period.

Truly Engaging Hits Out of the Park

By MDRealtor on Mar 22, 2015
I have been buying baseball and football schedules from Truly Engaging for more than 10 years. The quality is excellent, the personalization is always perfect, and the turnaround time more than acceptable. Many of my clients look forward to receiving these and actually call, email, or text to thank me!

Great Marketing Tool!

By PamD on Mar 1, 2015
I have been ordering Sport Magnetic Cards from Truly Engaging since 2007. I live in a suburb of Chicago and we have 2 Baseball Teams: Chicago Cubs (north side) and White Sox (south side). Truly Engaging offers both teams on the same magnet. The schedule easily fits into a size 10 business envelope. You can purchase matching baseball envelopes announcing the arrival of the schedule to your mailing sphere. I get compliments from many of my clients, thanking me for the schedule. It's a quick look to see who is playing in Chicago on a particular day. Because the baseball season begins in April and ends in September, it's 6 months of advertising for me. You can usually find a discount if you order the schedules before the season starts, thereby helping absorb most of the shipping cost. My clients look forward to receiving them each year!

Good experience

By TrudyL on Feb 26, 2015
Ordered baseball magnet-first order with Magnet St. Very good experience-came just as pictured. Very pleasant experience. No problems with shipping to Canada
All Times Local. Schedule subject to change.

Except as otherwise expressly noted, neither Truly Engaging nor anyone else associated with the magnets describing college or professional sports events has any connection with such events or their organizers, sponsors, conferences, leagues or participants, whether by license, endorsement or other affiliation. Trademarks depicted on magnets or in advertising are the property of their respective owners.

*Cannot be combined with other offers, or applied toward past orders and mailing services. Valid for online quantities only.