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Examples of poses | Engagement photo ideas

Engagement Photo Poses

Going for your engagement session soon and looking for engagement photo ideas? One thing is for sure—​you want to have the best engagement photo ideas. They will be the best with a fabulous couple like you taking center!

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We won’t be at your engagement photo shoot, but we would love to help! A skilled photographer will be able to recreate any of these engagement photo poses for you. Get creative, have fun, and make sure your own dazzling personalities shine through.

Examples of traditional poses | Engagement photo ideas


Probably the most “traditional” type of engagement shot, side by side shots typically capture the couple walking, sitting, or maybe even dancing cheek to cheek. These shoots are made up of a series of images that include head and shoulders, half body and full body shots—​while you and your honey look into the camera.

While they may not showcase a ton of personality, these shots are great to include on Save the Dates. After all, your wedding guests want to see the fabulous couple—​and what a great keepsake for them to put on their fridge or in a frame! Not a super serious couple? Then this engagement photo pose probably isn’t for you.

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Examples of reflective poses | Engagement photo ideas


These engagement photo poses show more of a feeling. They convey your love story very quietly and secretly. To capture these purely and beautifully, they’re best unplanned. Your overall shoot might end up looking contrived if every pose is forced or pre-planned, so it’s great to sprinkle these into the mix.

From an open, sunny prairie to beautiful waves or majestic mountains as a backdrop—​the options for these photos are endless. Photographers often catch these in between posed type of shots, while you’re sharing special moments as a couple. Just remember to shut off your brain for a little while and live in the moment.

Couple modeling a reflective pose | Engagement photo ideas

“When photographing couples, it is so much fun to break away formal poses a little bit. Natural elements like spontaneous interaction help tell the story of who these people really are as a couple and celebrate their togetherness and love.”
e & e photography    eandephotography.net

Examples of embrace poses | Engagement photo ideas


Who doesn’t love a hug? You feel safe there anyway, right? Romance doesn’t have to be captured during a kiss or intimate gaze, especially if you’re not comfortable being affectionate in front of others. A simple embrace is a gorgeously symbolic gesture of love, and makes for a beautiful photo. He can wrap his arms around while he stands tall behind you, or you can embrace facing each other like he is hugging you.

Engagement sessions can quickly become dull if you’re in static poses for the whole session. So take this one step further and don’t be afraid to show you’re a kid at heart! Adding spunk and showing off your fun-loving personalities with a piggyback pose is guaranteed to get you laughing—​and your family and friends smiling.

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Examples of detailed poses | Engagement photo ideas


They all say that weddings are all about the details. It’s true ... and fun! From a detailed view of your sparkly engagement ring to up-close shots of your hands or toes—​these symbolically portray your love in the simplest forms. And don’t be afraid to show off your personalities or special tokens of love in these shots.

If your fave way to spend a quiet evening is playing board games (there’s no shame in that!) capture an engagement photo pose as you both hold out your hands with a cute phrase spelt out in wooden tiles. Or show off your love for your favorite soda or ice cream treat by grabbing a couple straws and sharing a glass. Grab your favorite props and allow yourself to get lost in those “little details”—​they’re likely what got you together here in the first place!

Headshot of Erich McVey - Photographer | Truly Engaging engagement photo ideas

“Little details are what make each couple unique and special. I try my best to tell each couple's special story by capturing those subtle details, the distinctive way they look at one another, and the manner in which only those two individuals touch, love, and breath together.”
Erich McVey    erichmcvey.com

Examples of profile poses | Engagement photo ideas


You want at least a couple engagement photos of you sharing a kiss—​but how about an “almost kiss?” Sometimes a kiss can get a little messy or funny looking, so keep it looking as super romantic as possible. It’s normal to feel butterflies during your engagement session. To get yourself more comfortable for these more intimate shots, try your best to look away from the photographer and stare into each other’s eyes.

Whisper little jokes to each other—​have a chat and take a deep breath and relax. And if you start giggling—​don’t stop! Some of the best engagement photos are captured during those candid moments.

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SExamples of walking poses | Engagement photo ideas


What’s more perfect than catching a charming moment of you both walking together hand-in-hand? Whether you’re walking along a wooded path, along a sandy beach or down a dirt road—​walking shots are relaxingly magical and can take on different shapes. Walking is very natural and is the best bet to get you comfortable during your shoot.

What’s more perfect than catching a charming moment of you both walking together hand-in-hand? Whether you’re walking along a wooded path, along a sandy beach or down a dirt road—​ consider walking engagement photo ideas. They are relaxingly magical and can take on different shapes. Walking is very natural and is the best bet to get you comfortable during your shoot.

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Examples of playful poses | Engagement photo ideas


Run-of-the-mill engagement pictures with prom-style poses aren’t always the most inspiring for every couple. Whether you’re making silly faces to loosen up, or portraying your funny take on an engagement photo cliché—​these photos are guaranteed to have you doubled over in laughter. And hey, why not get photos of that genuine laughter while you’re at it?

A lot of times, it’s not going to be the actual silly face, but the candid reaction in between you’ll want to keep. Make sure your photographer fires away when you least expect it! Have a lot of fun—​skip, jump, have a snowball fight, or a tickle-fest. Friends and family will love seeing the playful side of you.

Headshot of Susan Hennessey - Photographer | Truly Engaging engagement photo ideas

“The couples I meet are always excited and emotional. They’ve been looking forward to their engagement shoot and getting beautiful photos to help spread their happy news. I love helping them achieve this goal by making sure they’re relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. By encouraging my couples to be themselves, embrace their silly side, and free their inner child, I’m able to shoot playfully unique photos that capture the essence of their relationship.”
Susan Hennessey    susanhennessey.com

Examples of kissing poses | Engagement photo ideas


Keep these light and classy. The most personal and whimsical kissing photos are the ones where your lips are just inches apart as you come into it. It has a really striking and romantic effect, while still being classy. Kissing photos aren’t for everyone—​and probably aren’t the best to send out to friends and family on Save the Dates or Wedding Invites.

Feeling shy? Switch up a kissing photo and make them a little more fun. Use some fun props (think giant lollipops, cotton candy and others), to hide your faces from the camera. This is also a great way to incorporate a cute prop into your photos and tie an overall fun engagement shoot theme together!

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Examples of pet poses | Engagement photo ideas


It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have—​from a fuzzy kitten to a playful pooch—​these engagement photos give friends and family a peek into your day-to-day life. If your cat is your favorite furry friend, then staying near home for an indoor shot is best. Bring your pup to the park for cute shots of belly rubs or a game of fetch.

Want an easy go-to engagement picture idea including your furry friend? Use a chalkboard to jot down your wedding date, and have your pet pose with it to announce the big day. Feature that on Save the Dates, and your friends and family won’t be able to handle the cuteness!

Headshot of Jacquelynn Buck - Photographer | Truly Engaging engagement photo ideas

“I love talking ahead with couples to get to know their personalities so we can incorporate who they are into their engagement session—​whether location, props, clothing style, or bringing pets! It makes it much more personal!”
Jacquelynn Buck    jacquelynnbuck.com

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Examples of reenacted poses | Engagement photo ideas


Not everyone is able to capture the moment of their actual engagement. But you can re-stage the scene! Or at the very least, have a few photos taken in the very spot he proposed. That way you can look back on it and see how it changes over the years.

Or maybe your engagement was a more intimate moment you want to keep tucked away for yourselves, or wouldn’t make for much of an exciting engagement photo idea. Instead, why not create scenes from your favorite movie? It can be comedy, drama, romantic, sci-fi—​or whatever your heart desires! Take it even a step further and use it on a Save the Date that mimics a movie poster.

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