Creative Inspiration For A Boho Style Wedding

Boho Style Wedding Inspiration

We've got bohemian on the brain lately! A Boho style wedding is unlike any other--that gypsy look and feel is downright irresistible! That said, today's "Color Monday" is devoted to a colorful vintage-inspired bohemian look. So for all you free-spirited maverick couples out there, this boho style inspiration is for you! Jen Campbell, the curator of the popular wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes, knows a thing or two about unique and creative weddings. Jen shared with us her thoughts on how to bring a bit of boho into the wedding look ...

Looking to incorporate the boho look into your day? Our favorite way to do so is with your fashion. A lace wedding dresses (preferably a two piece with a crop top!), a flower crown, and lots of layered gold jewelry will give you the perfect boho bride look.

Thanks, Jen! {p.s. Jen is sharing some beautiful boho bridal inspiration today!}

Colors: Bronze | Sangria | Peach | Custom  {C-28 M-0 Y-63 K-0}

Colorful vintage inspired boho wedding style

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Got a Boho Style?

1. Non-traditional You're a lover of all things avant-garde. From unique attire and alternative venue locations to ornate headpieces and floral crowns, everything about your style is unconventional--and perhaps even a little eccentric.

2. Vintage-inspired From fashion to philosophy, you love to borrow from the past to bring in to the present. The bohemian wedding trend inspires your inner flower child.

3. Relaxed-romantic Your laid-back and relaxed personality couldn't imagine a wedding event that wasn't easy going and peaceful. You love soft flowing gowns and letting your tresses run free.

So, what do you think of the enduring bohemian style wedding trend? 

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