Checklist: Proofreading Wedding Invitations

Checklist for Proofreading Your Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! You're almost there ... finish strong by proofreading your wedding invitations. Below are 6 crucial proofing areas to help you set the tone--error free. Since no one knows the details of your big day like you do, be sure to embrace the idea of proofing your wedding invitations and suite items with care and consideration!

Proofreading Wedding Invitations Checklist


6 Crucial Proofreading Areas


1. First, get a printed proof!

It's so much easier to proof a printed piece than one on your monitor. And, holding your invitation and suite items in hand will help you to be confident in your colors, design, and paper choice. Did you know: MagnetStreet offers the ability to get Just One® of your invitation and suite items—​fully personalized and printed.

2. Proof punctuation & grammar  

Double check:

  • all spellings—​including your names!
  • ceremony & reception
  • street addresses
  • city & state
  • web addresses
  • dates & times
  • singular vs. plural {correct: a block of rooms has been reserved {singular}}

Most common mistakes we see: 
misspells & misuse of punctuation,
not adding a space after a comma i.e. July 12,2021,
adding extra spaces, 
wedding day and date aren't the same, 
wrong-facing quotation marks on wedding programs 
See invitation wording examples

3. Proof for consistency!
  • color consistency between suite items
  • type size consistency
  • font types & size consistencies
  • wording consistencies i.e. honour/honor and favour/favor

Most common mistakes we see: 
color inconsistency between backgrounds {esp. white and/or ivory},  
font and wording inconsistencies
See wedding program wording ideas

4. Proof for Readability!
  • Is your text easily read?
  • Is your type size big enough? Too big?
  • script fonts in all caps are difficult to read

Most common mistakes we see: 
light text on light background,
dark text on dark background,
script fonts in all caps

5. Proof Photo Quality!
  • use only hi-quality/hi-res photos!
  • check for blurriness
  • Does your photo fit the frame?

Most common mistakes we see:
pixelated/poor quality photos,
photos not properly fitting the allotted frame/space
Read about: using digital images for print

6. Proof styling & graphic elements!
  • text and design elements are properly aligned
  • centering
  • proper spacing between lines/words
  • proper line breaks
  • type is too close to designs elements or the edge
  • opening or ending word{s}/lines of text that appear by themselves because they got separated from their paragraphs

Most common mistakes we see:
improper centering and spacing between lines

Check. Check. Recheck!

One of the best proofing tips we have—​is to enlist the help of trusted family and friends to assist you with proofing your wedding invitation and suite items! Happy Proofing!