Wedding Style Quiz

What’s your wedding style?

Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or something totally unique?
Find out now! Discover your dream wedding style, then learn ways to
express it through color, design, and more.

Track the number of 1s, 2s, etc ... to see your wedding style!

1. My decorating style is...

1:) Tasteful and timeless
2:) Offbeat and eclectic
3:) Breezy and laid-back
4:) Contemporary and clean
5:) Rustic and charming
6:) Antique and elegant

2. My honeymoon highlight will be:

1:) A romantic candlelit dinner at sunset
2:) Trying a bizarre, but beloved local delicacy
3:) Surfing lessons
4:) Captured and shared in real-time on my smartphone
5:) Horseback riding through the countryside
6:) Visiting a famous historical site
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3. Date night! My vote is...

1:) Dinner and a movie
2:) Paintball, pottery class—​anything unique!
3:) Enjoying ice cream as we stroll along the beach
4:) A brewery downtown
5:) Hiking, then stopping for a picnic
6:) Wine tasting at a local vineyard
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4. My go-to shoes are:

1:) Nude or black pumps
2:) Anything funky and unexpected
3:) Flip flops or sandals
4:) Ankle boots
5:) Cowboy boots
6:) Some kitten heels I scored on consignment
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5. The color palette I’m most drawn to includes...

1:) Elegant neutrals
2:) Dramatic, unexpected color combos
3:) Striking, tropical tones
4:) Gray mixed with cheery hues
5:) Earth tones paired with flower-inspired shades
6:) Soft, pretty pastels
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6. My dream reception would take place ...

1:) Inside an elegant ballroom
2:) At the zoo or aquarium
3:) On the beach!
4:) On a rooftop terrace downtown
5:) Inside a barn or farmhouse
6:) At a historic landmark or house
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7. You and your friends love to:

1:) Snack on appetizers during a game night in
2:) Try new things, like improv classes and aerial arts
3:) Go salsa dancing downtown
4:) Catch up over cocktails at a hot new restaurant
5:) Kick back and relax with a backyard bonfire
6:) Browse thrift shops and pop-up sales
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8. My dream wedding gown is...

1:) Sleeved with a chapel train
2:) Colorful and daring
3:) Bohemian and relaxed
4:) Asymmetrical and embellished
5:) Comfortable, casual, yet classy
6:) A beaded lace frock
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9. Our dream reception band/musician:

1:) Diverse and beloved cover band
2:) Indie folk artist
3:) Reggae or cajun band
4:) High-energy pop star
5:) Bluegrass trio
6:) Jazz/blues group
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10. Our reception fare will include a/an...

1:) Elaborate, multi-course meal
2:) Build-your-own taco bar
3:) Ice cream truck
4:) Buffet to suit a variety of palates
5:) Backyard barbecue
6:) Elegant spread of small plates
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If you answered .....

M:ostly 1s, you're a Classic Bride
M:ostly 2s, you're a Unique Bride
M:ostly 3s, you're a Destination Bride
M:ostly 4s, you're a Modern Bride
M:ostly 5s, you're a Rustic Bride
M:ostly 6s, you're a Vintage Bride
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