Wedding Decoration Ideas

Happy inspiration Monday! {hmm I like the sound of that!} Anyways, I've got some lovely DIY and budget-savvy wedding decoration ideas for you today, that are all about simplicity with an organic feel.

So, whether you're looking to add something fun and seasonal for a pre-wedding party or perhaps centerpiece decor for the gift table, buffet table, bar area, lounge are four great ideas!

These drilled pumpkins remind me of the light bright game I had when I was young... Essentially, the creativity is up to you! Trace a pattern, your monogram, the spelling of your names... and then get out the drill and make some noise! Put battery operated lights inside and voila!


A pumpkin with formality! Pump up the chic factor with this black and white pumpkin

white with black pumpkin

As is, the berry decor with branches is fabulous as a photo tree but could also be used as a wishing tree too. Beautiful for a winter wedding.

wishing tree idea

For a fresh cut above the rest, I love how this fruit and candle looks in the gorgeous crystal holder. I suggest using a mild ie. melon-scented votive- preferably soy-based for a clean burn.

fruit centerpiece

Which idea do you like best?

all images via Better homes and Gardens