Unique Save the Date Idea: Nikki and Joey

This is precisely why I love Save the Dates... no rules!  Our brides and grooms are so clever!

Although Nikki and Joey went to high school together, they didn't start dating until April 2007~ after attending rival colleges.  He... University of Florida and she... Florida State.  And, Nikki and Joey love football!

From August til February, it's pretty much all about tailgating games, watching games and playing fantasy football games.

So, this fun, football-loving couple decided that the best way to announce their wedding date was through their favorite sport.  MagnetStreet Weddings had the honor of customizing a football schedule to create a one of a kind Save the Date for them.   As a lover of all things fun and practical, I love this idea!

Nikki and Joey sent their closest fans a unique Save the Date, can keep them updated through their wedding website, PLUS these fans have the football schedules for their three fav teams~ all in one place!

Creative. Clever. Practical.  Cool!

Soon after they sent out their custom Save the Date magnet cards, Nikki and Joey were inundated with emails and texts from family and friends who absolutely loved their Save the Date idea.  We at MSW think so too.

I was definitely curious as to how the design came about and asked Nikki about it.  She mentioned that the designer took the ball and ran with the idea for the top half.  (Nikki didn't say that exactly but the word play is kinda fun.)  In any case, Nikki did say the designer created the top portion of the Save the Date with only a little direction.

I asked Ben, the graphic designer regarding his thoughts about designing the top half.

The Bride and Groom mentioned that they liked certain parts of template A-11576, so I studied the design and created my own version. Personally what I find to be the most successful part of this design is the font, as it coordinates with the grasses and their hair quite well, almost an exact representation. The colors I decided to keep black and white to coordinate with the photo so that it worked as a whole. The Save the Date portion was all in black and white and the sports schedule was all in color, thus giving both portions the same amount of importance. Had I of gone all color the effect would have been quite different...

(Gotta love how designers think) 

We wish you all the best Nikki and Joey!  Congratulations and thank you for sharing your cool Save the Date idea with the world!

Photo of Nikki and Joey : Pennington Photography[poll id="23"]