Tap Into Your Creativity

How often do you hear people say “I’m just not that creative” or something similar? It’s unfortunate to hear because I believe everyone is creative in their own way. I like to think that being creative is really about being inspired to do whatever~ paint, cook, story-tell, write, sew, decorate your house, plan a wedding, etc. Here, I’ve got it~ being creative is doing something while under the influence of your imagination. Yes, I like that!

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of creativity and involves inspiration and vision. There are lots of resources and great websites to help you get in touch with your creative side. If you haven’t been to the Wedding Bee Blog, be sure to visit. There are 20 bloggers or so, who are planning their weddings and telling us about it every step of the way.  There are great ideas on everything from planning to fashion, to DIY and lots more. There is sure to be a bride-to-bee that resonates with your style!
Get in the creative mood: exercise, journal, dance, take a walk, sing, take a class in the arts, go to a museum or a bookstore, etc...
The following images draw me in.  In essence, there is an aspect to each photograph that I like~ be it color, mood evoked, style...
Now what...?
Discover your style… Do you favor formal, less formal, casual, aesthetic beauty, whimsy or are you eclectic like me? Make an inspiration board with images to eventually bring a sense of cohesiveness to your ideas.
Finding your theme… What do you absolutely love:  the color purple…springtime in the mountains… sports...a certain era…? Incorporate what you have a heart for: charities, animal rights, missions…?
Brainstorm with friends: Great ideas are bound to surface.

What do you do for inspiration?