Sweet Treats at the Bar

Entertaining thoughts of offering a dessert bar at your reception?

Get your guests mixing and mingling with something similar to confectionery heaven like this soda fountain slash ice cream bar idea from Brides.com.

You could have a bar tender serve OR let guests build their own by letting them fill old-fashion fountain ware with ice cream, layering it with caramel or chocolate and finally topping their creations with fun sprinkles, whip cream, cherries... Yum!

So many possibilities and hidden nougats with having a dessert bar.  Your dessert bar can coincide with your wedding theme or simply be a theme in and of itself.

For instance, take this scrumptious image of a smore.  Perfect for a garden wedding.  (You might needs lots of wipes for this bar).

Get your imagination rolling with a few more ideas~

Chocolate Bar: Listen to the oohs and aahs with this bar loaded with a trove of truffles, brownies, candies, fudge, gourmet chocolates...

Fall: I can already smell the nutmeg and cinnamon at this bar with the delights of pumpkin cheesecake, caramel apples, pumpkin pie bars, hot apple cider...

Christmas or winter wedding: Fill it with festive cookies in all kinds of shapes and colors, and hot chocolate with all the trappings, cinnamon sticks...

Ooh, Italiano theme: This is probably my favorite... a biscotti bar equipped with a Barrista too! Imagine your guests chatting, laughing and dunking their sweet Italian cookies into their Espresso.  Fun!

If you're considering a dessert bar~ THINK SMALL bites.  Delight their senses in little amounts.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding sweet treats at the bar... Leave a comment! We love comments!

Images and additional ideas at Brides.com.
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