Cutest Outdoor Winter Engagement Photos (Ever!)

Outdoor Winter Engagement Photos

Oh my goodness, Jenna and Mark’s outdoor winter engagement photos are almost too adorable for words. Jenna looked just darling in her 2 outfit changes and the couple appeared warm and cozy while the cool air nipped at their cheeks. Their sesh was shot in the quaint town of Zionsville, IN where unique shop fronts and cobblestone streets helped to provide lots of texture and visual interest. We love the raw, film-esque style of Rogue Art Photography and how they've incorporated the backgrounds and props to keep our eyes focused on Jenna and Mark. So many great photo Save the Date ideas using a bold text overlay {just sayin!} Anyways, love-love this sweet sesh. We hope you're inspired by the subdued beauty and ambiance of these outdoor winter engagement photos just as much as we are. Enjoy!

Indiana couple and outdoor winter engagement photos (by Rogue Art Photography)

Fun outdoor-winter-photo-with-balloons-(Rogue-Art-Photography)

Outdoor winter engagement photo idea of a couple in front of a brick building (Rogue Art Photography)

Fun black and white of couple in winter engagement photo (Rogue Art Photography)

Cute outdoor winter engagement photo (Rogue Art Photography)

Outdoor winter engagement photo with balloon props (Rogue Art Photography)

Winter engagement photo idea--Couple outside of a building (Rogue Art Photography)


Adorable winter engagement photo of bride-to-be in tulle skirt (Rogue Art Photography)

Romantic engagement photo (Rogue Art Photography)

Winter engagement (Rogue Art Photography)

Quaint outdoor engagement photo of couple in town (Rogue Art Photography)

Outdoor engagement photo with bride-to-be holding balloons (Rogue Art Photography)

Close up engagement photo in winter engagement shoot (Rogue Art Photography)

Photographer:  Rogue Art Photography | via Two Bright Lights