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Showcasing the designs of MagnetStreet Weddings brides and grooms-to-be!

I LOVE the "American Gothic" feel to this perfectly executed, canine Save the Date!  It stars "Jake" and "Ally" who have graciously agreed to stand in for their best friends... Ellen and Corey. {And while I've maintained this position for a long time, after seeing Jake and Ally, it just may be the final image to make me concede.}

In Corey's words...

"Our wedding theme is rustic elegance. We are having the reception inside the barn at the West Mountain Inn, followed by a fire pit after-party. Our pets volunteered to stand in for us... actually, we are both a bit camera shy and thought it would be funny to dress up the dogs.  My young nephew was a bit confused by the whole thing though and had to ask his mom if dogs really have weddings.

The dogs... Jake and Ally, will also be in the ceremony. Our florist, Blomma Flicka is designing a wreath for Ally and Jake will be wearing a white bow tie (he is lab/border collie mix though and so we are hoping that the herding instincts remain dormant)."

Ellen and Corey


This next Save the Date is gorgeous and unique!  The image is powerful and captures the couple's personality and their intention for their Save the Date so perfectly.

Destination Wedding: Austin, TX

in Erin's words...

"Our inspiration came from the general, unique style of Austin. Most of our guests will be traveling to attend the wedding and we wanted to give them a taste of all that Austin has to offer while they are here. If you notice, the wall we are standing in front of (painted on the side of a business in South Austin) contains images of other Austin landmarks within the city's lettering.  Additionally, neither myself nor my fiance really wanted to have our faces plastered on refrigerators across the country; but, at the same time, we wanted them to be personalized. I think we found a great compromise and our photographer, Dustin Meyer, captured us and Austin, perfectly in this shot.

While our wedding will be a more formal affair, with icy winter metallics, we thought the Save the Date should be a reflection of who we are on a daily basis."

erin and craig

a-10123 Save the Date Magnet

On the next Save the Date, Alison and Jacob sent us print-ready artwork... which means Alison and Jacob designed and uploaded their image and MagnetStreet Weddings produced them.

Super fun and clever, Alison and Jacob are having a very traditional Jewish wedding on New Year's Eve!

In Alison's words...

"Jacob and I debated A LOT about if we wanted to actually do our wedding the weekend of New Years and the more that we thought about it the more we got so excited! As we all know, New Years tends to be very over-rated and we all pay way too much money for a mediocre event. Well, our wedding is a perfect excuse for people to get out of where they live and actually travel somewhere new for New Years and then continue the celebration throughout the weekend with our wedding!


So, when it came time for us to make the Save the Date, we really wanted to get people excited about sharing the new year with us. One of my bridesmaids and best friends Randi, has her own company called Randodi's and one day we just sat down and designed the magnet together. We knew that we wanted to include the most prominent icon for both weddings and New Years: the champagne bottle! We had also decided that it was important to have our picture on the front.

As far as the wedding, we decided that we are going to do the New Year's theme with welcome bags and offer "Ideas for New Years in Nashville" on our website, but overall we really just want to focus on the wedding celebration itself during the actual event. Our wedding colors are going to be dark eggplant and lime green with cream and gold accents! It's going to be a fairly formal affair (black tie optional) and we really want to create a classy yet warm affair.

Jacob and I care most about our guests having a good time by enjoying the music and dancing! We hired a fantastic 10-piece band from Nashville that we know will keep everyone on their feet all night long. The flowers are also going to be extremely important in order to create the elegant feel in the room. We plan to use mostly orchids and some tulips and roses. We are still working out all the details but it's all very exciting!