It’s Easy Being Green!

We set aside Fridays here at Truly Engaging to explore different wedding themes, and to inspire you as you make your plans. Our topic today is green weddings, and we’re discussing how a bride can have the gorgeous wedding of her dreams and, at the same time actually make her contribution to changing the world.

Think natural . . . simple . . . mindful indulgence if you will. The earth-friendly couple creates the wow factor for their wedding with their own brand of extravagance ~ one that goes beyond just one day. Respectful of the planet, they examine highly traditional ways and reinterpret each component to match their commitment to a greener, healthier earth.

A wedding celebration that expresses appreciation for the planet is not necessarily devoid of tradition, though. Imagine wearing a wedding dress passed down through the generations of your family instead of buying a new one. Heirloom rings and other vintage jewelry can often be reworked into a classic style without the expense of buying new. I see a whole lot of very meaningful, time-honored tradition showing up in a green wedding!

Consider locally grown flowers and organic food to support your community. And, donate the leftovers instead of throwing them away.

Enlist the sewing talent of a family member or friend for handmade linens ~ you can use them for years to come.

Minimize how far guests have to travel or utilize eco limos to honor your commitment to a cleaner environment.

And then there’s nature ~ outdoor settings take full advantage of the bounty of nature to decorate the day. A canopy of trees makes for a fabulous site for your ceremony . . . or a natural bend in the landscape to create the aisle you will walk to meet your groom. A wedding done this way is so creative!

You may very well spend less money with the green approach also. Not a DIY sort of person? No worries ~ many wedding planners specialize in environmentally conscious weddings. Most of all, your organic, sustainable wedding reduces your ecological footprint and yes, actually changes the world one beautiful day at a time.

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