Inspiration: Destination

Last week we were inspired by Heidi as she described for us what a wedding looks like that is influenced by tradition.  Even I, a devout drumbeater for all that’s unique was drawn in by the meaningful history represented in a traditional wedding.  However, today for our Inspiration Friday I want to take a look at the other side of that coin, and think outside the box, if you will.  Are you ready to sneak a peak into the hip and modern trend of a novel, unconventional and most memorable destination wedding?  Hang on, it’s fun, exciting, and with a little help, as easy to plan as a traditional, hometown wedding.

Ahhh, the idea of being married in the warm sunshine along the coast of Florida or California . . . the excitement of saying your vows in Jamaica or Paris with iconic landmarks and spectacular views . . . the thrill of a jaunt to Vegas to make your statement of commitment . . .  or a ceremony on the water aboard a cruise ship.  Shall I go on?

As I picture each of these possibilities in my mind’s eye, I’m definitely in my happy place.  It doesn’t seem surprising at all that destination weddings are growing in popularity!

Ever since you can remember, have you always dreamed of a wedding that is just a little bit ~ or a lot different?  Consider the adventure of travelling somewhere gorgeous with dramatic surroundings . . . let it capture your imagination if you are so inclined.  My own wedding was held on a small, private beach, our toes nestled up against one another in the sand, the sunshine and breeze caressing our skin….not a wedding hundreds of miles away from home but our own destination clearly outside of tradition.

Let’s hear from ya’ll.  Are you planning to wed across the sea, the nation or even just the other side of your home state?  Do share the details with us!

Be inspired,

P.S. There are experts to be found that help to streamline the planning process, saving you time, money and stress!  Just google “Destination Weddings” and you’ll see what I mean. Happy Inspiration Friday!
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