Destination Beach Wedding: Tiffany & Brendan

Tiffany & Brendan: South Florida, Destination Wedding

I have such a treat for you today! These pretty pictures were so beautifully captured by Acromatico Phography and the love and emotion by Tiffany—our lovely, lovely bride. Read along as Tiffany offers details from the day, words of wisdom and a heartfelt rendering of why their day was absolutely perfect!

Acromatico Photography They were amazing! Italo and Ale are a married photographer couple, each with their own distinct style, but complimentary to one another. I am so thankful for them!

Venues Delray Beach Club in Delray Beach, FL.  They have a beautiful pool deck that overlooked the beach and provided a stunning backdrop for our ceremony. For the reception, we moved inside to a beautiful dining room with floor to ceiling picture windows all the way around that looked out to the beach. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding venue. Michael, the catering manager, fully took care of us and we didn't need to worry about a thing. He was amazing!

Wedding Colors Green and orange- a bright jade or olive green, and a bright persimmon or tangerine orange. We also used highlights of ivory instead of whites, and chocolate brown instead of blacks. This came through in the stationary, linens, candles, etc.  It softened up the look and kept it very natural and romantic.

Wedding Style We have a very classic, natural style, without a lot of fuss and flash.  Staying true to ourselves, we got married on a beach-side pool deck in Florida in June, under a chuppah that my parents made, in front of 100 of our closest family and friends. It was absolutely perfect. My dress was ethereal, lightweight and fun, while still being a glamorous bridal gown.  My bridesmaids all had different body styles, but for consistency between them, I found convertible wrap dresses called Nuova Vita ( that they were each able to tie and style in their own way that fit their body style. My husband wanted to wear a suit, but I didn't want to make the groomsmen wear jackets in the heat.  We were able to find a custom suit maker ( that could make the same pants for the groom and the groomsmen, and a jacket for my husband and vests for the groomsmen that all matched!

Highlights of the day THE WHOLE THING!! It came together into one perfectly executed entity. The ceremony was one of my favorites. The rabbi and the reverend orchestrated a flawless interfaith ceremony that was genuine, heartfelt, sincere and totally about love.  (see it here:

Best part of the whole wedding day Walking down the aisle, after just marrying my husband mere minutes ago, with an ear to ear grin, thinking to myself, "I just married the love of my life. We're MARRIED! Everything else after this is just PARTY! Enjoy it, girl! You did it!"  The entire wedding was so perfect, but the emotional importance of that moment will stay with me forever.

Highlight My husband sang "Have A Little Faith in Me" to me at the reception. He was in an acappella group in college and a lot of the guys were at the wedding. They performed an impromptu concert right there on the dance floor and they sang their arrangement, of which my husband has the solo, and they performed the whole song at the wedding, my husband holding my hands and locking eyes the entire time. It was perfect.


Advice you’re glad you took "At some tipping point, the wedding takes on a life of its own. Focus on reflecting back on all the love you are receiving, and make peace and trust that regardless of the details, you'll still be married and that's all that matters." from The Broke-Ass Bride. As the days came closer to the wedding day and my mom and I were agonizing of the minutia of the last minute decisions, we each had to remember this quote and it made things a lot easier.  I read this piece of advice early on and I hadn't really gotten to that "tipping point" yet, but I knew at some point I would. I wrote it down and a year and a half later, it was my mantra.

I am also very glad we decided to do a "first look" instead of waiting to do pictures until the cocktail hour.  Before the ceremony, my husband and I had our first look and did some portrait shots, and then we did all the bridal party and family shots.  This made us able to enjoy the rest of the wedding, and the pictures came out great!

Advice you wished you took I wished I had gotten my dress altered closer to the wedding day.  I inadvertently lost a little too much pre-wedding weight and my dress didn't fit properly.  It was secure, but every 90 minutes or so, I had to drag a bridesmaid or my mom into the bathroom so we could hike it up and readjust! A better alteration would have eliminated the slippage problem.

Advice you’d like to give EAT!  Sit down at your sweetheart table, enjoy the meal you so painstakingly chose all those months ago, and let people come up and talk to you.  Its a big day, there's a lot going on and an empty stomach will not make things easier.  Also, get your makeup professionally done for the day.  The photography is what lasts and it is going to be so high-definition, you want the makeup to be professional and able to stand up.  Also, DELEGATE. People expect to be given tasks, and even enjoy being given them.  You can’t do it all yourself, so use the help of other to make it happen.

beach wedding and thank you

Via MagnetStreet Weddings, Tiffany & Brendan personalized Full Photo Thank You Card design. How cute are these photos??!!


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Thanks so much Tiffany & Brendan for sharing your magical and perfect day with us! You're a beautiful couple and we wish you all the love, joy, peace and happiness-imaginable!