A Honeymoon Registry?

The Mediterranean Sea strikes me as the perfect place to honeymoon. Bordering three continents and all of those countries~ wow!  the water, cultures, rich history, cuisines… shall I go on? Ok…sailing, exploring, beaches.  Yes, a dream honeymoon.
Are you pondering a dream honeymoon but not sure how you can afford it?  Have you considered signing up for a honeymoon registry?  Essentially, it is a gift registry but rather than registering for towels or teacups, you're registering for scuba lessons or hotel accommodations, etc.  If adventure, travel or honeymoon memories are more important to you than filling linen and china cabinets, this might be the right type of registry for you. Honeyfund.com is one example of a registry service. With a claim of “free” (no transaction fees, set up fees or mandatory travel purchases), it might be a good place to start your inquiry.  Click here to view a sample registry from their site.
Get answers to these questions as you explore each registry:
  • What are the fees?
  • How does the registry work?
  • What is the process to registering and purchasing gifts?
  • How do we receive our honeymoon registry gifts?
  • Is this registry site secure for my guests to make their purchases?
  • Are there any restrictions or mandatory purchases?
  • Determine how navigable the site is for your guests?
If you decide to use a honeymoon registry, thoroughly check it out to see if it is safe, meets your needs and is appropriate for your particular situation. Did you use a honeymoon registry?
How did you decide on it?
Where are you honeymooning?