19 Winter Wedding Invitation Options for Your Wedding

a bride and groom outdoors in the snow during winter wedding

It may shock you to learn that a mere 5% of weddings take place during the months of January, February, and March, but don’t let that be a deterrent! Winter weddings can be absolutely magical — and you may just score deep discounts on everything from venues to caterers, too.

Whether you’re planning a Christmas ceremony brimming with all the trimmings or a more casual affair at a snowy mountainous retreat, these winter wedding invitations will get your guests ready for a cold-weather celebration they’ll never forget.

1. Set In Stone
There’s something about the combination of rich blues, icy white, and steely grays that make us feel like it’s time to throw on a parka and make snow angels. Set In Stone is winter-ready, but without any overtly seasonal elements like twinkly lights or Christmas trees. It’s the perfect option for artistic couples who want to honor the season in an understated way.

Set in Stone - Wedding Invitation

2. Greenery Crown
Evergreen sprigs aren’t the only option for natural elements on your wintery wedding day. Eucalyptus, olive leaf, myrtle, juniper, and magnolia leaves are just some of the options when putting together garlands to decorate your ceremony and receptions spaces. Our Greenery Crown suite uses cold weather botanicals to form a stunning frame around your name and details for sweet and tasteful result.

Greenery Crown - Wedding Invitation

3. Seasonal Snowflake
A sophisticated take on a wintery aesthetic, Seasonal Snowflake features intricate snowflake designs on a solid background. Simple and charming, this suite leaves plenty of room for personalization using your wedding colors.

Seasonal Snowflake - Wedding Invitation

4. Ornament Stripe
This design is a subtle, almost retro nod to Christmas decor. Rather than in-your-face glitz and glam, Ornament Stripe uses playful dots and multicolored orbs to represent the tree decorations and evoke that heartwarming seasonal spirit. Add foil to make this holiday design sparkle!

Ornament Stripe - Wedding Invitation

5. Modern Marble
Not all couples scheduling winter weddings want an overtly seasonal theme. Those happy duos will love Modern Marble because it’s undeniably elegant and feels in line with cold-weather “I dos” and does it all without an ornament or sled in sight. The bold black frames bring a hint of drama and help your written details stand out.

Modern Marble - Wedding Invitation

6. Gilded Grace
Left as designed, Gilded Grace is reminiscent of frosted windowpanes, bringing the magic of Mother Nature to your winter wedding. Delicate swirling patterns create an exquisite frame for your names and wedding-day details. You can customize both the font and colors to make this design even more aligned with your wedding color palette.

Gilded Grace - Wedding Invitation

7. Woodland Wishes
Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh may not be the best way to get to the altar on your wedding day, but it’s the perfect vibe for a wintery wedding invitation. Woodland Wishes captures the magic of snow falling on a forest vista, plus the shaped invitation gives the traditional design a bit of contemporary edge.

Woodland Wishes - Wedding Invitation

8. Christmas Star
With its joyous stripes in multiple shades of green and the sketched outlines of garland and a towering evergreen, Christmas Star sets the scene for wintery nuptials with just the right amount of nostalgia. If you’re a traditionalist, you may just love this throwback design that brings back the very best of holidays gone by.

Christmas Star - Wedding Invitation

9. Twinkling Holiday Lights
There’s no mistaking the theme with this seasonal suite! A swoop of Christmas lights trails across the invitation and onto the RSVP card for a lovely infusion of holiday charm and some strategic design cohesion. Other elements like a bit of garland and outlines of trees help underline the theme while leaving lots of space for important info.

Twinkling Holiday Lights - Wedding Invitation

10. Bold Buffalo Plaid
It’s rare to find a design that’s both super on-trend and classic, but Bold Buffalo Plaid is it. You can practically feel the cozy flannel poking through the eye-catching text cutouts, plus the entire back of the invite is covered in black-and-red checks. But wait! You can customize the colors to create your own plaids. Reproduce your family’s tartan in hues of green and yellow or go monochrome with shades of black, gray, and white.

Bold Buffalo Plaid - Wedding Invitation

11. Evergreen Christmas
This fun pocket wedding invitation is a veritable cornucopia of forest finds. From the smattering of evergreen needles and pine cones to the green stripes and a vintage-look scroll that proclaims “Join Us,” this suite combines the very best of tradition and seasonal elements for a truly joyful Christmas wedding invite.

Evergreen Christmas - Wedding Invitation

12. Moody Swashes
Talk about drama! Only this time it’s not family and friends arguing over reception seating —  it’s a totally amazing kind of drama thanks to the striking splashes of color that make up our Moody Swashes suite. Part of the attraction is the ability to interpret the rich color scheme however you see fit, but it’s easy to imagine that the swirl of brush strokes is inspired by snow-covered mountains and tree branches.

Moody Swashes - Wedding Invitation

13. Winter Floral
Not all flowers are summery. Winter Floral swaps out bright petunias and bold roses in favor of silvery blooms and grey petals in keeping with your seasonal theme. These all-in-one wedding invitations are particularly handy because they pull triple duty as an invitation, RSVP postcard, and envelope wrapped into a single convenient piece of stationery.

Winter Floral  - Wedding Invitation

14. Washed In Love
Like hot breath hitting cold air, Washed in Love looks like what happens when you’re laughing with your better half or whispering sweet nothings while trudging through newly fallen snow. The use of bold print and soft watercolors works for any season, especially if you customize the colors, but the original wintery wash is just what you need for a low-key salute to our chilliest season.

Washed in Love - Wedding Invitation

15. Perfect Peak
Planning to get married at a ski resort or want to incorporate your love of hiking and cabin getaways into your wedding-day theme? Perfect Peak is, well, perfect for that. A series of impressive mountains form the backdrop of this imposing suite, and the use of blocking to organize your names and event information is a spectacular (and beautifully modern) touch.

Perfect Peak - Wedding Invitation

16. Ornamental Bliss
Ho-ho holiday sparkle is here again! Christmastime “I dos” deserve a design motif that exudes all the things we love about the holidays — color and charm galore! This suite has both along with a heaping helping of elegance thanks to a bold geometric design serving as a striking counterpoint to the invitations dangling ornaments and strategic white space. Your names in gorgeous script serve as the perfect finishing touch.

Ornamental Bliss - Wedding Invitation

17. Dramatic Roses
Red and holiday weddings go hand in hand. Dramatic Roses is wall-to-wall luxury with lush red blooms that epitomize romance, no matter the season. If you’re planning on a lot of red at your wedding, roses included, this is an ideal sneak peek at what guests can expect when they show up to see you and your better half say “I do.”

Dramatic Roses - Wedding Invitation

18. Midnight Shimmer
In winter, when the deep, dark nights prevent anything but the moon and stars from shining through, here comes Midnight Shimmer to add a little sparkle to your big day. The rich, navy blue background and iridescent leaves are an echo of that time of year when autumn tumbles into winter. The coordinating RSVP postcards and enclosure cards are just as stunning, each boasting its own memorable take on the Midnight Shimmer theme.

Midnight Shimmer - Wedding Invitation

19. Florida
What do you do when you’re getting married in winter but can’t wrap your head around the idea of trudging through the snow in your wedding gear? Two words: destination wedding! Florida is a vacation in an envelope thanks to gorgeous pictures of a beachy locale complete with rolling waves and palm trees blowing in the salty breeze. Sure, it says Florida, but this suite can able serve almost any tropical locale. Send these out, then pack your flip-flops and get ready to say your vows with seabirds in the background!

Florida - Wedding Invitation

This year, it’s sending out wintery invites in anticipation of the day you and your love become one. Next year, you’ll be sending out your first Christmas cards as a married couple. Isn’t it just a wonderful life?