25 Romantic Save the Date Magnets for YOUR Wedding

Photo save the date card on marble background next to rings and ribbon

American author Carolyn Gold Heilbrun once said, “Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” That sounds absolutely lovely, so it’s not surprising so many couples are searching high and low for save the dates with an extra special romantic touch.

Check out these romantic Save the Date Magnets that expertly combine form and function for a stylish design that delivers important information cloaked in an air of love.

1. Her One His Only

Her One His Only | Save the Date Magnets

A play off the phrase “my one and only,” Her One His Only celebrates the exclusivity of marriage and the fact that both halves have found their missing piece. The design itself is a lovely combination of classic and modern, with a text overlay that displays the title text over a picture of your choice.

2. Charming Love Story

Charming Love Story | Save the Date Magnets

Gimme an L… L! Gimme an O… O! Well, you get the idea. Charming Love Story features you and your beloved’s names in gorgeous script underneath bold lettering and a touch of floral embellishment. Simple text lists out your essential wedding details, leaving the main focus on the emotion and a picture of your choice.

3. True Love’s Thumbprint

True Love's Thumbprint | Save the Date Magnets

True Love’s Thumbprint’s mash-up of one-of-a-kind identifiers is as special as it is sweet. While you’re not contributing your own imprint, the sentiment remains the same. Add in a playful heart graphic and switch up the colors of the fingerprints to match your wedding palette and you have the perfect blend of whimsy and romance.

4. A Sea of Love

A Sea of Love | Save the Date Magnets

Take a look at A Sea of Love and you can practically hear the ocean waves slapping against some tropical shore. Set the scene for a destination wedding with a Save the Date Magnet that brings a dash of beachy vibes to your potential guests.

5. Pure Rose

Pure Rose | Save the Date Magnets

Experts say red roses represent commitment, passion, purity, and love. They’re also flat-out gorgeous. Pure Rose leads off with a bold photograph of a rosy bouquet and follows it up with your names, wedding details, and a picture of the spouses to be.

Pro tip: Check out the matching label and seal set for a stunning way to upgrade your envelopes.

6. Botanical Grace

Botanical Grace | Save the Date Magnets

Three times the photo space equals three times the opportunity to share romantic snapshots of you and your beloved. Botanical Grace is elegant without being stuffy, blending several font styles and bold outlines for a modern take on wedding-day charm.

7. Fall in Love

Fall in Love | Save the Date Magnets

Autumn is the most popular time of year for weddings to take place. If you’re planning on getting hitched in the fall, choosing Fall in Love as your Save the Date Magnet just makes sense. It’s also a solid pick for couples who’d rather use their magnet to celebrate Mother Nature — the background pic is an ode to leaf piles and tall, tall trees — than upload a pic of themselves.

8. Our Vow

Our Vow | Save the Date Magnets

For some couples, exchanging vows is one of the most memorable parts of their wedding ceremony. Our Vow anticipates those highly romantic words by overlying “WE DO” over your picture, with your names and planned wedding date printed below.

9. Geometry of Love

Geometry of Love | Save the Date Magnets

Geometry of Love expertly straddles the line between classic and modern, with the widely loved phrase “Love, Laughter, Life” emblazoned up top and an angular photo frame and smattering of triangular accents underlining your names, planned wedding date, and ceremony location.

10. She Said Yes

She Said Yes | Save the Date Magnets

Sending out save the date magnets is one of your first big items on your wedding planning checklist, but before you can choose a date, you have to agree to get hitched. Let the world know that She Said Yes with an artfully modern heads up that gives guests a peek-a-boo look at your life together.

11. Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After | Save the Date Magnets

Happily Ever After takes inspiration from a classic fairytale, with romantic script introducing potential guests to your love story. Customize the text portion with a short message and the date you plan on saying I do, then choose a picture — prince and princess attire optional — that symbolizes your own dream come true.

12. He Stole My Heart

He Stole My Heart | Save the Date Magnets

A marriage based on theft? It totally works if it’s a victimless crime, as is the case with these adorably romantic He Stole My Heart Save the Date Magnet. One person walks away with a heart full of love. The other? Love and a new last name. Switch up the coloring of the text, heart, and background to give it an even more personal spin.

13. Dream Adventure

Dream Adventure | Save the Date Magnets

Whether you’ve joined forces to travel the world, launch a business, or even start a family, you’ve built a relationship based on shared experiences, and now it’s time for your biggest escapade yet. Dream Adventure promises “our adventure begins,” followed by space for three pictures that best reflect the adventures you’ve already had as well as those yet to come.

14. Simply Forever

Simply Forever | Save the Date Magnets

One word says it all: Forever. What’s more romantic than promising the rest of your days to the one person who makes every hour worth living? Minimalists will appreciate the Simply Forever design, which puts sentiment front and center without additional flower embellishments.

15. Hearts Flying

Hearts Flying | Save the Date Magnets

Amp up the romance with a Save the Date Magnet that introduces you and your beloved as the “soon to be Mr. & Mrs.”. Toss a couple heart-adorned divider lines and your favorite love-up photo into the mix and it’s easy to see why Hearts Flying is so popular.

16. Autumn

Autumn | Save the Date Magnets

Autumn gets automatic points just for being a charming ode to fall weather and changing leaves, but it’s the sweetly nostalgic image of you and your future spouse’s names carved into a tree that makes this Save the Date design so romantic.

17. Let Love Sparkle

Let Love Sparkle | Save the Date Magnets

Some people say romance feels like butterflies in your belly, while others equate it to a sizzle or spark that you only feel with that one special person who makes your heart go pitter-pat. Let Love Sparkle represents all those takes on romance thanks to a dramatic black background paired with a glittering heart frame that holds an engagement photo or favorite candid.

18. Forever Yes

Forever Yes | Save the Date Magnets

Save the date, folks, because she said yes, and that yes is forever! The aptly named Forever Yes suite is an exercise in contemporary minimalism, with a sweet declaration at the top, bulleted info about the main event, and a picture of the happy couple to round things out.

19. Love’s Treat

Love's Treat | Save the Date Magnets

L-O-V-E spells love, and that’s exactly what Love’s Treat is all about. Put guests on high alert for your proposed wedding date with this Save the Date Magnet that reminds recipients why you’re all coming together in the first place.

20. Dramatic Roses

Dramatic Roses | Save the Date Magnets

Dramatic Roses delivers romance by the truckload thanks to a vivid image of roses so soft and lush, it feels like you could reach out and touch them. Sandwiched in the middle of the floral display are details like your picture, your names, and your new wedding date as well as a note stating a formal invitation will soon follow. Add your website address on the bottom so guests can get up-to-the-minute info on any other changes to your venue or ceremony time.

21. Classic New York

Classic New York | Save the Date Magnets

Bed of Roses, Moonstruck, One Fine Day, When Harry Met Sally — so many love stories took place amongst the tall buildings and colorful neighborhoods of New York City. Classic New York embodies that same cosmopolitan charm, placing your wedding details over the stunning Manhattan skyline. This Save the Date works for weddings taking place in the Big Apple as well as big city-themed weddings and even a black-tie gala.

22. Stunning Outline

Stunning Outline | Save the Date Magnets

Sure, you think your better half is gorgeous in whatever they wear, but once you get a glimpse of the love of your life in their wedding outfit, you’ll have a brand-new idea of what it means to dress up for romance. Stunning Outline showcases a man and woman in a tux and wedding dress with facial features left to the imagination. With a rice paper background and pretty script also in play, this magnet will look wonderful stuck to your fridge for years to come.

23. Exciting News

Exciting News | Save the Date Magnets

It’s time to let friends and family in on the big news: You’re getting married! Exciting News calls for a romantic picture of your proposal or even a fun-filled candid that showcases your shared joy. Details about the wedding date and location are kept small and relatively discreet in the bottom right-hand corner.

24. Swiped Right

Swiped Right | Save the Date Magnets

Modern-day dating can be a daunting experience, but when you click on a profile and find your perfect match, all those false start first dates are suddenly totally worth it. Let the world know you’re glad you Swiped Right and that you and your digitally discovered beloved are finally getting hitched.

25. Funky Heart

Funky Heart | Save the Date Magnets

Two photos, one romantic image. Funky Heart is a creative take on traditional heart imagery, with snapshots of you and your partner sitting center stage. Equally creative lettering adds even more visual interest for a save the date that won’t be easy to overlook.

Once you have your save the dates picked out, it’s time to customize your invites! Check out our collection of Wedding Invitations to find a romantic style that suits your relationship, venue, and wedding day theme.