17 Winter Wedding Program Styles for YOUR Wedding

winter wedding program with holiday theme and pretty ribbon

Wedding programs tell your guests what to expect as they watch you and your beloved get married. From your names and the date to a list of everyone in your bridal party, your program provides all of the necessary information. It also pulls double duty as a sentimental keepsake long after you’ve said your vows and sailed off on your honeymoon.

But wedding programs are also part of your décor. These 17 winter wedding program options are suitable for cold-weather I dos and help you craft a ceremony that’s on theme and all about you, your love, and the celebration you're sharing.

1. Ornament Stripe

Playful, perky, colorful, and the perfect mishmash of vintage and modern vibes, Ornament Stripe stars a series of hanging ornaments dangling across the top of a fan-style wedding program. The writing itself is sparse on the front — just the happy couples’ names and the wedding date — but the back has plenty of room for your key ceremony details.

Ornament Stripe | Wedding Program Fans

2. Seasonal Snowflake

You’re dreaming of a white wedding — and we’re not just talking about the dress. Seasonal Snowflake pays homage to everybody’s favorite form of precipitation, the humble yet startlingly beautiful snowflake. Two oversized graphic representations of snow dot the front of the program, and the inside of the folded design contains the ceremony details and a list of your wedding party. There’s room on the back for thank yous, too, plus a few more snowflakes for good measure. Feel free to switch up the colors to match the rest of your décor.

Seasonal Snowflake | Folded Wedding Programs

3. Evergreen Christmas

Evergreen Christmas takes inspiration from holidays of yore, with stripes and sketched evergreen boughs leading to vintage-style type displaying your day-of details. The shades of green used for the stripes are definitely retro, but you can swap out the colors for ones that make you feel more festive — red and green perhaps?

Evergreen Christmas | Wedding Program Fans

4. Winter Berries

A rustic winter wedding promises charm, warmth, and a welcoming atmosphere, and Winter Berries reflects all of those things too. A wreath of twigs dotted with red berries sits front and center with a combination of cursive and block-style fonts below. A soft, solid-colored background helps the other details stand out.

Winter Berries | Flat Wedding Programs

5. Bold Buffalo Plaid

Cozy up to your significant other and all of your guests with a wedding program that’s as comfy and nostalgic as your favorite flannel. Bold Buffalo Plaid plays peekaboo with classic black-and-red patterning as the plaid peeks through the block letters that form the names of you and your sweetheart. Another stripe of plaid on the lower back of the program brings it all together.

Bold Buffalo Plaid | Flat Wedding Programs

6. Painted Majesty

A more abstract take on winter wedding designs, Painted Majesty features swaths of misty color splashed across a stark white background. Use your imagination and you might see snow drifts, flurries across a mountain range, or the trails your ice skates leave on a frozen pond. It’s a little ethereal, a little magical, and just right for your winter wedding.

Painted Majesty | Flat Wedding Programs

7. Watercolor Laurel

The softly painted strokes of Watercolor Laurel come together to create a pretty green wreath that whispers of a holiday wedding. Laurel is symbolic of success, honor, and peace.

Watercolor Laurel | Folded Wedding Programs

8. Perfect Peak

Have a love so big you just want to scream it from the mountaintops? Or maybe you’re hosting your big day at a ski chalet or cluster of cozy cabins in the Adirondacks. Perfect Peak is the perfect program for a winter wedding held at elevation. The watercolor rocky outcrops are simple but impactful, and the extra length on the flat wedding program leaves lots of room to list out readings, recessional music, bridal party names, and other information.

Perfect Peak | Flat Wedding Programs

9. Winter Floral

Silver blooms, golden berries, a hint of twinkle, a splash of sparkle. Cold-weather flowers don’t have to be boring, and Winter Floral proves it. The watercolor blooms are festive yet elegant, and the use of neutral metallics means you can play around with the rest of your décor without being too matchy-matchy or risking a color clash. Add foil to the design for even more holiday glitz.

Winter Floral | Flat Wedding Programs

10. Mountain Romance

Mountain Romance is an exercise in modern minimalism, with tons of white space and just enough graphic design to evoke the winter season. The front of the program is crisp and clean, with block letters declaring your names and the date and a straightforward listing of the ceremony order of events. On the back sits an ink drawing of a tiny forest scene followed by the bridal party details. Pick this program and let the rest of your décor make the bigger statement.

Mountain Romance | Flat Wedding Programs

11. Moody Swashes

Another abstract design that focuses on a more modern interpretation of winter wedding chic, Mood Swashes is full of wide brush strokes that create a layered background full of browns, greys, blacks, and whites. Squint and you might see soil peeking through newly fallen snow or a leafless tree underneath a star-free sky. It’s moody and dramatic, for sure, but it’s also gorgeous.

Moody Swashes | Wedding Program Fans

12. Woodland Wishes

Forget tiptoeing through the tulips when you can traipse through snow drifts with your new husband or wife. Woodland Wishes is magic captured on an expertly folded piece of paper. From the misty blue background that showcases rows of evergreen trees and a starry sky to the reverse-colored interior that looks like grey snow falling onto a white landscape, this artistic twist on a winter wedding design is just what a contemporary couple needs.

Woodland Wishes | Folded Wedding Programs

13. Everlasting Love

Few things set the scene for a rustic-chic wedding better than burlap and kraft paper. Everlasting Love uses the latter for stationery inspiration, creating a heathered brown background that’s the perfect foil for the sketched evergreen sprigs and pinecones dangling from the top of the program. Choose this design for your rural or mountaintop wedding, add some burlap table runners and votive candles, and you’re in for an evening of unparalleled rustic romance.

Everlasting Love | Flat Wedding Programs

14. Let Love Sparkle

Twinkle twinkle little star, it’s time to celebrate with friends near and far. Let Love Sparkle bring the glam with golden polka dots that make even the most stoic guests feel like celebrating. If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve wedding, you’ll love this design that feels festive from top to bottom.

Let Love Sparkle | Folded Wedding Programs

15. Deco Glam

New Year’s Eve weddings demand glamor. For some people, a hint of sparkle (see Let Love Sparkle above) is the perfect way to go. For others, New Year’s I dos are an excuse to go full 1920s opulence, which is where this Deco Glam program comes into play. The bold geometric borders, the pair of gilded peacocks snuggled at the base, the breathtaking combination of gold and black — it’s all very fancy, very festive, and just right for a black-tie or custom wedding in the depth of winter.

Deco Glam | Folded Wedding Programs

16. Twinkling Holiday Lights

Tangled Christmas lights are a real pain in the you know what, but this design showcases the sweeter, simpler side of holiday décor with a strand of red and pink lights that stretches across the top of the page. Wall-to-wall green on the inside reinforces the holiday theme, or you can customize the colors to tone down the vibrancy or go full-on holiday with lights in reds and greens or classy blues and whites.

Twinkling Holiday Lights | Folded Wedding Programs

17. Splendid Pines

You, your sweetheart, and a towering pine tree. Three’s not a crowd in this case, which is just one reason Splendid Pines would make a great pick for your winter wedding. The monogram at the top is almost like a logo, and the playful font underlines the casual vibes and overall rusticity. The flipside of the program brings in some black and white patterning for a touch of modernity.

Splendid Pines | Flat Wedding Programs Need more stationery for your winter wedding? Check out these reception items and thank you cards to help bring your vision to life.