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10 Wedding Stationery Mistakes

Stationery Mistakes

& how to avoid them

Without a hitch... that’s how you want your wedding to go. Avoid the mistakes that lead to frustration and even additional expenses. From ordering and timing, to style and design, use these tips to help your wedding and stationery go off without a hitch!

  1. Unorganized To-do List
  2. Not Getting Samples
  3. Missing Out On Savings
  4. Incohesive Wedding Look
  5. Bypassing Etiquette
  6. Omitting Important Info
  7. Simple Proofing Errors
  8. Not Ordering Extras
  9. Insufficient Postage
10. Sacrificing Quality

To-do List

Yikes, wedding planning can be stressful! Although there are a ton of “to-dos” on your list, planning should be fun, too. And it can be—​if your list is organized in manageable timeframes. No matter where you’re at in the planning process, there’s always time to get organized. Say “no” to feeling overwhelmed by your list and “yes” to feeling empowered by a workable, structured plan that keeps you organized and on task.

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Not Getting Samples

One of the smartest things you can do while planning your wedding—​is to try before you buy. The same thing goes for your stationery. Before placing your order, request wedding invitation samples. Why so important? You want to see the design and feel the quality. Your invitation is the first official glimpse of your wedding look. Not only a communication tool, your wedding invitation is a reflection of your wedding day and style—​something to be proud of and to fall in love with.

Tip: Request free samples!
Truly Engaging offers 3 free samples—​from Save the Dates to Wedding Invitations + Suite items. You can even get your wedding samples personalized in your colors. And, free is always good!

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Missing Out On Savings

As we all know, planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive! That’s why the word “budget” is in the vocabulary of every bride-to-be. So, how can you plan a wedding and be budget-conscious at the same time? By taking advantage of deals, discounts and giveaways! Follow your wedding pros on social media. Subscribe to their e-newsletters. Stay aware of their exclusive discounts and special giveaways! You’ll have a better chance of staying on (or under) budget. Who knows—​the extra savings could afford you that special something you’ve got your heart on!

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Incohesive Wedding Look

Your colors are important—​as they create the mood you want at your wedding. Carrying your colors to essential focal points will bring balance and continuity to your overall wedding look and help you achieve that certain vibe you’re going for. The first indication of your style is seen through your stationery—​with your colors being the centerpiece of the design. Too many colors, patterns and fonts can overwhelm the look. Typically, a wedding color scheme has 2-3 primary colors and 1-2 accent colors. Carry your colors to each piece in your suite for a look that’s consistent and cohesive.

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Bypassing Etiquette

Modern weddings enjoy lots of freedom when it comes to color, design, formality—​and even etiquette too. And while the reigns have loosened, basic etiquette is still needed. Which parts matter? A few fundamentals to pay attention to include: wording when it comes to weddings that are “adults only,” wedding gift etiquette, and using military and professional titles. Paying attention to certain etiquette will help your guests feel cared for and appreciated.

Tip: Etiquette matters!
Visit our etiquette resources for the protocol that pertains to your unique situation.

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Omitting Important Info

You’ve been planning your wedding for months and know every nuance. Your guests (especially your out of town guests) might not be aware that there is a better route to take, which hotel is preferred over another, or even if there is a special event in town that might interest them. Welcome guests and help them navigate the ins and outs of your wedding and area by checking for road construction, sharing routes (from every direction), and/or including an itinerary of special events.

Tip: Include Enclosure Cards!
Consider Pocket Wedding Invitations with coordinating Enclosures! Enclosures fit neatly in the pockets and offer ample space for wedding details.

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Simple Proofing Errors

It’s easier than you think to overlook a misspelled name {even your own!}, or miss a letter in a web address, or put in the wrong wedding date when ordering your wedding stationery. It’s the simple grammar gaffes and punctuation slip-ups that we see the most. But, by taking your time, paying attention, and having a detail-oriented friend check (and recheck) your stationery, you’ll avoid these commonly-made proofing errors.

Tip: Read the 6 crucial proofing areas!
This helpful blog post will assist you in full-proofing your invitations.

Proofreading Checklist for Wedding Invitations

Not Ordering Extras

It is wise to order extra wedding stationery suite items—​especially invitations and envelopes. Mistakes and smudges are bound to happen when addressing the envelopes. And of course, you want to make sure you have extra invites on hand for keepsakes and quite possibly the need to mail just “one more” invitation. Avoid the expense of having to order additional items, at lower quantities, later.

Tip: Order extras!
A good rule of thumb is to order at least 25 extra invitations and envelopes.

Order Extra Envelopes

Insufficient Postage

Did you know that the post office charges more for a square shape? Avoid last-minute surprises and paying more for shipping than you had intended. Take your fully-assembled wedding envelope to the post office for accurate weighing and true postage costs. That way, you will know (ahead of time) what each wedding envelope will cost to mail. Don’t forget to include postage for your RSVPs.

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Sacrificing Quality

Since your wedding invitations are the cornerstone of your wedding stationery, you want them to be both beautiful and high quality. Are you a DIY Diva with excellent skills and printing equipment? Awesome. No need to read any further. If not, get referrals and seek out professionals with an excellent reputation for beautiful design and quality printing capabilities.
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