Wedding RSVP Wording

RSVP Cards are an important piece of your invitation suite. You’ll need to know who is coming to your wedding—​especially if you’re using a seating chart to seat guests. Plus, your caterer will need a final head count.

The return address printed on your RSVP should be to whomever is managing the guest list—​usually the bride or the mother of the bride.

It is expected that the RSVP is pre-stamped for your guests. The good news is that a RSVP postcard can be sent out at the postcard rate!

Guest Line

The guest line is where your guests should write their names in for the reply. Traditionally, is is the "M_____" line for your guests to write "Mr. & Mrs. Thompson".

Number your guest list and pencil that number on each RSVP card. This will help you keep track of each response and elimininate the headeache of deciphering bad handwriting.

Guest Names

Sometimes, children are not invited. A clear way to indicate this is to include this information {politely} on the RSVP.

We have reserved ____ seats in your honor

If you need an exact guest count, you may wish to include a line for them to be very clear.

____ number attending
____ guests will attend
Number of persons ____
Party of ____

Meal Choices

Asking each guest to initial his or her meal selection is especially helpful for sit-down events like weddings. Your caterer gets the right count, and each guest gets the right food.

Please indicate each guest’s dinner selection
Please initial each guest’s dinner selection
Please indicate your meal choice

____ Chicken
____ Steak
____ Fish
____ Veal
____ Salmon
____ Kids
____ Vegetarian
____ Gluten Free


The most important piece of the RSVP, this tells you if your guest is coming or not! This is where your personality can really shine.

_____ graciously accepts
_____ regretfully declines

_____ accepts
_____ regrets

_____ gladly accepts
_____ sadly decline

_____ gladly accepts
_____ politely decline

_____ will attend
_____ will not attend

_____ can’t wait
_____ can’t make it

_____ can’t wait
_____ we will be there in spirit

_____ Delighted to attend
_____ sorry to miss it

_____ yes, we would be delighted
_____ no, we wish we could

_____ looking forward to attending
_____ disappointed we cannont make it

_____ yes! see you soon
_____ sorry! love to but can’t

_____ definetly count us in
_____ sadly count us out

_____ will be there to celebrate
_____ will be toasting from afar

_____ can’t wait to celebrate
_____ sad to miss all the fun

RSVP Deadline

The RSVP deadline is usually 2–​3 weeks before your wedding date. This deadline will give you time to contact anyone who did not reply, and also time to give the final head count to the caterer or venue.

The favor of your reply is appreciated by April 1st.
Kindly resond by April 1.
Kindly reply by April 1.
Kindly send your response by April 1st.
Please reply by April 1st.

Get Creative

Maybe you’re having a unique wedding, full of personality. Make the most of your creativity if your wedding is on or around a holiday, the specific beauty of a certain season or a unique locale or destination.

____ Yes! We are SO there.
____ Sorry! Can’t make it.
____ Can’t commit. But I’ll probably show up anyways!

____ Heck Yeah! We’ll be there!
____ Bummer, we can't make it.

____ Sweet
____ Bummer

_____ YAY
_____ NAY

_____ ready to dance
_____ oops, my dance card is full


____ be there with blooms on
____ unfortunately, our schedule sprung a leak


____ the heat is on and we’ll be there
____ must decline, may everything come up roses

____ Come rain or shine... we’ll be there!
____ Very sorry. Out of sunscreen and umbrellas!


____ looking forward to gathering with you
____ sorry, our basket is full that day


____ wouldn’t miss the hot chocolate
____ regretfully cannot join in the jolly

____ accepts with joy
____ sorry, to miss this yule-time event

___Gladly! We’re full of jolly
___Sorry! Cannot join in the jolly

___Will be there with bells on
___Will be there free of bells
___Will be there ... undecided on bells
___Will not be there, heard there will be people wearing bells


Répondez S’il Vous Plait
____ I don’t speak French,
        but if you want to know if we’re coming... YES!
____ Pardon my French. We no can come.

Country Wedding

____ Yes! We’ll be there y’all.. boots, chaps and cowboy hats.
____ No! Got a hitch in my giddy-up from squatting on my spurs.

____ yeehaw, we’re there
____ shoot, can’t make it!

____We’ll be there y’all... boots chaps and cowboy hats.
____ Rats! Got a hitch in my giddy-up from squatting on my spurs.

Destination RSVP Wording

____ yes, counting the waves
____ sorry, allergic to sand

___Yes! Counting the waves
___Sorry, we’re in over our heads!

____ Come rain or shine... we’ll be there!
____ Very sorry. Out of sunscreen and umbrellas!

____ can’t wait to blaze trails with you
____ sadly, all booked up.

___Yes! We’re able to move the mountain
___Cannot, having trouble moving the mountain!

____ it’s definitely in the cards
____ sorry, out of luck that day

____ Yes. You can bet your bottom dollar, we’re attending!
____ No. But if you send us your bottom dollar, we’ll attend.
____ Just kidding about above statement. We still won’t be attending.
____ We don’t bet. And, we still can’t attend.

____ Deal me in
____ Sitting out

____ Green light! We can make the trip!
____ Red light! We'll have to pass.

More Messages

Turn your RSVP cards into keepsakes! Ask guests to write a message on the RSVP Card, e.g., wedding day advice, honeymoon advice, being married/getting married advice. You're sure to get a variety of funny, heartfelt, and memorable bits of advice from loving family and friends!

Song request ______________________
Favorite Song ______________________
I'll put my dancing shoes on if you play...
Leave a note for the couple.....

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