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Get FREE School Magnets through creative funding! All you have to do is find one local business to sponsor your magnets. Your community is filled with companies looking for new ways to market themselves to families. You want creative funding, they want creative advertising—​everyone wins with Sponsored Magnets!


Find a sponsor for your magnet. We often work with Real Estate agents, but there are many other small businesses and organizations that might want to sponsor your school magnet. You can work together to personalize your magnet and then your sponsor can pay during checkout.


To sponsors, magnets are more than just a favor—​they’re a powerful and effective marketing tool. Show local companies how sponsoring School Magnets will boost their business all year long.

Learn how Sponsors Benefit

Sponsors are everywhere... Here’s how to find yours.

Local Businesses

Magnets are prime advertising tools for local businesses who want to market to parents and families. So which businesses should you approach? Real Estate agents and mortgage brokers are an excellent place to start, as they are always looking for new ways to advertise to families and outshine their competition.

You can also reach out to your parents who own local businesses, or approach companies whose products/services are relevant to schools and families. Many of them would happily pay to receive such targeted exposure!

Tip: To quickly illustrate the many advantages of sponsorship, show businesses a list of Benefits to Sponsors.


Real estate agents
Insurance agents
Family restaurants
Pizza delivery shops
School apparel stores

PTO Groups

Your PTO or PTA group is always seeking out new and fun ways to support your school! Talk with the president about funding your School Magnets.

Booster Clubs

If you represent a school activity or sports team, contact your booster club—​if they could sponsor your magnets then use them for fundraisers!

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Sponsored School Calendars

Fun Designs for Schools & Business

    We offer a variety of designs to fit your individual school.

    Shop designs featuring:
  • Colorful backgrounds
  • Playful illustrations
  • Modern, sleek layouts
  • Your photo or mascot (personalized)

Each template also includes space for your sponsor’s photo, logo, and text imprints.

Personalize Your Calendar & Design

Personalize the calendar on any Sponsored Magnet to match your own! Create your own legend code of important categories like vacation/holidays, conferences, first day/last day, picture day, and more.

    You can also personalize the design itself:
  • Change the color to match your school
  • Add your school photos
  • Add your school mascot

Have fun designing your Sponsored School Magnet!