Bridal Inspo Alert: Our Top 9 Oval Save the Dates You Can't Miss!

Oval Save the Date Card with matching envelope

Excited to keep up with the latest in wedding stationery trends? Well, here's the scoop: unique shapes are taking the spotlight! The wedding stationery scene is buzzing with creativity, showcasing an array of distinctive shapes and designs that truly make a statement. Rounded shapes, known for their gentle aesthetic in contrast to sharp corners, have surged in popularity. That's why we've put together a list of top oval save the dates, aiming to offer you some inspiration as you hunt for the perfect save the date card for your special day. Join us in exploring Truly Engaging’s top 9 oval save the dates, where every card is a fusion of grace, charm, and a dash of playful allure.

The Isabella - Clean and Simple

"The Isabella" save the date card is a stunning embodiment of refined simplicity and timeless charm. It’s unique split-style design makes it a perfect canvas for conveying important event details on top, while allowing couples to personalize their cards with a cherished photograph on the bottom. The simplicity and clean lines of "The Isabella" make it a versatile choice, suitable for a range of couples, from those seeking a contemporary and chic vibe to those who appreciate a more traditional and refined aesthetic. For those who believe that true beauty lies in clean lines and uncluttered spaces, The Isabella serves as a graceful announcement, leaving a lasting impression of charm and heartwarming love to come.

The Leah - Playful Cheer

The Leah” save the date design is a celebration of love that doesn't shy away from playfulness and a little bit of fun. It encapsulates the thrill of embarking on a new chapter with the person you love, inviting everyone to share in your enthusiasm and happiness. Couples can choose a background color that resonates with their personalities, matches their wedding theme, or simply brings them joy and insert their favorite photo together - whether it's a candid, laughter-filled moment or a tender embrace. This design appeals to couples seeking a vibrant, lively, and contemporary approach to save the date cards. Those who love injecting a sense of playfulness and youthful spirit into their wedding festivities. Whether planning a beachside celebration, a casual garden party, or a chic city soirée, this card exudes a sense of excitement and sets the tone for a joyful and memorable wedding celebration.

The Christina - Heartwarming Love

"The Christina" save the date card exudes an air of grace that invites couples to share their announcement in a way that feels uniquely authentic. The spacious layout provides an open canvas, an opportunity to showcase a heartwarming image that perfectly encapsulates the very essence of their relationship. Whether it's a charming engagement photograph or a cherished snapshot from a favorite moment, the image is the key to infusing the card with their genuine love and connection. The elegance of this design is complemented by the carefully crafted layout that allows the chosen image to shine, creating a visual that is both heartfelt and enchanting. “The Leah” is perfect for couples who appreciate classic aesthetics, those who wish to convey their love story through heartwarming imagery, or anyone looking for a design that holds their love as the focal point.

The Nicole - Timeless Grace

"The Nicole" save the date card embodies an effortless blend of class and modernity, gracing the occasion with its timeless design. The design offers a canvas of understated beauty, allowing couples to make a statement without overwhelming intricacies. Laughter, love, and genuine connection can find a home here, giving loved ones a peek into the beauty of the couple’s meaningful and cherished relationship. Whether planning a chic city soiree or a stylish countryside celebration, this design complements a range of wedding aesthetics. It effortlessly speaks to those wanting to convey their love in a manner that is both graceful and contemporary, setting the tone for a celebration that is as timeless as their love.

The Lauren - Striking Balance

"The Lauren" save the date card is a true embodiment of contemporary chic, offering a design that effortlessly marries modernity with versatility. Its unique features lie in its artful asymmetry and customizable background color, allowing couples to infuse their personal style into the announcement of their special day. The asymmetrical layout, carefully balanced with the placement of the image and text, creates a captivating visual harmony, making it adaptable to a wide array of wedding aesthetics. From a trendy urban loft wedding to an intimate garden ceremony, "The Lauren" seamlessly aligns with countless styles, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking a design that reflects their unique vision.

The Caroline - Elegant Simplicity

The Caroline” save the date card is an epitome of grace and delicacy. It’s just stunning. From the moment you set eyes on The Caroline, its simplicity draws you in. The design is intentionally minimalist, providing a clean and uncluttered canvas that allows the couple's love to shine. The absence of unnecessary elements puts the spotlight on what truly matters—the couple and their journey towards forever. The font choice and layout are meticulously curated to exude elegance and timelessness. The essential details are presented in a manner that resonates with the design's overall theme—simple, yet profoundly impactful. It's a testament to the notion that sometimes, less is indeed more. For couples seeking to express their love in a refined, romantic, and uncomplicated manner, The Caroline is the perfect choice. It effortlessly captures the intimacy and beauty of a couple's relationship, allowing their love to take center stage.

The Taylor - Life of the Party

"The Taylor" save the date is totally one of a kind. Its design bursts with a kaleidoscope of colors, blending seamlessly in a customizable four-color gradient that immediately evokes a sense of fun and happiness. The gradient creates a dynamic visual effect, reminiscent of multi-colored strobe lights, making it a truly unique and lively choice for couples who want to infuse a little fun into their wedding day. The playful and bubbly nature of this design promises to set a joyful tone for the forthcoming celebration. Couples who envision their wedding as a lively and festive occasion, where love and laughter abound, will find "The Taylor" to be a perfect match for their spirit. It's a save the date card that shouts, "Let’s party!"

The Madelyn - Rustic Beauty

The Madelyn” save the date card encapsulates a delightful blend of rustic charm and modern beauty. This design radiates a warm and inviting aura, setting the stage for a celebration filled with love and playfulness. The charm of The Madelyn lies in its rustic elements. From the choice of fonts to the layout, it embraces a sense of authenticity and simplicity, reminiscent of a countryside soiree. This rustic charm effortlessly intertwines with a playful spirit, making it a design that appeals to couples seeking a balance between vintage and contemporary style. "The Madelyn" invites couples to embark on a wedding journey that seamlessly blends the timeless beauty of the past with the excitement of the present, promising an event that is not only elegant but also deeply heartfelt and filled with cherished memories.

The Sadie - Natural Bliss

"The Sadie" save the date card extends a unique invitation that beautifully intertwines the grace of nature with the warmth of love. The floral elements invoke a sense of freshness and natural allure, mirroring the promise of a flourishing and enduring marriage. It beckons to celebrate love in all its manifestations—simple, intricate, and everlasting. Whether the celebration unfolds in an elegant woodland lodge, a delightful garden, or a rustic-chic barn, "The Sadie" thrives in settings that seamlessly blend nature's beauty with an understated charm. This design embodies a timeless and adaptable allure, welcoming couples desiring to infuse a hint of natural charm into their save the date.

From the elegance of simplicity to the playfulness of vibrant gradients, these save the date cards offer a glimpse into the love that binds you and the style that sets you apart. As you embark on this exciting journey towards forever, we hope you feel inspired to discover a design that echoes your heart's desires, a design that harmonizes with your love, and a design that ensures your announcement is as extraordinary as the love that inspired it.