Are e-cards just as good as printed Christmas cards?

Real Printed Christmas Cards with evergreen surround

To share the short answer, no. Printed cards are intimate and a beautiful gesture this holiday season. There are so many reasons why a printed Christmas card is worth every penny. During a sweet season of gratefulness, a personalized and festive greeting can be fabulous to reach out to all of your loved ones! Here are a few more reasons why printed Christmas Cards are so sweet.


Personalized Christmas Cards with evergreen greenery

The options here are endless! We have 100s of festive Christmas designs that range from classy and timeless to creative and joyful! You are sure to create your dream layout with our intricately designed options and include so many completely personalized aspects! There are so many ways to personalize your printed Christmas card. Here are a few of our favorites!


Adding raised foil to your design is a beautiful way to elevate your design! Foil can be added to any element of your Christmas card, completely personalizing your layout. This detail could never be adequately included on an e-card, and let’s face it, foil completes your card perfectly! Add foil to your holiday card today!


Whether you have one family photo or a million to choose from, we have spectacular designs that fit your pictures! In a collage, one image filling the layout, or in the artistic shape of a Christmas tree, your photographs will be displayed beautifully! Loved ones always appreciate an updated family photo; include a few on this year’s holiday card! Try Modern Holiday or Stacked Tree for a unique photo card option!


A personalized detail, such as a monogram, is the sweetest way to make this design uniquely yours. Include your last initial in a wreath to maintain the festive aesthetic and celebrate your lovely family! Perfect for newlyweds or families, this detail adds a fun touch to your design. Include a monogram with Cheerful Grid or Wreath Wishes!


Christmas Card with evergreens and oranges

Everyone loves to open the mailbox and discover a Christmas card! There is just something about a tangible holiday card that is so special. Sending and receiving mail is an intimate gesture that shows how much you genuinely care for friends and family. Spreading holiday cheer with an adorable and festive design is the sweetest way to put others in the holiday mood! A Christmas card can also be an excellent way to reconnect with friends and family! Long-distance friendships and family members can be so hard, but a Christmas card is a great way to show them you are thinking of them!


Memorable Christmas Magnets with surrounding greenery

Christmas cards are a beautiful way to reach out to loved ones this Christmas season, so let’s make it a memorable one! Whether you want to go unique with Snowflake Spaces or make it a design to remember our colorful Bright & Jolly, the options are endless! Magnetic Christmas Cards are a fun way to set your card apart, and your friends and family will love hanging them up on their fridge! What a sweet reminder of your gratitude and friendship this holiday season! Personalize one of our adorable designs to make your card memorable this year!

There are a few misconceptions regarding printed Christmas cards versus e-cards. So many people believe that a printed card has to be time-consuming, expensive, and just a pain! However, Christmas cards do not have to be this way! We have compiled a few ways to simplify the process for you, save some time, and keep this affordable for your Christmas budget!

Saves You Time

Time saving Christmas Cards with greenery

One common belief about e-cards is that they will save you time. I am sure there are ways to be efficient with an e-card, but you can’t replicate the personalization and intimacy of a printed card! So, here are just a few ways we save time while printing and sending out holiday cards!

Printed Envelopes

Upload your recipient list, and we will take care of the rest! Your included envelopes will have all of the addresses of your loved ones printed beautifully when you receive them. Festive details decorate the envelope to personalize your design further and add such a sweet holiday touch!

Simple Designing

Designing your ideal Christmas card is so simple with our process! Upload your photos into your dream design suite, and we will take care of the rest! Arranging your photos and including your notes of encouragement is so easy, and our designers will make sure your card is exactly what you are looking for! This process is not time-consuming, but your card is sure to turn out so perfect! Upload your photos today with our fabulous Joy Comes!


Christmas Postcards to save money

Printed Christmas cards do not have to cost a fortune! There are so many ways to keep your holiday card within your budget! Christmas can be a stressful time of year with all of the budgeting for gifts, stocking stuffers, decorating, home-cooked meals, and budgeting for Christmas cards can feel out of the question! That does not have to be the case, with a few tips for a more affordable option!

Post Cards

We have so many postcard options that are perfect designs for your holiday card! From fruity and festive to trendy and contemporary, the layouts lose no beauty in postcard form! Our Shining Wishes suite has a unique take on a Christmas Card with a creative design fostered by muted tones. Are you looking for more of a timeless layout? Extended Joy is classy in the sweetest way! Whatever aesthetic you dream of, we have the perfect Christmas Postcard for you!

Address Your Own Envelopes

While we love our printed envelopes feature, we know that this is not an option for everyone! Handwriting guest and return addresses on each envelope is a sweet way to sign off on your Christmas card. Turn this task into a charming family activity by lining up your family members and delegating jobs! This task does not have to be overly time-consuming, with one person stuffing envelopes and others sealing, addressing, or stamping! Save a few dollars today and start a new tradition!

Choosing a printed Christmas card is a fabulous option with every design imaginable, customizations galore, and many ways to save time and money! Your loved ones will be excited to see what creative design your family chooses this Christmas. Update friends and family with an adorable family picture! Surely everyone will hang your card on their fridge to remember throughout the holidays! A great way to express a grateful heart is through kind words and gestures, and a Christmas card is the sweetest way to remind everyone in your life how much you care for them! Spread some holiday cheer this Christmas season with a personalized Christmas card!