5 Must-Have Custom Wedding Signs for 2023

Custom Wedding Sign for 2023 showing the order of events of the wedding

The beauty of your wedding day is found in the details! We understand that wedding planning can feel like a whirlwind. Even with the most organized bride, it's easy to overlook details that will make your wedding day special. If you're looking for some inspiration on how to add some personal touches and make your day a little more memorable, here are five must-have wedding signs that are sure to make this day feel even more special.

Welcome Sign

Wedding Welcome Sign to greet guests when they enter the wedding

A Welcome Sign is the perfect way to greet your guests and set the tone for your wedding. It's the first thing they see when they arrive, so make it count! With a custom welcome sign, you can add a personal touch that reflects your personality as a couple. Consider using your wedding colors or incorporating a design that matches your invitations. You can also include a special message that welcomes your guests and sets the mood for the day ahead. Our various styles of welcome signs ensure there is a specific design perfectly crafted to fit your wedding’s aesthetic. Our Mod Aesthetic suite is simple and elegant, while our Serene Flora suite is ideal for a more neutral, rustic wedding.

Seating Chart Sign

Wedding Seating Chart sign for guests to find their table

A Seating Chart is a must-have for any wedding reception. It ensures that your guests know where to sit and helps you avoid any confusion or chaos. A custom seating chart allows you to add a personal touch to this practical element of your wedding decor. You may want to use your wedding colors or replicate the overall theme from your wedding. You can also include photos of you and your partner, or use creative fonts and graphics to make it more visually interesting. Our Seating Chart signs come in various styles, ranging from a classy design, such as Pure Devotion, all the way to our Shore Impression suite that is perfect for your outdoor wedding by the water!

Bar Menu Sign

Drink Menu Sign on the bar at a wedding reception

A custom Bar Menu is a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding reception. It allows guests to see what drinks are available and can even include signature cocktails created specifically for the wedding. The bar menu should be designed in a way that is easy to read and matches the theme of the wedding. Displaying the various beers, wines, signature cocktails, and non-alcoholic options allow your guests to choose exactly which drink they want! Elegant Greenery features a menu sign with dainty floral illustrations that ties your modern theme together perfectly, while Simply Elegant is perfect for a darling classically themed wedding!

Unplugged Ceremony Sign

Unplugged Wedding Signs for ceremony information

The Unplugged Ceremony Sign is a great way to encourage your guests to be fully present and engaged in your wedding ceremony. This sign politely requests that guests turn off their phones, cameras, and other electronic devices so that they can fully immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy the experience without distractions. By asking guests to disconnect from their devices, you can create a more intimate and meaningful ceremony that everyone will remember for years to come. Our wide range of unplugged ceremony signs guarantee you can find the perfect design to fit your wedding’s themes! Consider customizing a sign from our Sweet Floral suite for your romantic, springtime wedding, or our Country Blooms suite if you are dreaming of a rustic wedding!

Direction Sign

Wedding directional sign next to stairs

Directional wedding signs serve a crucial purpose in guiding guests to various locations throughout the wedding venue. For example, signs can be placed at the entrance of the venue, directing guests to the ceremony location. Additionally, signs can be placed along walkways or paths, guiding guests to the reception area or other important locations such as the restrooms or gift table. Regardless of your wedding’s theme, Truly Engaging surely has the perfect style of design for your occasion. Growing Arc is the perfect choice for a wedding themed rustic elegance, while Timeless Eloquence fits a traditional theme.

Overall, Truly Engaging's wedding signs are a beautiful and practical addition to any wedding celebration. Personalizing each sign with your color palette and wedding themes take your occasion to the next level. Whether you're looking to encourage your guests to unplug and be present, or you simply want to thank them for being a part of your big day, these signs are sure to add a special touch that everyone will appreciate.