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Table top wedding signs

Table Top Wedding Signs

Decorate your wedding’s tables with a Table Top Sign that is helpful to your guests and enhances your color palette and theme!

Shop 11 x 14 Table Top Signs 11" x 14" Large Table Top Signs
Shop 8 x 10 Table Top Signs 8" x 10" Medium Table Top Signs
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Signs 5" x 7" Small Table Top Signs

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Choosing the perfect sign to enhance your ceremony or reception can be challenging with so many gorgeous layouts! To assist, our design team curated a collection of 2023’s top Wedding Sign trends to inspire the creation of your sign. Our collection has many designs to select your dream sign from, ranging from romantic florals to contemporary simplicity to relaxing watercolors. Our Wedding Signs are a beautiful feature guaranteed to delight your friends and family.

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Our Wedding Sign Collection

Welcome Signs

Welcome Signs give your guests a warm introduction to you and your fiancé’s lovely day. This expression of gratitude will be so appreciated by your guests, making this addition to your wedding a must! Welcome your friends and family with pure joy to your occasion with a stunning Welcome Sign!

Welcome Signs Design Options

Welcome Sign Sizes

Three different size options allow you to choose the perfect option for your specific venue.

Shop Large Welcome Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop Medium Welcome Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs
Shop Table Top Welcome Signs 11" x 14" Table Top Signs

Foil Welcome Signs

The addition of raised foil elevates the elegance of your sign and highlights your reception’s details so beautifully. Set your design apart today with this unique touch. Your guests will fall in love with this significant enhancement to your Welcome Sign!

Shop Foil Welcome Signs

Seating Charts

A seating chart is essential for your wedding, and our Seating Chart signs elegantly present the information to your guests. The reception is such a fun portion of your celebration, so announcing the chart in an adorable way is key! Spotlight your guests’ names on your charming Seating Chart!

Seating Chart Design Options

Seating Chart Sizes

The number of guests and tables varies for each reception, and we have the perfect size for your guest list.

Shop Large Seating Charts 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop Medium Seating Charts 16" x 20" Medium Signs

Foil Seating Charts

Add raised foil to properly spotlight the essential components of your Seating Chart, such as the table numbers. Accentuate the ambiance of your wedding’s décor with the inclusion of foil on your sign! Celebrate every moment with this stylish enhancement!

Foil Seating Charts

Menu Signs

Our Menu Signs elevate your reception by presenting all the food and drinks your guests will delight in. This customizable sign ties together your style while sophisticatedly giving your guests a glimpse into their dinner. Including a practical Menu Sign is an exceptional addition to display at your reception!

Menu Sign Design Options

Foil Menu Signs

Menu Sign Sizes

One course or five, your reception menu will fit perfectly on one of our three sizes.

Shop 20 x 28 Menu Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop 16 x 20 Menu Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs
Shop 11 x 14 Menu Signs 11" x 14" Table Top Signs

Foil Menu Signs

Customize your Menu Sign by incorporating the gorgeous feature of raised foil. This detail is sure to elevate your design! Choose specific aspects of your sign to be highlighted with the glamorous foil detail. Make your reception sparkle flawlessly today!

Shop Foil Menu Signs

Ceremony Signs

Introduce you and your fiancé to your guests with a precious Ceremony Sign! Including this sign at your ceremony is a beautiful way to enhance your wedding’s theme and color palette effortlessly. Incorporating a Ceremony Sign at your venue is a cheerful addition to your wedding!

Ceremony Signs Design Options

Ceremony Sign Sizes

A variety of sizes allows tailoring the Welcome Sign to perfection for your wedding.

Shop 20 x 28 Ceremony Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop 16 x 20 Ceremony Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs

Foil Ceremony Signs

Radiant foil is the perfect addition to your Ceremony Sign to showcase the sweetest details proudly. Make your sign shine with this beautiful enhancement! Add foil today for a dramatic accent that offers a textured element to your perfectly designed sign!

Shop Foil Ceremony Signs

Schedule Signs

Displaying the itinerary of the ceremony and reception will be so appreciated by your guests, and the Schedule Sign is the perfect agent to do so! A clear schedule that leads the guest from the ceremony to a cocktail hour, dinner, and any other plans you have made is helpful! Choosing the perfect design allows you to match your style perfectly.

Schedule Sign Design Options

Foil Schedule Signs

Schedule Sign Sizes

You’ll find the best size for your wedding’s itinerary in our collection, whether long or short.

Shop 20 x 28 Schedule Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop 16 x 20 Schedule Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs

Foil Schedule Signs

Enhance your Schedule Sign with raised foil! This detail makes any chosen element of your sign shine! Your design takes a contemporary and elegant twist with this romantic detail. Creating a luxurious appeal to your design, raised foil is the perfect addition!

Shop Foil Schedule Signs

Direction Signs

Many venues are complex or have multiple locations, so incorporating a Direction Sign may be essential to assist your guests. Navigating through your wedding venue will be stress-free with the addition of this practical sign! Making this sign beautiful and unique to your wedding will enhance your theme, making a Direction Sign perfect for all weddings!

Direction Sign Design Options

Direction Sign Sizes

Our range of sizes gives you complete control to choose the ideal size that navigates your guests through the venue.

Shop 20 x 28 Direction Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop 16 x 20 Direction Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs

Foil Direction Signs

Magnify the charm of your Direction Sign with the inclusion of raised foil that spotlights the sweet details of your design! This element helps your details stand out and give off that extra sparkle! Foil is the perfect addition to set the mood and bring your wedding to life!

Shop Foil Direction Signs

Pick a Seat Signs

The addition of a Pick a Seat, Not a Side Sign is the perfect embellishment to hang right outside of your ceremony! Inform your guests that they may choose a seat on either side of the aisle. After all, everyone is family after you two tie the knot! Including this sign is a fabulous way to enhance your theme and practically assist your lovely guests.

Pick a Seat Sign Design Options

Foil Pick a Seat Signs

Pick a Seat Sign Sizes

Our collection features multiple sizes so that you may choose one to display your design ideally.

Shop 20 x 28 Pick a Seat Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop 16 x 20 Pick a Seat Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs

Foil Pick a Seat Signs

Include a sweet detail of raised foil to your Pick a Seat Not a Side Sign! Any detail you love may be enhanced with this element. This sign plays a critically important role in creating a flawless ceremony, elevate the details today with this shiny detail!

Shop Foil Pick a Seat Signs

Unplugged Signs

Invite your guests to be fully present at this beautiful ceremony with the inclusion of an Unplugged Sign. You want to see your friend's and family's faces, not their phones! Devices can interfere with the elegance of your wedding, kindly asking your friends and family to turn their cell phones and cameras off will assist with an interruption-free ceremony!

Unplugged Sign Design Options

Unplugged Sign Sizes

Choose the perfect size to properly fit outside of your ceremony from our three size options.

Shop 20 x 28 Unplugged Signs 20" x 28" Large Signs
Shop 16 x 20 Unplugged Signs 16" x 20" Medium Signs

Foil Unplugged Signs

The addition of raised foil to your Unplugged Sign will take the beauty to a whole new level. Highlight any element of your choosing with foil! Your guests are sure to fall in love with this elegant detail. Capture the shine and details of your design with this customizable feature!

Shop Foil Unplugged Signs

Favor Signs

Thank your guests for attending the most special day with a small gift that is introduced with a Favor sign! This sign is helpful in assisting with the distribution of the favors while adding an adorable detail to your celebration. Add your wedding’s colors and other customizations to create a design that is completely unique to your wedding! Your family and friends will feel overjoyed and appreciated with the favor from you and your new spouse!

Favor Sign Design Options

Foil Favor Signs

Favor Sign Sizes

Select the size of your Favor sign from our range of options that will best suit your venue and table of favors!

8 x 10 Table Top Favor Signs 8" x 10" Medium Table Top
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Favor Signs 5" x 7" Small Table Top

Foil Favor Signs

Decorate your Favor sign even further with the addition of raised foil to any detail of your choosing! This enhancement will surely set your design apart in the most dazzling way. Select the color of foil that will match your aesthetic best and watch your dreams come to life!

Shop Foil Favor Signs

Guest Book Signs

Invite your guests to sign your guest book with this adorable sign! A guest book is a wonderful keepsake that you will surely cherish forever. This sign allows you to rest assured that each of your guests will participate in the creation of lifelong memories. A variety of designs allows you to choose the style of your dreams that expertly fits the aesthetic of your celebration! From boho chic to modern and minimal, we have a wide range of Guest Book signs you will fall in love with!

Guest Book Sign Design Options

Favor Sign Sizes

Whether you are looking for a subtle addition to your reception or desiring a grand statement, we have the perfect sign size to fit your dream look!

8 x 10 Table Top Guest Book Signs 8" x 10" Medium Table Top
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Guest Book Signs 5" x 7" Small Table Top

Foil Guest Book Signs

Make your sign sparkle by enhancing details with our raised foil feature! A range of foil colors will allow you to perfectly welcome your guests to sign your guest book. Personalize your sign today with a touch of raised foil on even the most intricate of design elements!

Shop Foil Guest Book Signs

Cards & Gifts Signs

Decorate the gift table at your reception with an adorable Cards and Gifts sign! This adds a beautiful accessory to the table and enhances the aesthetic of your wedding flawlessly. Including this sign allows you to thank each guest with a simple message and will make each of your friends and family feel appreciated. Express your genuine gratitude in a stylish manor with the addition of a Cards and Gifts sign!

Cards & Gifts Sign Design Options

Foil Cards & Gifts Signs

Cards & Gifts Sign Sizes

Our wide variety of sign sizes allows you to create the perfect Cards and Gifts sign to fit your wedding venue or reception space perfectly!

8 x 10 Table Top Cards & Gifts Signs 8" x 10" Medium Table Top
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Cards & Gifts Signs 5" x 7" Small Table Top

Foil Cards & Gifts Signs

Create a one of a kind design with the inclusion of raised foil! This detail will take your sign to a whole new level that you will truly fall in love with. Ranging in a variety of colors, raised foil will add dimension and a dazzling effect to your cards and gifts table!

Shop Foil Cards & Gifts Signs

Loving Memory Signs

Lost loved ones will always be loved and missed during times of celebration; recognize those special people on your wedding day with a beautiful In Loving Memory sign! Honoring your loved ones who are no longer with you is a precious way to keep them near to your heart. An occasion as special as your wedding day deserves to include each and every person that has meant so much to you over the years. Create a loving tribute to these special people with an In Loving Memory sign!

Loving Memory Sign Design Options

Loving Memory Sign Sizes

Choose the perfect size of sign to best fit your space with our range of options to create a thoughtful tribute to your loved ones!

8 x 10 Table Top Loving Memory Signs Medium Table Top 8" x 10"
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Loving Memory Signs Small Table Top 5" x 7"

Foil Loving Memory Signs

Customize your In Loving Memory sign with the addition of our raised foil feature! This detail adds an elegant dimension to your design and will perfectly complement your high-class celebration. Select the foil color that best matches your palette and create a dazzling sign today!

Shop Foil Loving Memory Signs

Reserved Seating Signs

Elegantly reserve tables for family members or others with one of our adorable Reserved Seating signs! A variety of styles and collections allow you to choose the sign that will perfectly match your reception décor. This simple addition to your dinner tables will elevate the elegance of your reception, while practically mark tables that are reserved for the bridal party or family. Personalize your own Reserved Seating signs today!

Reserved Seating Sign Design Options

Foil Reserved Seating Signs

Reserved Seating Sign Sizes

Our collection features a variety of sizes to ensure that you are able to create perfect Reserved Seating signs!

8 x 10 Table Top Reserved Seating Signs 8" x 10" Medium Table Top
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Reserved Seating Signs 5" x 7" Small Table Top

Foil Reserved Seating Signs

Elevate your Reserved Seating signs with our raised foil feature! This detail adds a touch of glamour to your design that completely personalizes the look. Add foil today to enrich the beauty of your sign!

Shop Foil Reserved Seating Signs

Share the Love Signs

Seeing your wedding day from the perspective of your guests is such a fun and unique experience! Encourage your guests to share their photos with a hashtag by customizing one of our Share the Love signs! Authentic photos from your friends and family will be cherished forever by you and your new spouse, and this sign is an adorable way to remind guests to share the love!

Share the Love Sign Design Options

Share the Love Sign Sizes

Our range of sizes will surely have the perfect option to fit your ceremony or reception space!

Shop 8 x 10 Table Top Loving Memory Signs 8" x 10" Medium Table Top
Shop 5 x 7 Table Top Loving Memory Signs 5" x 7" Small Table Top

Foil Share the Love Signs

Accessorize the details of your Share the Love sign with the inclusion of raised foil! This detail adds a beautiful and sparkling element to any typography or detail of your choosing. Our raised foil is top of the line and a lovely way to elevate your sign!

Shop Foil Share the Love Signs

Stunning Custom Foil

Silver foil, rose gold foil, gold foil title bar

Enhance your gorgeous design with a bit of shine! Custom foil is a gorgeous way to highlight specific details of your design. Our foil can be added to any aspect of your design, making this feature completely customizable! The texture of the raised foil deepens the effect and elevates your design so well. Endless opportunities stem from the elegant choices of gold, rose gold, and silver! Add raised foil to your Wedding Sign today!

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Foil Wedding Signs

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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life— it's important you have stylish and personalized wedding stationery that you're proud to send. We promise you the highest-quality stationery at great prices. We've made it our business to delight every couple, and know you will be 100% satisfied!

CUSTOM DESIGNS — Our expert designers have carefully curated an exclusive collection that transcends across all styles and the newest in stationery design trends. We believe you can have a creation that is stylish and unique regardless of your budget.

YOUR STYLE — Our team will work with you closely to make sure your pieces turn out exactly as you envisioned. We're happy to take special design requests, and provide you the opportunity to upload your own artwork for a completely custom design.

YOUR PEACE OF MIND — Our Wedding Team is the heart of Truly Engaging. The team is available via phone, email, and chat to answer your questions—backed by our 100% quality guarantee on every purchase.

OUR QUALITY — Choose from a stunning array of luxe cardstock and magnet options available in a variety of finishes and weights—all printed and crafted meticulously by our talented team and the best in printing technology.

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Truly Engaging is recognized as a certified women-owned business, certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). We are proud of this certification and the opportunities that it provides for our business and for our customers.

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Absolutely Beautiful!

Our sign came quickly and we are obsessed with how it turned out. The rose gold foil is beautiful! Can't wait for guests to see it

Reviewed by LoWild
June 20, 2022

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Planning the perfect wedding stationery can be exciting, fun—​and maybe even a bit stressful. But it doesn’t have to be with the help of our Wedding Planning Tools.

New! Custom Wedding Signs

The addition of a Wedding Sign is a beautiful way to elevate your reception or ceremony and can serve a variety of purposes! Complete customization allows your sign to be absolutely one of a kind. Our beautiful designs will enable you to choose the perfect theme, ranging from moody florals to timeless elegance. Your style shines through your unique Wedding Sign that is practical for your guests and simply fabulous. Choose from our three sizes, a vast collection of layouts, and add custom foil to your sign to enhance the details! Create your dream Wedding Sign for your reception or ceremony today!

Personalized Wedding Signs

Match the style of your wedding seamlessly with the inclusion of a personalized Wedding Sign. Whether you want to display your seating chart elegantly, gracefully welcome your guests to the celebration, or assist your guests with detailed instructions to navigate the venue, we have the sign for you! Your Wedding Sign will compliment your venue and perfectly tie the look together!

Coordinating Designs

Each Wedding Sign design comes in coordinating Wedding Invites and other Wedding Stationery. Using matching designs is a great way to strengthen your wedding theme!

Variety of Styles

Modern, Traditional, Floral, Boho—​find a diverse selection of Wedding Sign designs to match your wedding theme or personal style.

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