5 Funny Wedding Invitations Options for YOUR Wedding

newlyweds displaying thumbs with wedding rings and smiley faces

Having a sense of humor is one of the best ways to get through wedding planning in one piece. But if you’re a couple that values a good giggle here and there, you may want to explore how you can infuse your big day with even more laughter. Why not start with your wedding invitation?

There are all kinds of wedding invitation designs ranging from modern to vintage, simple to bursting with pattern and color. To make yours funny, you’ll need to combine creative invitation wording with stationery that allows you to put your own spin on things.

Here are some ideas for bringing out your inner funny and some suggestions for invitations that will help you get your guests ready for a ceremony and reception that’s every bit as unique and silly as you.

Play with your wedding invitation wording

wedding invitation stationery

If you’re interested in a more traditional take on wedding invitation wording, it’s easy to learn the proper way to address invitations, what kind of information you should include, and even how to phrase your request for guests’ attendance. But if you want to paddle your own canoe, so to speak, this is definitely an opportunity to let your creativity loose.

When you’re working with a professional wedding invitation design template, you’re lucky enough to have a premade layout that ensures everything will look good once it's printed. There are other benefits too, like saving a ton of time and money on hiring a professional designer or attempting a total DIY, but the tradeoff is that you’ll need to finesse your funny wording to fit into the allotted space.

The amount of room you’ll have to joke around with your prospective guests depends on the invitation you choose, but one likely space is your intro. “Together with their families, NAME and NAME request your presence at the celebration of their marriage.” So sweet. So exciting.

So not funny.

a bride and groom caricature

You can change that up to read almost anything, like:

  1. Finally — A party with actual people. (Perfect for a post-COVID wedding)
  2. Interested in good company, questionable food, and Charlie’s version of the Macarena?
  3. We came, we saw, we decided to make you all dress up for our I dos.
  4. We swiped right. (Ideal for couples who met through a dating app)
  5. Attention friends! It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for (so clear your calendars)
  6. Free Beer (But you have to wear shoes)

If you have the opportunity to customize your RSVP card, you can get really clever with options far beyond the typical yes or no. For example, the card might read:

  1. We’ll be there
  2. We won’t be attending
  3. We’ll send astral projections of ourselves, so try to sense our presence
  4. We’ll come if we can sing a song (Please insert requested song here _________)
  5. We’re not coming but we feel super guilty about it (as we should) and will be sending a huge gift instead. It’s HUGE. Seriously ginormous.

Or you could stick with the normal “yes” and “no” options plus a line asking guests to submit their funniest quote or Dad joke. You can then use the submitted joke as part of the centerpieces or table tents at your reception.

Seal your invitation with style

a hand holding a photobooth strip with the photos of a young couple

Did you know you can get a custom stamp made with almost any design? Same goes for stickers and even those metal rods used to put the family crest into molten wax. And there’s no reason those stamps and stickers can’t be full of funny.

Examples include:

  1. A caricature of your faces
  2. Bride and groom figures with the phrase “game over” as a nod to a shared love of video games
  3. Keep Calm and Marry On
  4. Stick figures in wedding day attire
  5. Simple yet bold graphics like big red lips or XOXO

Consider adding some funny fillers

a couple makes funny faces as they kiss

Once you’ve chosen and tweaked your wedding invitation design, you can add another element by stuffing your envelopes with something silly. Maybe it’s confetti in the shape of bananas because everyone knows you and your soon-to-be-spouse share a love for the Elvis sandwiches. Maybe it’s an enclosure card with a QR code that takes guests to your karaoke version of “I Will Always Love You” or a duet of “Islands in the Stream.” Maybe it’s a photobooth strip of you and your intended holding up a card begging guests to RSVP yes.

Use your imagination, just keep in mind that if you make the envelope too thick or heavy, you may have to pay extra postage.

Use funny photos

a woman opens a card

One of the best ways to make a funny wedding invitation is to pick a design that incorporates photos and then upload your silliest candids. This is the most personal option and also the one with the highest potential for hilarity. The sky is the limit. Be zany. Push the envelope. Use pictures of your pets instead of photos of yourselves. Use cartoon drawings of you and your better half. Use photos of your parents holding up signs that say, “We thought this day would never come.” If it makes you laugh, that’s what counts.

5 Funny Wedding Invitations

Feel like your creative juices are flowing? Now it’s time to pick an invitation so you can get started on customization. Here are some ideas for invites that can help you bring out your inner funny.

1. Boldly In Love

Boldly In Love uses an adorable picture of the spouses-to-be as the backdrop for the invitation. It’s up to you to upload a funnier photo. Perhaps you can show your cat, who’s holding a photo of your fiancé or fiancée, to make this otherwise sophisticated design into something prospective guests will never forget.

Boldly in Love | Rectangle Invitations

2. Luminous Ombre

There’s plenty of space within the Luminous Ombre design to play with wording and throw in a joke or two. Plus, the all-in-one wedding invitation layout means there’s an attached RSVP card just begging for the benefit of your wit.

Luminous Ombre | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

3. Timeless Truth

Don’t be fooled by Timeless Truth’s sophisticated, modern design — this invitation is just what you need to inject a tailor-made dose of funny as you introduce you and your better halve and “Halfheartedly invite <guests> to celebrate NAME and NAME as they spend way too much on catering.”

Timeless Truth | Rectangle Invitations

4. Just My Type

Just My Type is the perfect place to practice your comic stylings. The jovial mix of fonts and dash of color already feel quirky, but just imagine that instead of using your last names as directed, you replace them with nicknames. “Ashlyn ‘aka Sweet Cheeks’ & Josiah ‘aka Dimples’ invite you to eat smoked salmon and salute their love.” You’ll also go crazy over the corresponding enclosure cards with five lines of text that are 100% editable, meaning they’re open to whatever absurd commentary your brain can cook up.

Just My Type | Rectangle Invitations

5. Neon Delight

When customization is at the top of the list, look at pocket-style invitations like Neon Delight first. Not only are the bright colors the perfect backdrop for comedy, but there are also a range of enclosure cards that offer barrels of space to get weird with everything from your dinner options to asking the name of your guests’ plus ones. If your friends and family know and love your wacky side and you’re not afraid of scandalizing poor Aunt Mabel, this is where you can really have some fun. Just send us a copy or tag us on social media so we can appreciate your handiwork once it’s ready for the spotlight.

Neon Delight | Pocket Invitations

Interested in continuing your hilarity beyond your wedding invitation? Check out these tips for making your wedding program wording funny.