21 Spring Wedding Invitation Options for Your Wedding

bouquet in foreground with bride and groom in background

From May flowers to April showers, there is so much about spring that lends itself to a wonderful wedding day. And yes, we said showers with a great, big smile — after all, a misty morning makes for some gorgeous wedding photos, and in some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck thanks to water’s connection to fertility and cleansing. No matter the weather, getting married in spring can be incredibly memorable — especially if you kick off the festivities by mailing out one of these exceptionally delightful spring wedding invitations.

1. Watercolor Rapture

Like spring rain that hit a newly painted picture, Watercolor Rapture’s soft splotches are the kind of abstract art that all your guests can appreciate. Despite the seemingly random nature of the watercolor swaths, the color is used strategically to highlight your names, giving these invites a hint of spring without obscuring or overshadowing key details.

WATERCOLOR RAPTURE: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

2. Love in Bloom

While so many spring wedding invitations emphasize spring colors, Love in Bloom is special because it features a tangle of garden roses in stunning blacks, whites, and grays. The result is a distinctly vintage effect that conjures up spring in a charmingly retro way.

LOVE IN BLOOM: Rectangle Invitations

3. Blue Blooms

So often, floral-themed wedding stationery leans toward warm colors like peaches, plums, reds, and pinks. That color palette is beautiful as is, but it’s lovely to see an alternative like Blue Blooms that’s such a breathtaking representation of the cooler side of spring.

BLUE BLOOMS: Pocket Invitations

4. Vogue Vineyard

Spring in wine country? Sign us up! Vogue Vineyard is a sophisticated oenophile’s dream come true thanks to peek-a-boo grapes and vines poking through a geometric cutout. The same photo makes an appearance in key places throughout the suite, driving home the wine theme and setting the stage for what promises to be a very chic wedding.

VOGUE VINEYARD: Pocket Invitations

5. Painterly Bouquet

As soon as the weather warms, little blossoms stick their head out of the soil, just waiting for artists to capture their fresh, dewy look. That’s just what Painterly Bouquet represents — the innocence and sweetness of spring with a touch of vintage vibes thanks to a smattering of hand-painted roses combined with script worthy of the finest tea party.

PAINTERLY BOUQUET: Pocket Invitations

6. Bold Blooms

Art Deco? Art Nouveau? Bold Blooms by any other name would look just as sweet. A triple-layered border cuts through the watercolor blossoms to strike much-needed balance between the soft florals and harder modern text box, and the use of several diverse fonts brings all the elements together in perfect harmony.

BOLD BLOOMS: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

7. Fantasia Garden

Fantasia Garden is all about the lushness of spring. A background brimming with soft pink and white flowers and hidden sprigs of greenery adds tons of visual interest, while color-blocked text panels are an opportunity to shine a light on key details while ensuring a cohesive design.

FANTASIA GARDEN: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

8. Sophisticated Succulents

Spring is when the world’s tiny cactuses come out of their dormant winter state and start to bloom again. We love Sophisticated Succulents’ nontraditional take on florals, with colorful plants that would be perfect for desert I dos.


9. Budding Bouquet

The epitome of contemporary sophistication, Budding Bouquet is a black-tie version of spring florals. It’s a chance to honor the season without sacrificing your dream of an upscale, uber-glam wedding.

BUDDING BOUQUET: Pocket Invitations

10. Violet Watercolor

Love purple and planning on a spring wedding? Our Violet Watercolor suite ticks both boxes thanks to an array of flowers in tons of purple-ish hues. At the center sits an angular box with a statement-making border that adds a modern edge to the otherwise flourish-filled design.

VIOLET WATERCOLOR: Pocket Invitations

11. Dreamy Sky

There’s something special about a spring sky. Some mornings are still a little hazy with rain and fog, but the patches of blue beam through in these invitations, framed by a smattering of branches with leaves just beginning to bud. Dreamy Sky encompasses the things that make March and April special, with an added sprinkle of sparkles to spruce up your big day.

DREAMY SKY: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

12. Delightful Blooms

Watercolor wildflowers bring a piece of Mother Nature to your wedding plans with Delightful Blooms. The speckled background reminds us of recycled paper, and the same earth-conscious style infuses the rest of the suite to create an almost ethereal set of stationery that’s perfect for a boho springtime wedding.

DELIGHTFUL BLOOMS: Rectangle Invitations

13. Regal Romance

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Will and Kate) knew what they were doing when they planned a mid-May wedding. Getting married in late spring meant their adoring public could line the streets without worrying about winter storms or oppressive summer heat, and the lovely Catherine got to wear a stunning dress that was suitable for church but not too covered up. Invite guests to your own royal wedding with Regal Romance, a suite that looks like it was sent straight from Kensington.

REGAL ROMANCE: Rectangle Invitations

14. Joyful Medley

Joyful Medley is pretty as a picture, with happy little flowers positioned artfully around a dotted marquee that displays your names in a big, easy-to-read font. Play with the color of the dotted lines and text to bring a personal touch to this already lovely invitation.

JOYFUL MEDLEY: Rectangle Invitations

15. Painted Leaves

Just the greenery, thanks. Painted Leaves ditches the expected flowers in favor of watercolor leaves so delicate you can practically see the brushstrokes. The current font choice states your name in big, sloping script, but you can tweak it if desired.

PAINTED LEAVES: Rectangle Invitations

16. Love’s Treat

Valentine’s Day is technically in winter, but sometimes February feels like it’s pushing spring. Besides, the romantically swirly font and little hearts that make Love’s Treat so special shouldn’t be limited to one holiday. Send out this invitation and wait for your guests’ own hearts to go pitter-patter.

LOVE'S TREAT: Pocket Invitations

17. Love is in the Air

Spring is perfect for hot air ballooning (hence the proliferation of balloon fests in March and April) with moderate temperatures that make it easy to take flight. Kind of the same way your heart soars at the thought of your sweetheart, no? Love is in the Air has the kind of whimsy and vintage appeal that would serve as an ideal introduction to a not-so-traditional springtime wedding.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Rectangle Invitations

18. Patterned Billy Ball

Little puffs of sunshine take starring roles in Patterned Billy Ball. The use of bright yellow is a departure from the muted colors and jewel tones so often used in wedding invitations, and your invitation will be all the more memorable because of it. A simple, lowercase font emphasizes the rustic charm, making this invitation particularly suitable for a country reception or backyard “I dos.”

PATTERNED BILLY BALL: Shaped Invitations

19. Romantic Garden

Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Why in a ring around the bride and grooms’ names, of course. Romantic Garden uses a circle of perky petals to present the happy couple’s names. The default background color is a pale neutral that adds to the prettiness, but you can feel free to switch it out for a darker tone to create an entirely different energy.

ROMANTIC GARDEN: Rectangle Invitations

20. Sweet as Pie

Make your spring wedding as charming as a country fair. All you need is these Sweet as Pie invitations, a vision board that leans toward lace and pastels, and a dessert table that’s full of blueberry buckle and strawberry cobbler instead of heavy chocolate cake. Use craft paper as your runners to echo the background on your invites, wrap a little burlap around your bouquet and boutonniere, and your planning is complete.

SWEET AS PIE: Pocket Invitations

21. Diamond Garden

Traditional meets modern with the artful blending of peachy flowers and a geometric outline in Diamond Garden. The All-in-one Design feels effortless, and sometimes that’s just what you need when you’re buried in Pinterest boards and fabric swatches.

 Once you’ve picked out your Wedding Invitations, it’s time to shop for day-of stationery! Check out our diverse portfolio of Wedding Programs and Reception Items and make your vision for your big day into a reality.