19 Spring Save The Date Magnets for Your Wedding

Save the date magnet next to eucalyptus sprig, scissors, and a ball of twine

Spring is the least popular time to get married, with most people choosing to get married between May and October. That statistic might be off-putting at first for couples considering their own spring wedding, but the lack of competition could make it easier to score top-tier wedding venues or book that super in-demand local band.

Spring is the season for rebirth, joy, and new beginnings. It’s about love and Mother Nature’s demonstration of how light conquers dark. What could be better than saying your vows as birds tweet in the background, tulips push their way out of the damp soil, and the whole world wakes up in anticipation of a joyous year?

If you’re thinking about a spring wedding or just love the season and want wedding stationery to match, check out these spring-themed Save the Date Magnets that are perfect for announcing your I dos.

1. Blossoming Arch

Blossoming Arch | Save the Date Magnets

Take inspiration from the 1920s, add a dash of boho charm, and bring it all into the 21st century, and you have Blossoming Arch, a Save the Date that seamlessly blends vintage vibes and a splash of spring. The arched picture frame is echoed in an identically shaped border, with a sketched flower as the only adornment aside from the text bearing your names and wedding date. Switch up the background color to match your theme or play with pastels to boost the spring spirit.

2. Soft Botanics

Soft Botanics | Save the Date Magnets

A soft spray of flowers bursting through the last snow of winter. That’s what Soft Botanics looks like with its muted arch of lavender flowers and abundance of white space. The asymmetry of the design and the sideways lettering detailing your wedding date, location, and website add another layer of visual interest.

3. Simple Gathering

Simple Gathering | Save the Date Magnets

There’s nothing inherently spring about Simple Gathering, but the versatile template is just right for creating your own idea of what a spring Save the Date should look like. The currently off-white background and steel-hued text and accents are a great baseline, but see how a soft mint or perky coral backdrop changes up the vibe entirely. Upload a picture of you and your beloved enjoying the season in your backyard or horsing around planting your garden, and the vision is complete.

4. Fresh Tendrils

Fresh Tendrils | Save the Date Magnets

When winter gives way to spring, it’s the first little sprigs of greenery pushing through the seemingly barren soil that signal new beginnings. Fresh Tendrils takes inspiration from that theme of renewal with a tangle of branches —all dotted with new leaves — crawling across the design. The sage green color of the leaves carries over to the large circle pulling double duty as a text box, making for a beautifully simple and cohesive Save the Date.

5. Serene Flora

Serene Flora | Save the Date Magnets

Serene Flora presents a soft and elegant bouquet that’s just right for a spring wedding. The bohemian bouquet and double-framed overall photograph drive home the vintage motif while block lettering for your names and monograms brings a hint of modernity.

6. Mod Paint

Mod Paint | Save the Date Magnets

You could glance at Mod Paint and assume it’s a modern art-themed Save the Date and leave it at that, but that would be ignoring this design’s incredible versatility. It’s all about the blotches of color. The template keeps the palette fairly neutral; switch out those choices for pastel colors aligned with what we expect from spring, and you suddenly have a contemporary image that’s right on target.

7. Monogram Bloom

Monogram Bloom | Save the Date Magnets

Sometimes a design is beautiful because of what isn’t there rather than how much someone can pack in. That’s the case with Monogram Bloom. This Save the Date is split into two sides. The right is reserved for your photograph. The left is just your monogram, separated by two intertwined flowers, with simple lettering below detailing your full names, wedding date, and a request for potential guests to save a spot for you on their schedules.

8. Honest Bouquet

Honest Bouquet | Save the Date Magnets

Fresh and fabulous, Honest Bouquet is a spring-ready Save the Date that gets straight to the point without sacrificing elegance. Luxurious like the lobby of a five-star hotel, this Save the Date includes a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a spot dedicated to your favorite shot from your engagement photo shoot.

9. Gentle Touch

Gentle Touch | Save the Date Magnets

Set the mood for spring by tweaking Gentle Touch’s color scheme. The color-blocking and domed photo frame that make up the main part of this design are attractive as is, but swap out the marbled rose for warm mint or a lemony yellow, and voila! Instant spring.

10. Favorite Place

Favorite Place | Save the Date Magnets

For couples who like simple designs that are decidedly modern but who also crave a bit of a twist, there’s Favorite Place. The monochrome color scheme calls for a similarly monochrome photograph, but it’s the painterly wash of color behind the photo that stops guests in their tracks. Pick a spring color and remind potential guests that you’re sophisticated but a little bit unpredictable, too — a combination that’s sure to make for a memorable reception.

11. Blushing Bouquet

Blushing Bouquet | Save the Date Magnets

Cherry blossom trees bloom in late spring, with the legendary buds unfurling sometime at the end of April or early May. The flowers on Blushing Bouquet may not be from a cherry tree, but they carry that same feeling of renewal, exuberance, and celebration — just what you want when you’re announcing you’re ready to get married.

12. Tender Twig

Tender Twig | Save the Date Magnets

Not all spring Save the Dates are brimming with flowers. Tender Twig takes a pared-back approach, choosing to embellish the design with just two branches decorated with a handful of delicate leaves. It’s a hint of spring that underscores your image without ever overshadowing it, just as it should be.

13. Branch Sketch

Branch Sketch | Save the Date Magnets

Branch Sketch is a dream Save the Date for artists or anyone who appreciates creativity. See how your favorite candid picture or professional engagement photo looks in the fun circular frame, then appreciate how the sketched branches and flower buds look overlaid on top. Lowercase cursive letters announce the magnet’s intent, with the only other text being your names in the bottom right-hand corner.

14. Blooming Bud

Blooming Bud | Save the Date Magnets

Rather than using up a large portion of the template to display a bouquet that screams spring, Blooming Bud whispers the seasonal theme with an all-white sketch of an exotic flower layered over the boldly colored background and your picture. Play with the coloring of the flower to create different effects — a black or charcoal gray flower, for example, makes this design look like a page from a botanist’s sketchbook.

15. Elegant Unity

Elegant Unity | Save the Date Magnets

Talk about stylish! Elegant Unity reorients the standard Save the Date Magnet, opting for a horizontal design that leaves plenty of room to type out your full names (first name far more prominent thanks to large block lettering) and join them using an oversized ampersand with a sweet bouquet peeking out of the middle. It’s like a Victorian era calling card that got a modern facelift with very pretty results.

16. Secluded Blooms

Secluded Blooms | Save the Date Magnets

Secluded Blooms nestles your photograph in a gate-like frame surrounded by a riot of colorful flowers and greenery. The “save the date” text looks handwritten, making for a delightful contrast to the other wedding details — your names, wedding location, and date — printed neatly in the bottom right corner.

17. All For Love

All for Love | Save the Date Magnets

Why plan a wedding? It’s All For Love, of course. Simplicity reigns with this Save the Date Magnet. Just an elegant black and white photograph, the barest of text, and a watercolor-inspired branch curving underneath your picture. It’s wonderfully uncomplicated and perfect for spring.

18. Floral Outline

Floral Outline | Save the Date Magnets

Spring is arguably the most delicate of the four seasons. Everything is new and fresh, the weather has lost the aggression it had in winter, and everyone is looking forward to warm breezes and adventures outdoors. Floral Outline captures that same aura of hope and elegance using a pastel ampersand to join your name with your beloved’s. It wraps the ampersand’s bottom swoop in sketched flowers. If you love this design, be sure to check out the rest of the suite — the sketches continue throughout the collection, including elegant bracket labels and floral seals that provide a sweet finishing touch for your envelopes.

19. Enchanted Crown

Enchanted Crown | Save the Date Magnets

Thinking about wearing a floral crown at your wedding? Or maybe your future wife has asked her bridesmaids to weave flowers throughout their updos. Enchanted Crown is flower child charm in stationery form. From the wreath of flowers stretched across the top of the design to the swath of complementary color washing across the magnet, every element of this Save the Date is about the sweetness of spring.

Still trying to decide what Save the Date suits you best? Check out this Guide to Save the Date styles, including a look at newer versions like postcards and magnets. For more spring-themed wedding stationery, take a look at these Spring Wedding Invitation options just waiting to be customized to fit your needs.