19 Beach Wedding Program Styles for Your Wedding

The top three destination wedding locations beyond the borders of the continental United States are Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and it’s easy to see why. Saying “I do” under a canopy of palm trees with the crashing waves as your soundtrack is a dream come true. But you don’t have to be at a five-star resort or even somewhere sunny to have a beach wedding that feels absolutely magical.
Whether you’re celebrating with a sit-down dinner for 500 at a ritzy yacht club or a barefoot picnic 10 feet from the Gulf of Mexico, these beautiful beach wedding programs will help set the scene for an unforgettable event.

1. Beyond the Shore

A simple blue wash on one side and watercolor waves on the other make Beyond the Shore perfect for a beach wedding. Sprays of bubbles weave their way across the water, adding a subtle but lively accent to the otherwise calming design. You can customize the color of the background, bubbles, and font, or leave everything as is, adding just your details for a plug-and-play wedding program that still feels very special.

BEYOND THE SHORE: Flat Wedding Programs2. Maritime Bliss

A smattering of seashells across the top of Maritime Bliss suggests a beachside wedding that’s both classy and whimsical. The use of a solid backdrop and bold lines give this design a modern edge, and the block lettering takes the sophistication even further. Switch up the sage background to match your wedding’s color palette or opt for ocean colors to create an even more tropical look.

MARITIME BLISS: Wedding Program Fans

3. Playful Parasols

Bring on the neon! Bright colors abound with Playful Parasols, a folded wedding program that kicks things off with a punchy cover. Your names, wedding date, and ceremony location take center stage, underlined by a row of striped parasols. Inside, the parasol parade continues, joined by details about the wedding party and a few layers of blue waves. It’s the perfect fun-filled stationery to match an equally fun-filled day.

PLAYFUL PARASOLS: Folded Wedding Programs

4. Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise is like a postcard meets a wedding program. A stunning photo of a tropical locale peeks through the whitewashed overlay containing your names and ceremony details. Flip the program over and the photo changes to a sedate ocean view — just the calming force you need when you’re about to say I do!

TROPICAL PARADISE: Flat Wedding Programs

5. Watercolor Coral

Thanks to a summery ring of yellow coral framing your details and the attached handle that turns this program into a convenient fan, Watercolor Coral is as reinvigorating as a wedding program can get. Even the back feels playful and refreshing thanks to some watercolor lines and splotches you can adjust to match your personal aesthetic.

WATERCOLOR CORAL: Wedding Program Fans

6. On The Reef

A scattering of seashells provides the grounding force for On The Reef, a beach-ready design that eschews bright blues and greens in favor of sandy neutrals. The default color scheme will complement a similarly nude tablescape, or you can use this subtle suite to offset the vibrant tropical flowers and batik linens you’ve used for your eye-catching place settings.

ON THE REEF: Flat Wedding Programs

7. Florida

If you’re marrying the love of your life in the Sunshine State, you might like a folded wedding program made just for the occasion. Florida is all about photo-realistic drama. If the crashing waves and azure sky on the cover aren’t enough, the towering palm trees and waves on the back cover will surely win you over.

FLORIDA: Folded Wedding Programs

8. Romantic Shore

Not all beachy weddings are tropical in nature. Romantic Shore features a stately looking lighthouse, paying homage to nuptials held on rocky cliffs or maybe in a New England seaside town. The second sketch, used on the reverse, is seagrass against a wooden fence, offering another rustic, almost vintage-minded take on a waterfront wedding.

ROMANTIC SHORE: Wedding Program Fans

9. Tropical Heaven

When the sun hits the beach and your guests start to feel a little wilted, a fan-style program can help cool things off. As your loved ones make their own breeze, they’ll be treated to a clean, modern design featuring a crisp white background embellished by a sketch of a coral reef. The list of events continues on the back, which springs to life with a warm, pink-toned background (customizable, of course).

TROPICAL HEAVEN: Wedding Program Fans

10. Tropical Palms

In a sea of greens and blues, Tropical Palms offers a sweet, sunset-inspired alternative. Both the front and back of this tea-length program are an ombre wash of terracotta, and a pair of tropical leaves decorates the very top — one leaf for you, one for your love, and an entire eternity to enjoy your unbreakable bond.

TROPICAL PALMS: Flat Wedding Programs

11. Tropical Sketch

Two lovebirds, two beach chairs… Tropical Sketch is perfect for a destination wedding. The colorful drawing of lounge chairs and a big umbrella are reminiscent of a seaside resort, and the fact that the program doubles as a fan doesn’t hurt one bit. Put your name and ceremony details on the front and a lovely thank you or dedication to guests next to the palm trees on the back.

TROPICAL SKETCH: Wedding Program Fans

12. Names Written in the Sand

Treat your guests to a bird’s-eye view of the beach with Names Written in the Sand. This program looks like an aerial photo of the beach with you and your sweetheart’s names written above the wedding date and ceremony location, seemingly drawn into the shoreline. A hint of stunningly blue water on the left side of the program adds much-needed color, with a much bigger splash (and some adorable starfish to boot) on the inside. Playful, pretty, and perfect for I dos by the ocean.

NAMES WRITTEN IN THE SAND: Folded Wedding Programs

13. Nautical Dreams

More yacht club than beach hut, Nautical Dreams is a boat lover’s dream. From the bold navy stripes to the anchors and knotted rope strategically placed throughout the program, this is a design that honors the sea (and maybe a military career or role as a boat captain) with sophistication and style.

NAUTICAL DREAMS: Wedding Program Fans

14. Enchanting Sea

When your wedding day is an absolute dream, you need a wedding program that’s equally as ethereal. Enchanting Sea’s swirl of purple-blues and hazy pink coral is completely captivating with understated white block text that conveys all the important day-of details.

ENCHANTING SEA: Flat Wedding Programs

15. East Coast Breeze

Combine your desires for a beach wedding and more upscale affair with East Coast Breeze. This nearly monochrome design is an elegant display of blues and whites with a spiral shell emphasizing the beachy theme. Inside, an airy white background and bottom border of a muted fence with seagrass leave plenty of space for you to share information about your wedding party and ceremony plans for all to enjoy.

EAST COAST BREEZE: Folded Wedding Programs

16. Ethereal Pool

For couples who want to hint at a beach theme without going full tilt on the seashells, anchors, and sandy décor, this design brings a mysterious touch. Ethereal Pool is a simple fan-style program with a soft white background and a few strategically placed tide pools that are both striking and intriguing. It's ideal for minimalists who prefer to keep their wedding stationary clean and to the point.

ETHEREAL POOL: Wedding Program Fans

17. Scallop Seashell

Full of whimsy and pretty enough for Ariel herself, this design is infused with ocean vibes that will make a pretty complement for your warm-weather wedding. Scallop Seashell delivers everything the name promises: edge-to-edge shell with space on the front for your ceremony information and a large space on the back for thank yous, dedications, or any other special message you want to share with your guests.

SCALLOP SEASHELL: Wedding Program Fans

18. Island Oasis

Getting married at sunset? Island Oasis presents a palette of oranges, pinks, and corals that evoke the tropics at dusk. Even the font feels exotic, and with three types of fan shapes to choose from, you know guests will be comfortable and entertained as you and your soon-to-be spouse exchange vows.

ISLAND OASIS: Wedding Program Fans

19. Hawaiian Sea Turtle

You don’t have to get married in Hawaii to make our Hawaiian Sea Turtle theme work for your wedding, but the happy little guy swimming across the front of this design would be a pretty cute mascot should you choose to hold your ceremony in the Aloha State. A few lively decorative accents add even more visual interest while maintaining an overall clean design that ensures your info is easy to read.
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