17 Winter Wedding Invitation Options for YOUR Wedding

Winter wedding invitation on styled background

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and just you and your sweetheart at the altar ready to say, “I do.”

Winter weddings have a special kind of magic. Maybe it’s the way the air hangs heavy with the promise of snow. Maybe it’s because so many buildings around your venue are already decorated for the holidays, so it feels like the entire town is celebrating your nuptials. Or maybe it’s the irresistible pull of nostalgia of those winters spent with family and friends — just being happy you’re together.

Get guests ready for your cold-weather wedding with these winter wedding invitations that run the gamut from sweet to sophisticated and feature a little bit of everything in between.

1. Greenery Crown

The combination of wildflowers and evergreens woven in a wreath-like design make this suite a somewhat surprising yet perfectly appropriate choice for a winter wedding. If botanical minimalism was a thing, this would be it, and yet there's enough complexity and detail in the sketched-out blooms and variety of fonts to keep even the pickiest guest happy.

Greenery Crown | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

2. Mountain Romance

When you close your eyes and imagine your wedding day, do you see a sandy beach and ocean waves, or do you picture a ski chalet and winter boots paired with your faux fur-trimmed gown? If your big day has way more snow than surf, Mountain Romance could be the wedding invitation you’ve been waiting for. The modern layout and simple block-style lettering combine with a monochromatic sketch of a mountain and lots of white space for an invite that’s easy to read but still makes a memorable statement.

Mountain Romance | Rectangle Invitations

3. Perfect Peak

From one rocky outcrop to another, Perfect Peak offers a different take on a mountain-themed winter wedding invitation. This time, line drawings give way to softer watercolors and an all-in-one wedding invitation design that includes everything from your wedding day details to the RSVP card in a single streamlined printout.

Perfect Peak | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

4. Pinecone Allure

Evergreens and pinecones are so iconic you can almost smell cold weather when you look at them. Pinecone Allure combines watercolor sprigs and an artistic smattering of those spiky brown seed pods to create a wintery design that’s especially well-suited for a casual venue like a renovated barn or ranch. All you need is some strands of twinkly lights and a bonfire, and you and your guests are good to go.

Pinecone Allure | Rectangle Invitations

5. Winsome Bouquet

Shades of blue aren’t always the first thing you think of when you conjure up a mental image of a winter wedding, but Winsome Bouquet will make you rethink every preconceived notion you have about wedding florals. This design features a blue-on-blue design with flowers and a central color block highlighting your wedding-day details. It feels icy cold — perfect for cold-weather weddings — with a hint of vintage appeal for added interest.

Winsome Bouquet | Rectangle Invitations

6. Splendid Pines

Can an evergreen tree be modern? Splendid Pines makes it happen. The invitation itself is super simple, with a dotted ring framing you and your sweetheart’s initials. That's joined by a stately pine tree and casual script-like writing detailing your wedding plans below. On the back, a black and white dotted motif adds a contemporary touch while keeping the overall vibe clean and crisp. It’s wintery, but not too wintery.

Splendid Pines | Rectangle Invitations

7. Bold Buffalo Plaid

What’s cozier than spending a blustery day curled up in some flannel PJs? Bold Buffalo Plaid plays up that sentiment and turns it into a winter wedding invitation that’s equal parts style and nostalgia. The Buffalo plaid pattern peeks through the oversized type sharing the happy couple’s names and covers the back of the invite too. It’s rustic without feeling overly casual, and you can even customize the plaid with your own colors to match your wedding-day aesthetic or just better reflect your personality.

Bold Buffalo Plaid | Shaped Invitations

8. Sweet Sentiment

Sweet Sentiment looks like a postcard from a winter-kissed world blessed by the Snow Queen. Blue-tipped vines crawl down the corners of the text frame and spring up from the bottom of the invite, creating a beautiful design that promises guests a good time no matter how cold it is outside.

Sweet Sentiment | Rectangle Invitations

9. Everlasting Love

Planning a rustic wedding, perhaps at a log cabin or in a renovated barn with candles and twinkly lights to help ward off the winter chill lingering outside? You might love Everlasting Love, a design suite that centers on a kraft paper-inspired background and sketches of evergreen sprigs and pinecones — perfect for a naturally minded winter wedding in a mountain locale.

Everlasting Love | Rectangle Invitations

10. Splendid Garland

If you’re planning to say your I dos around the holidays, an invite like Splendid Garland can give a nod to the Christmas season without going full Kris Kringle. Arched boughs in a vivid shade of green hold a bounty of red berries while framing your names and wedding details. Tons of white space keeps the design from being overwrought, and the painterly quality of the illustration adds another layer of warmth.

Splendid Garland | Pocket Invitations

11. Winter Floral

Close your eyes. Envision a towering Christmas tree decked from tip to trunk in glittering ornaments and surrounded by decorations that transform even the humblest abode into a sparkly holiday oasis. Now open your eyes and look at Winter Floral. Each silver and gold flower and sprig of would-be greenery feels like it’s made of tinsel for a rich and elegant look that works well for a formal winter wedding.

Winter Floral | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

12. Gilded Sage

Sage is a popular seasoning for all kinds of winter dishes including turkey, stuffing, and chicken and dumplings. But as an herb, sage also stands as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and even immortality. Gilded Sage can mean all those things, or you might choose it just because it’s pretty. Tilted frames cradle your greeting and wedding info while sprays of sage add muted color and hint at the wedding theme. Switching up some of the colors or adding raised foil could make this design suite even more winter-ready.

Gilded Sage | Rectangle Invitations

13. Damask Elegance

Damask and snowflakes are obviously two very different things. But for a winter wedding, the first can be used to hint at the second and create a winter-themed invitation suitable for a black-tie affair. This is also a pocket invitation, so your guests will receive the invite and enclosure cards detailing directions, accommodations, and RSVP instructions all at the same time.

Damask Elegance | Pocket Invitations

14. Festive Celebration

The stockings are all hung by the chimney with care and St. Nicholas will soon be here, but much more importantly, it’s almost your wedding day! Festive Celebration plays up the connection your big day has to the big winter holiday with plaid, evergreen, and red berries galore. It’s so classically Christmas, you can practically smell the pine.

Festive Celebration | Rectangle Invitations

15. Ethereal Evergreens

Ethereal Evergreens presents another take on wintery forest chic. The all-in-one wedding invitation opens to reveal rows of stately evergreens that fade in an almost ombre-like sweep of color from bold green to a whisper of grey-green pine needles in the back. It’s an elegant, sophisticated way to let guests know they’re in for a winter wedding with at least some rustic or outdoorsy elements.

Ethereal Evergreens | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

16. Sweet Snowflakes

Have you dreamed your whole life of saying I do while flurries drift about outside? Do you want to do your first dance to a Christmas carol? Does a bridal dress paired with a faux fur stole sound like sartorial heaven? If so, Sweet Snowflakes may be just what you need to set the scene for the big day you’ve always wanted.

Sweet Snowflakes | Pocket Invitations

17. Joyful Shimmer

Joyful Shimmer is an ultra-contemporary design. While nothing about this suite is overtly wintery, stick with the red fonts and add a touch of gold foiling, and you can create a holiday-inspired invitation that feels modern while still whispering of Christmases spent making ornaments and decorating cookies with piles of sparkly sprinkles.

Joyful Shimmer | Rectangle Invitations

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