17 Vintage Wedding Invitation Options for Your Wedding

love is sweet” banner, watering can, hay, and photo ops

Everything old eventually becomes new again, and that will feel particularly true if you choose a throwback design to represent your very present-day wedding. These vintage wedding invitation options honor the past with design elements, frilly flourishes, lettering, graphics, and more that echo the elegance, romance, and charm of days gone by.

1. Floral Lace

Like pinning a swatch of your Grandma’s lace wedding dress to your bouquet, this vintage-inspired Floral Lace wedding invitation adds a sweet touch of tradition to your big day. The kraft paper background keeps these simple and lets the floral lace pattern shine, while the use of a monochromatic black-and-white motif on the RSVP cards gives a slightly modern twist. Perfect for rustic weddings, intimate affairs, and even larger events that you still want to give off a sentimental, vintage feel.

FLORAL LACE - Pocket Invitations

2. Whom My Soul Loves

Whimsy, romance, vintage vibes, and Biblical inspiration all come together to create this colorful wedding invitation. Whom My Soul Loves is based on the verse from Song of Solomon that reads, “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” That script written over a background of peachy stripes (customizable to match your palette) with a floral sprig and lace border as accents create an invitation that’s irresistibly pretty.

WHOM MY SOUL LOVES - Pocket Invitations

3. Sweet as Pie

Dreaming of a wedding that’s as Sweet as Pie? This wedding invitation is the perfect fit thanks to country chic elements like kraft paper, scalloped lace, and a floral pattern that wouldn’t look out of place on your Aunt Betty’s kitchen wall. It’s charm galore and perfect for an outdoor wedding (pssst… you can serve cake instead of pie if you want, we won’t tell!).

SWEET AS PIE - Pocket Invitations

4. Love is in the Air

When you’re so in love you feel like you’re flying, share the flightless feeling with Love is in the Air. This design is pure joy, with sepia-toned images of bunting, hot air balloons, and clouds sharing space with vintage lettering. There’s a bit of fantasy to this suite, too — perfect for a day that should feel like all your wildest dreams coming true.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Pocket Invitations

5. Antique Rose

Red roses have been cultivated for more than 5,000 years, so it’s no surprise that a gorgeous, deep red bloom is at that center of our Antique Rose wedding invitation suite. The throwback theme continues with filigree-like printed frames surrounding the words “True Love” as well as your names and the RSVP by date. For couples who love old-fashioned fonts as well as simplicity, this elegant design is as lovely as a… well, you get the idea.

ANTIQUE ROSE - Pocket Invitations

6. Royal Wedding

The world is fascinated with all things British Royal Family, and that includes watching its members get married. Charles and Diana, William and Kate, Harry and Meghan, and now you and your sweetheart can enjoy the pomp and circumstance enjoyed by royalty for generations. Royal Wedding’s crown emblem sets the stage and elegant, stately design elements including gorgeous fonts and gilded flourishes make this invite a standout.

ROYAL WEDDING - Shaped Invitations

7. Vintage Peacock

So many vintage wedding ideas center on faded colors or washed-out florals, but there’s nothing shy or demure about Vintage Peacock. We’ve taken all the colors of this proud bird and created a bold graphic you’ll be just as elated to show off. Leave the classic peacock colors to give the invitation a more classic feel, or add your own twist and update the vintage linework with colors that match your personal aesthetic wedding day vision board.

VINTAGE PEACOCK - Pocket Invitations

8. Paris Appeal

So pretty, so delicate, so pastel, so Parisian. Send out invitations that are so French they almost speak with an accent when you put your personal touches on Paris Appeal. The eye-catching damask patterns line up under chandeliers that wouldn’t be out of place in Versailles, while the curled lettering that spells out “amour” adds to the romance. Stick with the pink for a more feminine feel, or switch things up to suit your idea of what French elegance looks like.

PARIS APPEAL - Pocket Invitations

9. Ascot Chic

With Ascot Chic, we’re dialing it back to the 1920s when geometric designs, black-and-white palettes, and metallic accents ruled the day — oh, and flappers, of course! A distinctly Art Deco frame adds tons of visual interest, while a bold font and simple color scheme ensure your wedding details stay firmly in the spotlight. Send out these vintage-themed wedding invitations, and your guests will know that they’re in for one swingin’ soiree.

ASCOT CHIC - Rectangle Invitations

10. Vintage Map

Once upon a time, no one had GPS, and people sailed their ships into the horizon based on little more than stories, hope, and some hand-me-down maps. That sense of venture is captured in Vintage Map, a design that uses geographic drawings to frame your wedding details. The invitation itself may look old-fashioned, but it’s still a great pick for a modern couple who loves to travel.

VINTAGE MAP - Rectangle Invitations

11. Vintage Bloom

Vintage Bloom is a nod to the days when garden tea parties meant women in starched sundresses and men in seersucker suits. Trickling vines and floral corners trail across each piece of stationery, and the main script is just as sweet and romantic. Shift the colors for a bolder look, or tweak the flowers to match your bouquet or boutonniere.

VINTAGE BLOOM - Pocket Invitations

12. Vintage Garden

Antique and modern elements collide with Vintage Garden. The back side of the invitation is pure throwback, with a Victorian-era floral graphic bursting with white blooms and dark foliage. The flip side is all text blocking and bold lettering, with a little peek-a-boo floral accent to keep things cohesive. It’s elegant, unique, and memorable while still ensuring your wedding details are easy to read.

VINTAGE GARDEN - Rectangle Invitations

13. Vintage Bunting

Country fairs used to be prime gathering places. Not only was it a fun day out, it’s where people went to see other people and to be seen themselves — think tons of color, banners rippling in the wind, and stalls selling everything from homemade jam to bundles of fresh-picked flowers. Now imagine all of that in a wedding invitation and you’ll get something very close to Vintage Bunting. Country chic patterns, pretty bunting, and an overall lovely way to announce your big day.

VINTAGE BUNTING - Rectangle Invitations

14. Dreamy Stripes

It’s hard to look at this stunning invitation without feeling like Eliza Doolittle attending her first horse race. The pure elegance of the black and white lining feels modern as does the stamped floral overlay, but put the two together and it’s like being at Royal Ascot (minus the crazy big hat). Play with bolder colors if you want to tip the design in a more modern direction or use pastels as a nod to country chic.

DREAMY STRIPES - Pocket Invitations

15. Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, Something Blue! We’ve got one-fourth of the most famous wedding day ritual covered with this beautiful vintage wedding invitation. From the artfully weathered damask background to the elegant frames used to make key details stand out, everything about this suite feels understatedly romantic. The pièce de résistance is a spot to put a photo of you and your spouse-to-be. May we suggest wearing something blue?

SOMETHING BLUE - Pocket Invitations

16. Ritz & Romance

Talk about a celebration! Ritz & Romance captures the Art Deco mentality with the kind of color you don’t often see in these 1920’s designs. From the scalloped embellishments to the razzle-dazzle fill illuminating your wedding day details from behind, this design is pure excess in the very best way.

RITZ & ROMANCE - Pocket Invitations

17. Chic Patina

If you’re finding yourself torn between vintage and modern designs, Chic Patina may just be the compromise you’ve been hoping for. A watercolor rinse makes the background feel soft and dreamy, while a dark patina around the edges of the invitations brings in a harder, antique-inspire element. Get it for the romance, the nod to things that stand the test of time, or just because it’s different from most other invites you’ve seen.
CHIC PATINA - Pocket Invitations To see how your favorite vintage wedding invitation design looks in person, order free personalized wedding samples from MagnetStreet today. It takes just a few quick clicks to tailor your favorite designs to reflect your wedding. Add photos, text, and color, and in just a short time, you’ll get to see your vision in person and fall in love all over again.