17 Rustic Wedding Program Styles for YOUR Wedding

a decorated meadow for a wedding ceremony, featuring the word “love” written in lights

Rustic has several meanings. It can infer something is rural or related to the countryside or it can mean decor or patterns that are plain and a bit simple or unrefined. But in the wedding world, rustic implies a charming simplicity and respect for nature that embraces everything from floral tablescapes to wooden signage — and lots and lots of greenery.

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you’ll want to browse these 17 rustic wedding programs that will let guests know the kind of day they’re about to enjoy.

1. Perfect Peak

Starting your happily ever after at a high altitude? Perfect Peak is ideal for a mountain wedding thanks to a row of rocky outcrops standing tall along the bottom of the fan-style wedding program. Bold lettering proclaims your names across the top of the design with softer, slanted lettering listing the order of events for your ceremony on the front and the details of your bridal party on the back.

Perfect Peak | Wedding Program Fans

2. Pinecone Allure

Simple and sweet, Pinecone Allure uses a few strategically placed sprigs of greenery to bring nature into your wedding day. This is a great chance to use upgraded paper, letting the sheen Luxe Pearl bring a touch of shine to your otherwise rustic decor.

Pinecone Allure | Flat Wedding Programs

3. Rustic Boughs

Get twiggy with it when you choose Rustic Boughs as your wedding program. The main attraction is the initials of you and your sweetheart nested in a circle of branches, with another branch giving structure to the layout. The use of soft pink and charcoal gray as background colors bring both earthy and feminine qualities into the mix, but feel free to switch up the colors to match your own aesthetic.

Rustic Boughs | Flat Wedding Programs

4. Lace Country

Few things feel more country chic than a bit of texture draped with a swatch of lace, and that’s exactly what Lace Country is all about. From the blush-colored background to the way the mishmash of text creates an eye-catching display on the inside of the folded program, every element of this design is ready for your rustic wedding.

Lace Country | Flat Wedding Programs

5. Brick Yard

If you turned your wedding into a country concert or music festival and needed a poster to get people excited, your design might look a lot like Brick Yard. Bold lines bring a contemporary feel, but it’s the distinctly rustic lettering and brick-inspired background that makes this program a true standout.

Brick Yard | Flat Wedding Programs

6. Candlelit Mason Jar

Look up close at Candlelit Mason Jar and you’ll see how the faux woodgrain swoops and swirls into layers of nested hearts. It’s those kinds of details — the hanging mason jars, the votive candles, the charming lettering, the soft pastels — that all come together to make guests feel comfortable, welcomed, and ready for a wonderfully rustic wedding.

Candlelit Mason Jar | Flat Wedding Programs

7. Geometry Of Love

Modern rustic? It’s totally possible, especially when you take your cues from Geometry of Love. Photo-quality woodgrain brings warmth while a heart made of triangles brings a more contemporary edge. Flip the program over (or open it up if you choose the folded version) and you’re treated to an inside decorated with woodgrain-filled triangles dancing across the top of the page. It’s fun, it’s a little funky, and it stays firmly on theme.

Geometry of Love | Flat Wedding Programs

8. Breathtaking Boughs

Art Deco meets modern rustic with Breathtaking Boughs, a wedding program anchored by a diamond outline surrounded by a wealth of green branches. Inside the diamond sits your greeting, your names, and your wedding date and location. This instant classic will look just as gorgeous in your scrapbook decades from now as it will on your wedding day.

Breathtaking Boughs | Flat Wedding Programs

9. Charming Love Story

L-O-V-E spells “love,” but Charming Love Story ups the adorability factor by replacing the “O” with a rustic wreath of wildflowers. Small, block-style lettering takes care of the transitions and basics like your wedding date and venue info, leaving you and your intended’s names to stand out in beautiful curving script. The liberal use of purple feels downright regal, but it’s easy to change up the color scheme — maybe a pale pistachio to match your garden wedding or a neutral greige to emphasize the rusticity of your wedding decor?

Charming Love Story | Flat Wedding Programs

10. Splendid Pines

Your love is evergreen, and so is the tree joining your initials at the top of Splendid Pines. You immediately feel like you’re in a beautifully appointed country lodge or mountain retreat — just the vibe you want to give guests when you’re aiming for a wedding that’s rustic with just the right amount of refinement. Simple yet striking embellishments like the circle around your initials on the front and black stripes and white dots on the reverse side help keep this design chic.

Splendid Pines | Flat Wedding Programs

11. Everlasting Love

Kraft paper and rustic themes go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that Everlasting Love uses a kraft paper-inspired background to help highlight the sketched pinecones and evergreen branches stretched across the upper left corner of the program. Pair this program with burlap-wrapped chairs, wildflowers in mason jars, and evergreen boughs over the doors, and you’re well on your way to a Pinterest-worthy wedding.

Everlasting Love | Flat Wedding Programs

12. Fireflies & Mason Jars

Summer weddings are tons of fun because you get to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying you or your guests will catch a chill. But there’s also a kind of magic that comes with celebrating your nuptials under a summer sky, especially if there are fireflies in the mix. Whether you’re saying I do in your backyard or just want that same feel for a slightly more formal wedding, Fireflies & Mason Jars is just what you need to give everyone a reminder of how sweet the simple things can be.

Fireflies & Mason Jars | Wedding Program Fans

13. Classic Leaves

Classic Leaves is a graphic designer’s inspired interpretation of rustic chic, with a cluster of mosaic-like leaves setting the scene for a fall wedding full of fun. Little touches like the splotch of yellow behind the ampersand between your names and the “now and forever” that comes before the program introduction help make this program a masterpiece.

Classic Leaves | Folded Wedding Programs

14. Carved in Love - Autumn

You + your sweetheart = a lifetime of love and happiness. Carved in Love (Autumn) captures that sentiment in a very visual way thanks to a photograph of a tree with of both your names etched into the bark. Fall leaves in various colors hover in the background, and the fan-style program gives guests a way to cool off in case summer extends its reach a little further than usual.

Carved in Love - Autumn | Wedding Program Fans

15. Moody Swashes

The genius of Moody Swashes lies in the medley of earth-inspired colors that dash across the background. It’s like an abstract artist worked their magic using input from Mother Nature — browns, grays, whites, and black shoot in every direction, creating a landscape that works especially well for a rustic wedding in the mountains.

Moody Swashes | Wedding Program Fans

16. Rustic Antler

It doesn’t get much more rustic than a slab of wood exuding its natural beauty. Our Rustic Antler wedding program is part of a broader suite of wedding stationery that uses antlers to frame your initials and decorate your wedding invitations. But the program takes a slightly subtler approach, letting the woodgrain do the talking with your details printed in white over the top.

Rustic Antler | Wedding Program Fans

17. Blushing Beauty

Rustic can mean a lot of things. In the case of Blushing Beauty, the rusticity is in the bundle of blush-hued blooms that whisper across the background of the program. Even the rounded corners speak to a certain softness — imagine guests chatting and waving these fan-style programs as they watch you say your vows in your local botanical garden and you’ll see why this design is such a winner.

Blushing Beauty | Wedding Program Fans

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