17 Modern Wedding Invitation Options for YOUR Wedding

a modern bride  wearing a wedding dress puts on sneakers

One look at Pinterest and anyone can see that wedding styles run the gamut from ultra-traditional to super modern. While some couples long for tables draped in lace and burlap, others are drawn to minimalism, with industrial-inspired centerpieces and light-up monograms heading up the décor. If you’re in the second group, you’re likely to love these 17 examples of the best modern wedding invitations around.

1. Simply Elegant

Sometimes simplicity is the height of elegance… which makes the name of this suite very appropriate. Simply Elegant takes a direct route to sophistication, leaving lots of white space so the modern block lettering displaying your names truly stands out. The rest of the design is equally sparse, making the strategic use of cursive wording all the more impactful. This is a chance to select high-quality paper and add foiling for an extra touch that won’t make your modern invitation even the tiniest bit busy.

Simply Elegant |Pocket Invitations

2. Wispy Greenery

Wispy Greenery is a modern take on botanical design. A few green twigs soften the angles of the geometric frame, drawing attention to the important information inside. Optional enclosure cards and the envelope follow the same scheme, making for a very cohesive invitation that’s the epitome of polish.

Wispy Greenery |Rectangle Invitations

3. Flawless Photo

Choosing an all-in-one wedding invitation is already a very modern choice, but selecting Flawless Photo as your design adds even more contemporary flair thanks to the ability to upload a photo of your choice to serve as the main attraction. Add a close up of you and your sweetheart mid-cuddle or hand-in-hand to show off your ring. Almost any scenario works. We’ll just add a nifty filter to soften and romanticize the image, and you’re ready to go.

Flawless Photo |All-in-One Wedding Invitations

4. Formal Statement

Who says black tie affairs have to be stuffy? Formal Statement promises an upscale wedding that also embraces fun. Between the playful polka dots and the irreverent use of varying fonts to create a visual buffet across the main body of the invitation, this design is everything a modern couple could want when planning a glamorous event that’s anything but boring.

Formal Statement |Rectangle Invitations

5. Just My Type

Sometimes the best things happen just because you had the courage to shift your perspective. Just My Type takes traditional invitation design and gives it a slight spin — literally. This layout fuses a landscape orientation, which is about 90 degrees off from the typical vertical positioning of standard invitations. It’s unexpected, as is the flash of color and artful mix of font styles and sizes. Opt for a shaped invitation to amp up the fun factor even further.

Just My Type |Rectangle Invitations

6. Simply Modern

Simply Modern is simply chic. From the circled monogram and bold font on the front of the invite to the crisscross patterning on the back, every bit of this design is carefully thought out and used for a specific purpose. Check out some of the other suite items for hidden gems, like your wedding date tucked into the diamonds on the patterned vellum bands and the elegantly rounded corners that make the label and seal sets feel extra special.

Simply Modern |Rectangle Invitations

7. True Celebration

Monochrome, modern, and majorly playful, True Celebration uses a mishmash of eye-catching fonts to create a festive wedding invitation that’s full of life. Large word art plays up the celebration aspect and calls on guests to RSVP, plus you can customize the colors for an even more bespoke look.

True Celebration |All-in-One Wedding Invitations

8. Mod Aesthetic

Just the facts, ma’am — Mod Aesthetic avoids extra frills and fancy embellishments in favor of modern minimalism and just enough pizazz to keep things interesting. You and your spouse-to-be’s names get the star treatment thanks to a big, bold font that looks like it’s been handwritten across the top of the invitation. The rest of the details follow in a block script, and your wedding date gets its own oversized font to underscore the designer’s contemporary vision.

Mod Aesthetic |Rectangle Invitations

9. Glowing Tracks

Chic lines meet a bright splash of pink in Glowing Tracks, making for a modern design that also embraces its feminine side. There are spots for two photos — upload your favorites with a few quick clicks — with wedding details displayed in a large block font. This wedding invitation is full of energy, getting guests revved up for a celebration that’s guaranteed to impress.

Glowing Tracks |Rectangle Invitations

10. Sprinkled Sprig

There’s something about an abundance of botanicals that can make wedding stationary look lush and luxurious, but pare back the vines and vibrant blossoms and you’ll discover how much impact even a single twig or cluster of leaves can have. That’s the premise behind Sprinkled Sprig. Just one little branch and seven gentle curved leaves hint at a garden wedding or outdoor celebration, the lines separating your wedding details the only other ornamentation. It’s clean, it’s bright, and it’s welcoming without being over the top. Perfection.

Sprinkled Sprig |All-in-One Wedding Invitations

11. Gilded Opulence

Gilded Opulence is an updated take on a royal invitation. The regal touches of gold and elegant script that help elevate this design are joined by contemporary circle patterns that bring the Art Deco vibes into the modern era. Add optional foiling for even more flash and customize your colors to swap up the primarily navy scheme for something that complements the aesthetic you’ve chosen for your big day.

Gilded Opulence |Pocket Invitations

12. Merging Love

Merging Love makes color blocking modern, using contrasting neutrals to bring the drama without sacrificing elegance. A simple bold monogram and text declaring “true love is the joy of life” bring together the two sides of this design and the two people at the heart of this celebration.

Merging Love |Rectangle Invitations

13. Modern Lace

Lace is lovely, but it can be difficult to overlook the obvious associations with vintage clothes and Grandma’s living room décor. Modern Lace proves that it’s entirely possible to use this delicate, refined material in a contemporary way thanks to the liberal use of color and strategic application. Here, the lace acts as a one-sided frame, curving around the right side of text displaying your names, wedding details, and venue location.

Modern Lace |Pocket Invitations

14. Modern Marble

From one of the daintiest materials available to one of the sturdiest, Modern Marble leaves behind lace in favor of a background that echoes the swirling surface of high-end stone. Thick framing emphasizes your wedding details and the lines of the envelope/enclosure itself, and don’t even get us started on the wow factor that is your monogram. Magnifique.

Modern Marble |Pocket Invitations

15. Modern Wash

Like abstract art, Modern Wash combines purposefully chaotic applications of color and lots of white space to create a unique masterpiece. Lowercase lettering adds to the casual vibe, with a boxed-in lowercase monogram making a sweet yet strong statement that’s sure to suit a couple that’s similarly complex and imaginative.

Modern Wash |Pocket Invitations

16. Sweet & Neat

The name says it all. Sweet & Neat is as simple as an invitation can be without going totally plain. We love the subtle shading, stylized monogram, and surprise vines framing the text box inside. Love the overall layout but craving more excitement? Try replacing the neutral accent colors with something bright, bold and a little more you.

Sweet & Neat |Pocket Invitations

17. Pristine Posh

Pristine Posh is one of the more ornate designs in our modern wedding invitation collection. Tone-on-tone swirling background? Check. Outlined block text emphasizing the major details? Check. Design elements like color blocking, decorative lines with chain detailing, and linked circles highlighting the ampersand joining you and your sweetheart’s names? Check and check. All that’s left is to pick from three different invitation styles, customize your colors, and order some free samples to double-check your choices in person.

Pristine Posh |Pocket Invitations

All set with your Wedding Invitations? Now it’s time to choose a Modern Wedding Program that fits your contemporary theme. (Pssst… if you like photos, #9 might be just what you’ve been looking for.)