15 Creative Wedding Invitation Options for YOUR Wedding

wedding invitations made of paper and flowers on wooden vintage background

From flowers to hearts and all kinds of lacey borders in between, there are certain elements you expect to see in a wedding invitation. Those traditional designs are gorgeous in their own right, but for couples yearning for something a little different, finding wedding stationery that speaks their language requires a bit more digging — until now. These 15 creative wedding invitation designs are surprising while still remaining eminently suitable for even more formal events.

1. Deco Glam

Tell your guests to dust off their top hats and tails and toss on their favorite beaded dresses — it’s time for a Gatsby-inspired wedding with all the glitz they can stand. Deco Glam is full of details straight from the 1920s. This unique take on a wedding invitation eschews traditional romantic elements and soft colors in favor of a bold design that forecasts the creative reception you’re already planning.

Deco Glam | Pocket Invitations

2. Love Airways

Celebrate you and your sweetheart’s shared wanderlust with a creative wedding invitation that’s distinctly travel themed. With text boxes that look like plane tickets and wedding details designed to look like itineraries, Love Airways is the right combination of playful and perky. Coral not your color? No worries. It takes just a click to customize this suite to match your aesthetic.

Love Airways | Pocket Invitations

3. Vintage Map

Who puts a map on a wedding invitation? You do! Plan outside the box when you prep for your wedding by including quirky design details like the ones found on this Vintage Map invite. Whether you’re into travel, pirate cosplay, or just like geography, this suite has the creativity and style you crave.

Vintage Map | Rectangle Invitations

4. Boldly In Love

Boldly In Love’s photo-centric layout provides the potential for endless creativity. While the template uses a romantic shot of the spouses-to-be, you can use the space to reflect you and your love’s unique personalities. A hilarious candid from your last trip to your favorite amusement park? Sure. A picture of your dog and cat playing tug of war? Why not? Something totally different your graphic artist BFF cooked up? That works too. Boldly In Love is as creative as you can make it.

Boldly in Love | Rectangle Invitations

5. Fireflies & Mason Jars

Backyard weddings don’t have to mean giving up on creativity. In fact, a non-traditional setting removes many restrictions that come with traditional venues, so you can get even more creative. Kick off your nuptials with an invitation steeped in nostalgia thanks to Fireflies & Mason Jars. The swirl of inky blacks and blues dotted with pinpoints of light is sweet and different — exactly what you have in mind for your big day.

Fireflies & Mason Jars | Pocket Invitations

6. Modern Marble

You want an elegant wedding, but sometimes sophistication can feel a little, well, bland. Not so with Modern Marble. The backdrop mimics pricey Italian stone while the bold lines bring a more modern look. It’s not a design you see every day, and that’s exactly the point.

Modern Marble | Pocket Invitations

7. Upscale Vegas

What’s more creative than a wedding day that morphs into a casino night? Whether you’re hosting a Sin City-themed wedding in your hometown or heading to the real Bellagio to say I do, Upscale Vegas puts a creative spin on a Vegas invitation that brings a polished, elegant look without losing the fun.

Upscale Vegas | Pocket Invitations

8. Love’s Treat

Love’s Treat is romance done differently. Yes, there are hearts, and the primary color is definitely pink (customizable during the editing phase, of course), but it’s the creative way the color washes across the stationery and the ombre fill in the pretty oversized script that makes this suite a true standout.

Love's Treat | Pocket Invitations

9. Honeycomb Sweetness

Meet the creative new take on sweet wedding invitations. Honeycomb Sweetness is a modern tribute to love, with geometric patterning and tiny hearts that suggest romance without conking guests over the head with it. Lots of white space makes the hexagons stand out even more. Bonus: You can upload a personal photo to be displayed with the hexagonal patterning, putting you and your spouse-to-be front and center.

Honeycomb Sweetness | Pocket Invitations

10. So Sharp!

Another creative take on love, hearts, and romance, So Sharp! is a pattern aficionado’s dream come true. Tons of triangles, a patchwork heart, cascading dots — they’re all here, ensuring you and your guests can enjoy a contemporary wedding invitation that’s perfect for the event you have planned.

So Sharp! | Pocket Invitations

11. Carved In Love – Autumn

Carved In Love is a throwback to the days when couples would wander through the woods and etch their names into the side of a tree. Perfect for fall weddings or outdoor enthusiasts, this design is a creative version of more casual nature-themed invitations, using earth tones to paint a very pretty picture.

Carved in Love - Autumn | Pocket Invitations

12. Mod Shapes

Minimalists will adore the strategically bare bones design that is Mod Shapes. Lots of white space plus sleek black lines, simple block text, and subtle color blocking equals a forward-thinking result that is creative because of what it leaves out as much as what it includes.

Mod Shapes | Pocket Invitations

13. Geometric Garden

Beware, boring botanicals! Geometric Garden won’t stand for banality. Instead, Art Deco shapes and peekaboo ferns lead into your wedding info that’s displayed in the same straightforward style. If you like greenery but want something more creative than the typical wreath designs or bright bouquets of flowers, this is it.

Geometric Garden | Pocket Invitations

14. Cornerstone of Love

Stoneware as stationery? That’s definitely creative. The background of Cornerstone of Love is a smattering of rock-like embellishments that look like they’re inlaid in cement. It’s somehow both masculine and feminine, infusing lighter colors with an edge thanks to the nature-inspired motif. One thing is for sure — your guests haven’t seen a wedding invitation like this one before.

Cornerstone of Love | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

15. Soothing Blue

Soothing Blue is striking in the way it combines opposing colors to make a serious statement. The creativity with this suite comes into play once you start customizing. Get quirky with the photograph you choose. Switch up the color scheme to match your favorite basketball team or your Halloween night reception. If you’re the type who likes to have lots of input but doesn’t want to design from scratch, Soothing Blue gives you a professionally crafted foundation to help you go buck wild.

Soothing Blue | Pocket Invitations

No matter what design you pick, putting your personal touch on our professional templates will make your wedding invitation a truly timeless keepsake. To find equally memorable day-of stationery, check out our wedding programs and reception materials.