Assembling Your Invitation Ensemble

Assembling Your Invitations

Putting your invitation together can be tricky! Take a moment to learn the proper way to put your wedding invitations together. It will save you time and headache in the long run!

Wedding Invitation Assembly

How to assemble your Wedding Invitations


Position the envelope so that you are looking at the back. The flap should be open on your right.


Insert your invitation.
Left edge goes in first.


Accessory stationery items are placed in the same direction as your invitation—​with the smallest on top.


Place RSVP on very the top. If there is an RSVP envelope, tuck the RSVP Card into the envelope flap.

RSVP Tips & Tricks

Stamp your RSVP before you begin!
It's courteous to stamp the RSVP for your guests, and you can save money by getting a postcard stamp. Batch this process before you begin stuffing your envelopes to make it go faster.

Include a number
Number your Guests on your list and place that number on the RSVP so it's easier to track who has responded. Just be sure to get thier number in the correct envelope!

Guest Addressing
Pocket Wedding Invitation

Foldover Pocket Assembly

First, insert the enclosure cards into the pocket, with the tallest in the back and the rsvp in front. Then you can seal your invitation with a vellum band or a sticker.

Pocket Wedding Invitation

Vertical Foldover Pocket Assembly

The enclosure cards are inserted into the pocket with the rsvp in front. Then you can seal your invitation with a vellum band.

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