2023 Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule Magnets

Keep the excitement alive with our Philadelphia Eagles football schedule magnets! Stay informed about every game while reliving the team's unforgettable 2018 Super Bowl victory. Fly, Eagles, fly as you support your team throughout the season!

MagnetCard Football Schedules

MagnetCards offer a high quality laminated card with a magnet strip attached to the back. There are 2 different designs families available for you to choose from and can choose from one of our ready made designs or completely customize it with up to 5 teams. MagnetCards are printed on both sides as an added bonus.

Philadelphia Eagles MagnetCard Football Schedule shown with matching suite items.

Standard MagnetCard Schedules

Standard sized MagnetCards are a football fan favorite. Choose from 2 different designs in either one of our ready-made combinations or completely customize it with up to 5 teams. For an added bonus, MagnetCards have special league games printed on the back.

Football-shaped Magnets

Football-shaped magnets are a great way to stand out to your clients. The magnets have room for your business information and your favorite team football schedule. Your customers will love the unique football schedule and reward you by keeping you on their refrigerator all year long.

Classic Football Schedule Magnets

Capitalize on your customer's football passion by packing your marketing into a memorable piece that they will look at and use all year long. Our classic magnets offer plenty of room to personalize with your photo, logo and contact information along with your favorite team football schedule. Classic magnets can be designed as a single team schedule or a customized schedule with up to 5 teams.

Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule Magnets

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Build Your Own Schedule

If you don't see the football schedule you like, build it yourself. Pick your own team combination to suit your needs. Connect with clients because you have the unique and special combination of football teams that speaks to you. Create your own custom football schedule quickly and easily and see results right awaay!

Custom team schedule with custom envelope and marketing insert with football background

FAQs about Philadelphia Eagles Schedule Magnets

What customization options do you offer for the Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules, such as logo placement, color choices, font styles, and the inclusion of your cell phone number, website, and email?

We provide a variety of customization options for Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules, including logo placement, color choices, font styles, and the addition of your cell phone number, website, and email. This allows you to create a design that showcases your support for the Eagles while promoting your real estate business and brand, and offering essential contact information to your prospects.

Can you provide a range of Philadelphia Eagles magnet schedule sizes and shapes suitable for mailing to prospects?

Our Philadelphia Eagles magnet schedule sizes and shapes are designed to be suitable for mailing, with options such as rectangular, square, and helmet-shaped magnets in various dimensions. We can help you choose the best size and shape for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness, all while celebrating the Eagles.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of text or contact information that can be included on the custom Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules?

Custom Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules can incorporate your contact information, like phone number, email, and website, as well as a concise promotional message. However, some limitations may apply depending on the magnet size and design layout.

How long does production and delivery typically take for these custom Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedule magnets?

The production time for custom Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedule magnets is generally 3-4 days, in addition to the shipping time, which will depend on the shipping option you choose and your location. Once we have your design and order details, we can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific shipping preferences and destination.

Do you offer mailing services for the Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules, or can you recommend reliable third-party mailing partners?

Truly Engaging can manage all your mail fulfillment needs for orders of 500 or more Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules. This service streamlines the distribution process, allowing you to concentrate on your real estate business while we handle delivering the schedules to your prospects.

Is it possible to feature two different people, such as a realtor and a loan officer, on the Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedule? If so, what are the design considerations?

We have templates available if you opt to feature two individuals, like a realtor and a loan officer, on your Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedule. Our design team will collaborate with you to ensure both parties are represented effectively while incorporating the Eagles theme.

How can I effectively collaborate with a vendor partner, like a loan officer, to co-brand and share the costs of the customized Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules for our mutual benefit?

To effectively collaborate with a vendor partner, like a loan officer, you can discuss co-branding opportunities and decide on shared design elements and messaging related to the Philadelphia Eagles. This approach will allow you to split the costs of the customized Philadelphia Eagles magnetic schedules while promoting both businesses to your prospects.

Philadelphia Eagles Football Schedule Magnets

Philadelphia Eagles schedule magnets offer an amazing promotional opportunity for local businesses, such as realtors, loan officers, landscapers, and music teachers. With the storied history of the Eagles and their passionate fanbase, these magnets are eagerly sought after by fans who want to stay informed about their beloved team's upcoming games. By using these magnets, businesses can keep their brand consistently visible to their target audience, increasing the likelihood of fans reaching out for their services when needed.

The Philadelphia Eagles' impressive history, which began in 1933, includes numerous playoff appearances and a memorable Super Bowl LII victory in 2018. The team's commitment to success and the unwavering support of their fans ensure that followers are dedicated and excited to follow the Eagles' season. Playing their home games at the raucous Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles offer fans an unforgettable experience, making their schedule magnets a valuable marketing tool.

Philadelphia is famous for its rich history, iconic landmarks like the Liberty Bell, and delicious cheesesteaks, which contribute to the city's unique charm. By incorporating the city's character and the Eagles' signature midnight green, silver, and black colors into the schedule magnets, businesses can create a connection with potential clients who are proud of their city and its football team.

When fans place the schedule magnet in a prominent location, such as their refrigerator or office bulletin board, the business's logo and contact information are displayed alongside the Eagles' schedule. This constant visibility keeps the company's services top of mind, ensuring that potential clients remember the brand when they require specific services. Moreover, the wide appeal of the Philadelphia Eagles transcends demographics, making these magnets effective for reaching a diverse audience.

In short, Philadelphia Eagles schedule magnets are an exceptional promotional tool for businesses to create a lasting impression on potential clients. By leveraging the team's success, iconic player history, and the city's distinctive culture, businesses can maintain visibility and top-of-mind awareness among fans who display these magnets in their homes. This marketing strategy not only increases brand awareness but also fosters loyalty and trust, ultimately leading to increased customer acquisition and long-term success.

Games scheduled for Sunday afternoon or evening may exchange times.
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