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School Activity Magnets

School Activity Magnets are an easy, effective and affordable way to increase attendance and raise awareness. Personalized with your game times, concert dates or event schedule, Activity Magnets share your schedule with fans and the local community. Their magnetic design allows your schedule to stay front and center on the fridge—​making your upcoming events easy to remember and fun to attend. For added excitement, personalize your Activity Magnet with your school colors, team mascot, and/or group photo.

Fun Designs for Sports, Band, Choir & Clubs

    From football and baseball to band and choir, shop designs featuring:
  • Basketball hoops, hockey skates, and other sport symbols
  • Sheet music and musical notes
  • Your team or group photo (personalized)
  • Your school mascot or logo (personalized)

School Activity Magnets also work great for school activities and clubs. From debate team to chess club, any school activity or club can personalize our designs to match their unique student group.

Personalize Your Schedule & Design

Personalize any Activity Magnet to match your sports, activity or concert calendar. Simply add your dates, times and locations!

    You can also personalize the design itself:
  • Change the colors to match your school/team
  • Add your team or group photo
  • Add your school mascot