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2024 Magnetic Calendars

For strong year-round marketing

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Full Magnet Calendars

Show the year-at-a-glance with these vibrant calendars. Choose from hundreds of designs!

Tear-Off Calendars

A great value! Clients will be reminded of you each month as they peel off a page.

MagnetCard Calendars

MagnetCard Calendars are a premium laminated card with a magnetic strip attached to the back.

Magnetic Calendar Planners

Magnetic Calendar Planners showcase your information every month, making a perfect keepsake!

100% quality guaranteed. Always

4.9 out of 5 stars. See all 4500+ reviews on Google!

Some of the brands we are proud to serve...

Edward Jones
Harvard University
Keller Williams
State Farm
MN Wild
Tampa Bay
American Family Insurance
Colorado Rockies
Chick Fil A Logo
Certified women-owned business icon

Truly Engaging is recognized as a certified women-owned business, certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). We are proud of this certification and the opportunities that it provides for our business and for our customers.

  • Classic Magnetic Topper

    Your custom information is printed
    directly on the rounded magnetic topper.

  • House‑shaped Topper

    Magnetic house‑shaped toppers
    showcase your real estate expertise.

  • Designed Magnetic Topper

    Your contact information laid out
    to match the Tear-Off design perfectly!

  • Tear‑Off Calendar

    16 perforated pages. Each page reveals
    a new month and eye‑catching artwork.

Tear-Off Calendars

Themed calendars are complemented by inspiring tips and imagery for each month of the year. While each month is torn off as it passes, your marketing remains prominently displayed at the top.

Full Magnet Calendars

Calendar magnets featuring a fully-backed durable magnet. These calendars have a premium finish that will last longer than a year. Thier strong magnet will keep you on top—​holding up the kids artwork and random notes on the refrigerator. Find the design you love from one of the many professional templates available. Your contact information will be visible in the kitchen all year long!

Magnetic Calendar Planners

Make a positive impression and show your best clients how much you value them with Magnetic Calendar Pads! These large designs allow for plenty of space for clients to jot in notes and reminders. Provide your active clients with a planning tool that they will use all year long. Showcase your information on a durable magnetic strip that remains across the top so that your clients can always contact you.f

MagnetCard Calendars

Your business is featured on this cost-effective personalized calendar. These magnetic calendars are created to slip inside a business envelope to make your mailing easy. The lamitated card has a magnetic strip adheared to the back, keeping your mailing light. Each calendar is printed with your personalized information in an eye-catching design your clients are sure to love. If you're looking for quality on a budget, these MagnetCard Calendars are a great farming tool that work great!

Message Board Calendars

Everyone still needs a place to jot their notes in the kitchen, and on the fridge fits the bill. Memo Board Calendars are a handy reference right in the heart of the home that not only holds your notes, they also feature a handy calendar! Your business information is right at families' fingertips. The included pen is easily attached and is right where they need it. By helping out busy families, they will learn to rely on you and will turn to your business.

School Sponsored Calendars

Team up with the school to hand out the most relevant schedule—​ the school calendar! Parents rely on the school calendar to set up vacations and to manage day-off care. Your sponsored calendar will get used constantly and your contact information will be seen over and over again. Connect with the school and they can take care of distributing your calendar to everyone inside that school district, removing any mailing or list-making costs. Your local school will love the high-quality magnet with a beautiful calendar!

Customer Reviews

Simplified Quality

I'm enjoying Truly Engaging calendar magnets and have been for over five years. They can accomodate novices and experts with a design and product that consumers love. I recommend Truly Engaging to all my colleagues and small business owners.

Reviewed by Darrell Catmull
January 20, 2017

Shop Popular Magnetic Calendars

Custom Magnet Calendars by Truly Engaging

Your business deserves marketing that you're proud to put your name behind, and proud to hand out to clients and prospects. So, why personalized calendar magnets?

It's marketing that sticks around

Paper can easily be lost, torn, or thrown away. On the other hand, magnets are durable and are seen multiple times a day on the family fridge. Business card calendar magnets are built to last and offer 365 days of easy and continuous impressions.

It's practical, easy, and affordable

Pairing your strategy with something practical, like a Magnetic Calendar, turns ordinary marketing into an essential, everyday tool for clients to reference all year long. Clients will love the handy calendar, and you'll love the year-long impressions!

Whether you're a real estate agent, busy urban professional, or small town business owner ... Truly Engaging has the perfect magnetic calendar for you! Choose from many designs and sizes, then add your own personalized photos, text, and colors. By providing clients active engagement with your brand, magnetic photo calendars deliver a lucrative trio of brand awareness, lead conversion, and customer retention.

Business Envelope Design ENVR-16002_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16002
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16003_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16003
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16004_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16004
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16005_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16005
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16006_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16006
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16007_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16007
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16008_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16008
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16009_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16009
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16010_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16010
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16011_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16011
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16281_A
Business Envelope Design ENVR-16281
Full-Color Envelope Designs Eye-catching envelopes are just as essential as the materials inside. Boost your mailpiece open rates with professional-looking envelopes that are branded with your logo and address, and that feature full-color art elements tailored to the season or event.


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EDDM® through the USPS®:

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Shipped to your office:

We will print and ship your products to your office for you to prep for mailing.

Magnetic Calendar FAQ's

Which Calendar Magnets will mail with one First Class stamp?

Calendar Magnets that weigh one ounce or less will mail with a First Class stamp. We intentionally design our most popular products to mail for one-ounce postage. Calendar designs and sizes that fit within this limit include the following style codes: Full Magnets (A, B, C, CT, R), Small Memo Boards (GC without pen), MagnetCards (SIK) and Tear-Off Calendars (T, RMT, RMTH). Please note that First Class Mailing requirements are subject to change by the United States Postal Service at any time.

How long does it take for Magnetic Calendars to arrive?

Timing will differ based on the type of calendar ordered and if mailing services are added to your order. From proof approval, print time takes approximately 3-10 business days. Shipping times range from approximately 1-5 business days.

How much can be customized on Magnetic Calendars?

For most calendar designs, you can easily personalize the colors, photos, and fonts inside Design Studio, our online personalization tool. Customizations include adding your headshot, business and contact information; editing colors and fonts; and changing the scenic photo on the calendar magnet design. Scenic and home photos on Tear-Off Calendars and Magnetic Calendar Planners cannot be changed. Design Studio also allows you to note special design requests for our graphics team.

Which holidays are shown on Tear-Off Calendars?

Our Tear-Off Calendars features 40+ U.S. and Canada federal and religious holidays and observances that are very helpful for clients to refer to. This list includes, but is not exclusive to:

What is the right way to put my calendar magnet in an envelope for mailing?

There is not a 100% hard rule. However, the United States Postal Service prefers magnets to be inserted facing the back right side of the envelope, with the magnet facing away from the recipient's address on the front.

How does the proofing process work for Calendar Magnets?

You will always see and approve a proof of your calendar design before it goes into production.

Will calendar magnets stick to stainless steel appliances?

Many appliances today are made to look like stainless steel, but actually contain magnetic surfaces. Most stainless steel appliances are not magnetic and have just a steel door, but typically the appliance sides are magnetic.

*Cannot be combined with other offers, or applied toward past orders and mailing services. Valid for online quantities only.

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