Wedding Etiquette in a Digital Age

Getting married in a digital age

In today's digital age, it's not surprising that the way we communicate has changed drastically. With the rise of social media and digital communication, traditional wedding etiquette has also undergone some changes. Whether you're a guest, a member of the wedding party, or the happy couple themselves, it's important to understand modern wedding etiquette to avoid any unintentional faux pas. Here are a few categories with tips and tricks to assist as you navigate proper etiquette in a digital age!

RSVP Etiquette

RSVPs have also gone digital, with many couples opting to use online platforms such as wedding websites or social media to track responses. While this can be more convenient, it's important to remember that not everyone may feel comfortable responding online, especially older guests who may not be as tech-savvy. Make sure to include an option for guests to RSVP via phone or mail as well.

Sharing Wedding Details on Social Media

Social media has become a popular way to share wedding details and updates with friends and family. However, it's important to remember that not everyone may want their photo or personal information shared online. Before posting anything, make sure to get permission from the couple or the person in the photo. It's also a good idea to avoid posting any sensitive or personal information, such as the wedding date or location, to prevent any unwanted guests from showing up.

Thank You Notes

Thank you cards are an important part of wedding etiquette, and in the digital age, it's becoming more common to send them via email or social media. While this may be more convenient, it's important to remember that handwritten notes are still considered more personal and thoughtful. Personalize thank you cards with a photo from your wedding to thank your guests for their gifts and presence at your celebration. This is a wonderful way to express gratitude and provide your guests with a keepsake from your wedding!

Unplugged Ceremonies

An unplugged ceremony is when guests are asked to refrain from using their phones or cameras during the ceremony. This is becoming increasingly popular as it allows guests to be fully present and enjoy the moment, without any distractions. If you're a guest at an unplugged ceremony, make sure to respect the couple's wishes and refrain from taking any photos or videos. If you are planning an unplugged ceremony, you may want to design an unplugged ceremony sign from our collection. This is the perfect way to let your guests know that you don’t want guests to have their phones out during your ceremony, while adding a stunning piece of decor to your venue.

Social Media Hashtags

Another trend in wedding etiquette for the digital age is the use of social media hashtags. Hashtags allow guests to easily share photos and updates on social media and can also serve as a way to keep track of all the wedding photos in one place. If you're a couple planning a wedding, consider creating a personalized hashtag that reflects your personalities or wedding theme. Make sure to include the hashtag on your wedding website, invitations, and any other wedding-related communications. As a guest, make sure to use the hashtag when sharing any photos or updates on social media, but also be mindful of the couple's wishes regarding social media sharing.

Navigating wedding etiquette in the digital age can seem overwhelming at first, but by following these guidelines, you can ensure that you're showing respect and consideration to the happy couple and their guests. Whether you're a couple planning a wedding or a guest attending one, it's important to communicate clearly, be mindful of others' preferences, and enjoy the moment without any distractions. With these tips, you can make sure that your wedding day is a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved, both in-person and virtually.