The Sweetest Lil Fast-Food Weddings…

Happy Groundhog Day! I heard the little feller was up all night celebrating the Steelers victory~ which leaves me wondering...  does that have any influence on how he see his shadow...? hmmm

It's Monday... smile!

A K.I.S.S. philosophy style wedding...

We'll take a burrito, fajita and a wedding please!

Amid guests, streamers, balloons, patrons and customized hot sauce packets that read Will You Marry Me~ Paul and Caragh tie the knot at Taco Bell. 

The bride wore a $15 hot pink dress (the entire event cost $200) and their friend officiated in a t-shirt after being ordained online as several dozen guests looked on. "This is the way to go - there's no stress" said the groom's mother." Read the rest of the cute story here.

Indeed, the truth is stranger than fiction and at times, sweeter too! :)

This couple just happens to love Love LOVE White Castle...  With a wedding cake that looked like a tray of slyders, fries and a drink~ this Columbus, Ohio couple married at White Castle where the flower girl tossed salt and pepper packets instead of rice~  and the groomsmen wore employee tags on their lapels.


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