Something Blue

Something old ... something new ... something borrowed ...something blue ...

This ancient wedding tradition is all about good old-fashioned luck. Something old stands for the past and continuity. Something new is about hope for a new life. Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness from another. And something blue represents love, fidelity and purity.

One of the easiest ways to embrace your "something blue" is with great shoes! Those pops of color from below are outrageously fun. From casual flats to glittery glams, to peep toe perfections, these shoes are gorgeous and a lot of fun. {Remember to add a sixpence for even greater luck!}

Something blue

But, there are other options for adding "something blue" into your wedding fashion. Popular choices include: sew something blue and sentimental  into your dress, carry a blue wedding clutch, or wrap your bouquet stems with a lovely blue ribbon.

On a more personal note, you could bring your something blue to your eyes with a romantic and shimmery blue eyeshadow {proceed with caution on this one}. Just gorgeous. How about going non-traditional with a blue tulle petticoat under your dress? Or simple blue jewelry will help you to carry out this tradition too. So many options ...

Are you embracing the "something blue" tradition? How?


Via The Green Eyed-Lady Blog top left: ankle rosettes & bottom right: glittery peep toes Craig Luster Studios, and Aralani Photography, top middle shoes via MMJ Events, top right photo courtesy Midiman via My Italian Wedding


Hillary Duff & blue eye shadow via Follic in Tulle, bracelet via etsy seller Bridal by Alyson, blue petticoat via etsy seller Gowns by Gaetana