10 Save the Date Photo Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Photo

Be inspired by 10 save the date photo ideas from real couples!

Cheers to you! You’re engaged, and now the wedding planning begins. Amid figuring out your wedding date, style, and all that other fun stuff … please take a bit of a creative break to think about how you want to share your date with friends and family. That is—with a save the date card or save the date magnet.

Photo save the dates come in all shapes and forms ... and we love the assortment of styles and designs our real couples create as their own. From funny or formal to sporty or candid, the photos couples add to their save the date really makes it wonderfully unique! Photo save the dates provide so much creative freedom … but it can be overwhelming to think about what type to go with.  

10 Save The Date Photo Ideas From Real Couples

There’s no better advice, however, than that from couples who are in your same shoes. Check out these real photo save the date designs by couples who’ve saved their date with Truly Engaging. Scroll through these 10 photo ideas, and be sure to check out all their wonderful love stories, including how they picked their save the date style and photo!

1. Where You Met

This one is full of all the feels and is super nostalgic! Revisit the spot of your first date or where you first met for an engagement photo. Share that special magic with wedding guests by adding it to your save the date.

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

2. Favorite Date Spot

Have a favorite ice cream shop where you both like to grab a sundae on a lazy summer afternoon, or a local park you like to snuggle in to capture the sunset? Use personal spots like this to offer friends and family a glimpse into your day-to-day (or date-to-date!).

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

3. The Proposal

A save the date that features the very moments of the proposal is by far the most heartwarming of them all! While this type of photo takes some planning by nabbing a photographer or loved one ahead of time, it’s totally worth sharing the moment with friends and family.

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

4. Pets

No save the date photo idea list is complete without including our furry friends. Sometimes the sweet pup is the star of the photo, and that’s ok! Nothing gets people smiling faster than the sight of a precious pet. Remember other pets are perfect to include, too … cats, bunnies, horses, and others.

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

5. Artsy

Maybe you’re not the photograph type, or you just want to be different—but you still want to send out an eye-catching save the date. Caricature save the dates are becoming popular, as are designs that feature a pictorial history of your relationship. These artsy type of save the dates will surely be a crowd pleaser!

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

6. In Uniform

Whether it’s military, law enforcement, fire protection, or any other uniformed occupation or service—there is so much to be proud of! Sharing a photo of you and/or your SO in uniform is a beautiful homage to the service you and/or he/she provides and the big role it takes in your beautiful love story.

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

7. Location, Location!

World travelers, mountain lovers, beach-side dwellers … no matter where you fall, a save the date with a jaw-dropping backdrop will certainly have guests talking! With you and your SO adorned in formal attire and a scene straight out of a magazine, need we say more about why these make for fab save the dates?

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

8. Nature

Do you and SO share a love for the outdoors? There is no better, effortless backdrop for a save the date than stunning nature itself. From forests and mountains to the ocean or wildflower field, being in the outdoors creates a more natural, laid-back feeling to your engagement photos—which will capture your love in candid perfection.

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

9. Hobbies

What brought you and your SO together? There’s a good chance your passions and pastimes are part of your love story. From video gaming and Renaissance festivals to figure skating, incorporating elements like that are a fun way to put a teaser out there of your love story!

 Choosing the Perfect Photo

10. Sports

Maybe you played sports in high school, college, or even on a pro team. Or you are diehard fans of the local team or huge collegiate fans. Sporty save the dates are a super way to show off this passion or the friendly competition between you and your SO.

 Choosing the Perfect Photo


So, what photo will you pick for your own save the date? It’s definitely not a life or death decision, but some thought should be put into picking your save the date photo. No matter which photo you pick, remember to be true to you! Your photo on your save the date gives friends and family a little flavor of you and your SO’s genuine personalities or style.