Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes

I'll never forget that scene in Father of the Bride when Annie Banks, the spunky bride, has just finished getting dressed to walk down the isle.  Her dad, the affable George Banks comes in the room, and they have this very touching father-daughter moment.  George tells Annie how beautiful she is, all the while wearing that oh-do-you-have-to-get-married-and-leave look that always makes me cry.  Then, just before he leaves the dressing room, Annie gently lifts the hem of her wedding gown to show off her white tennis shoes ~ all embellished with sparkly gems and lacy laces.  George had the shoes specially made for Annie for this day.  He smiles proudly, reminiscing of his little girl growing up and the one-on-one basketball they played together in the backyard nearly every day.

So, dear brides, what are you wearing on your feet on your wedding day?  Whether you choose a 4 inch heel, a strappy sandal or, like Annie, a smashing pair of tennies, the main thing to remember is comfort.  You will be on your feet all day long.  Even though your shoes are rarely seen under your gown, a poor quality or uncomfortable shoe could have you wincing when you walk instead of dancing the night away.

My very good friend Kim who just got married in September wore a simple pair of comfortable white shoes with a low heel, and for the reception changed into her tennis shoes.  At the end of the night, she was still dancing and still smiling.  But, if you just can't picture yourself in tennis shoes on your wedding day, there are still plenty of other comfortable options.

Very sweet, ballerina-like flats with feminine bows and embroidery.

Elegant low heel with pointy toe ~ gorgeous.

Satin and bejeweled, again with low heel ~ dreamy!

Fabulous espadrilles definitely add some height!

How fun!  Could be your "something blue" ~ perfect for a winter wedding.

Many, many options as you can see.  Just don't skimp in this area, even though you may be tempted.  Quality shoes will fit you well and are made from premium materials such as silk and ultra soft leather.  You'll know when you try them on ~ they'll feel great.

What kind of shoes have you chosen to wear on your big day?

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