Modern Wedding Invitation Typography: Font Pairings We’re Loving

Modern Wedding Invitation Typography font parings

Your wedding invitations are a glimpse into the beauty and style of your special day. Selecting the right fonts is essential to create an impression that's both captivating and reflective of your wedding's aesthetic. Let's explore five unique font pairings (through a designer’s perspective!) that you could use for your dream wedding.

1) Maribon Serif & Public Sans Thin

Wedding Invitation Fonts Maribon Serif

“The essence of class and sophistication”

Maribon Serif. The long, sharp lines of Maribon Serif exude sophistication, while its subtle swirly details add a touch of elegance and romance.

Public Sans Thin. The crisp lines of the Public Sans Thin font give a clean and contemporary feel that is simple and easy to read.

Ideal for: Couples seeking an invitation that is both classy and clean, setting the tone for an elegant celebration that blends tradition with a modern touch.

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2) Palm Honey & August Roma Serif

Wedding Invitation Fonts Palm Honey

“Makes you feel all warm and cozy inside”

Palm Honey. The font introduces an authentic, handcrafted aura to the invitation, with organic charm and an intimate sense of personal connection.

August Roma Serif. The rounded and structured letterforms of August Roma Serif give a sense of grandeur and richness, reminiscent of the historic architecture and romantic ambiance of Rome.

Ideal for: Couples seeking a wedding that harmonizes lavish luxury with the warmth of personal connection.

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3) Antoinetta & Hello Paris Serif Extra Light

Wedding Invitation Fonts Antoninetta

“Transports you to the romantic streets of Paris”

Antoinetta. The elongated and gracefully curling lines of Antoinetta exude a captivating playfulness and alluring femininity, that whispers a romantic narrative.

Hello Paris Serif Extra Light. Its delicate, slender strokes and minimalist design craft an ambiance of refined and playful sophistication that gives “modern chic”.

Ideal for: Couples who wish for an enchanting soirée that's a tribute to timeless romance and alluring beauty.

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4) Santorini & Mango Regular

Wedding Invitation Fonts Santorini

“Makes me want to dance”

Santorini. The sharp, yet brisk curves of the font create a lively and energetic feel - reminiscent of rolling coastal waves and radiant sun-kissed horizons.

Mango Regular. The font's round, circular letters, enhanced by delicate flowing details, create a festive atmosphere that invites you to celebrate and dance.

Ideal for: Couples hoping for a wedding that radiates magnetic energy, ensuring a celebration brimming with love, dance, and a zest for life.

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5) Peach Regular and Raleway Light Italic

Wedding Invitation Fonts Peach

“The 70s are back!”

Peach Regular. The font brings a playful throwback to the 70s with its rounded letterforms and bold, curvy appearance.

Raleway Light Italic. The italicized letterform of this font adds a sense of soft movement, providing a romantic touch to the invitation.

Ideal for: Couples who want to transport their guests to a groovy dance floor while also sharing the story of their timeless love.

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Choosing the right font pairing for your wedding invitations can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic and atmosphere you wish to create for your special day. The fonts you select will play a crucial role in conveying the emotions and ambiance you want to share with your guests.

Whether you opt for the classic blend of Maribon Serif and Public Sans Thin or the enchanting combination of Palm Honey and August Roma Serif, you get to choose what best suits you for your special day!