Wedding Stationery Trend: Formal Save the Dates

Wedding Stationery Trend: Formal Save the Dates

Elegant Poses + Fancy Attire + Stunning Scenery

Save the dates come in all shapes and forms ... and we love the variety that our real couples choose and customize as their own. Classic, funny, modern, rustic, non-photo, vintage, formal ... there really is a save the date for every style. We're highlighting formal save the dates here—a hot trend we're seeing everywhere.

So many couples are opting to wear formal attire for their engagement sessions. From suits, ties, and jaw-dropping gowns to sequin-adorned cocktail dresses and classic LBDs (little black dresses)—save the date photos captured with couples in formal outfits are hotter than ever. They are no doubt eye-catching (especially when you toss in an awesome backdrop or breathtaking scenery!) ... making for chic, formal save the dates as couples share their wedding details with friends and family. Check out these stunning formal save the dates that have been customized and ordered recently by a few lovely couples. Plus hear how they chose their perfect save the date, their search for their stunning formal wear, and a bit of their love history!

Four Stunning Formal Save The Dates

 Formal Save the Dates

Tatyanna & Brandon

Design: Beginning of Love | Photo by Jonathan Spinks

  • We were looking for a save the date that would stand out, be different, and would also fit our picture that we wanted to use. The picture we used we felt spoke volume, and to us it was a perfect picture of 2 becoming 1, so when we saw that particular style and saw the words “here’s to the best beginnings” we instantly knew it was the one. 
  • Our entire theme of our wedding is Elegant, Classy, & Timeless so when choosing the dress, I knew firsthand the color black - because that’s our go-to color. Although not our wedding color, we knew black makes everything look sharp. Plus, it pops so much more in black and white photos and gave us that elegant look we were going for. 
  • (Our engagement) actually happened a year ago on June 23, 2018 at my birthday dinner. He planned a dinner with my friends at a beautiful restaurant called La Marina in NYC that sits on the water overlooking the George Washington Bridge. Since it was my birthday, I asked to open my gift, he immediately agreed, and told me to stand up to read my card in which I didn’t think anything of it. As I got done reading the card in which stated “May your wishes turn into dreams come true,” I looked over to thank him, and before I knew it he was smiling from ear to ear and spoke about our love, and our lives together ...  and bent down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was definitely a dream come true. 

 Formal Save the Dates

Jenn & Matthew

Design: Avid Affection | Photo by Corrina Ryan of France Photographers

  • I knew for sure that we wanted a magnet so our guests would have a lasting reminder of our upcoming wedding, but I also wanted our guests to have something beautiful to look at over the coming months. This silhouette shot was perfect to give the foil lettering some "Pop" and gave a more artistic vibe than just a photo of our smiling faces.
  • I always had a pretty specific idea for our engagement shoot (Thanks Pinterest!) I love dressing up, but we don't dress up often in our day to day lives. A wedding is something special, and this was the perfect time for flowy dresses and bare feet on the beach.
  • We met on MySpace, back in 2006! Last year, on my birthday, Matthew popped the question at our favorite restaurant and I finally got to say "YES!" After 13 years of love, life, and memories together, the time is right for us to officially tie the knot, and we couldn’t be more excited!

 Formal Save the Dates

Bisola & Brume

Design: Names Framed | Photo by Mikelo & Lindsey Photography

  • Brume chose the save the date. I wanted to go with a different picture, but he was adamant on this one. In the end, I’m glad he chose this one.
  • The wedding is a black tie event. So we wanted one formal look and a casual, fun look. The formal look was for everyone, and the casual look was for us. 
  • Brume and I met when visiting a church for baby dedications. I sat in the pew behind him and when he turned around, I thought he was very handsome and his face expression showed he liked what he saw! We exchanged numbers after service, but I missed his call when he called a few days later. When I tried calling back, I realized I was calling a Google voice number; so I quickly hung up. When he called me back, I asked him why he had a Google number and he explained that he just got to America. I told him to get a regular number and call me back: I didn’t know he was scamming me. To my surprise, he got a real number and called me. The rest was history.... His persistence, patience, God-fearing and caring nature won me over. I fall deeper in love with him everyday and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. 

 Formal Save the Dates

Jasmin & De'Andre

Design: Upload Your Own Design | Photo by Stanlo Photography

  • When choosing our save the date it was very important the save the date served as a reflection of our love for one another while also being memorable. With those sentiments in mind, we decided a save the date magnet would best achieve our needs. Once we decided to use a magnet, we took some time deciding on which picture to use from our engagement photos and reviewed different fonts, colors, and templates. Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet gave us so many options, while also being very cost effective. After some trial and error, we finally picked the right combination of picture, font, and style. We knew we finally hit the mark once we received our sample save the date from Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet. From computer to our refrigerator we were very excited to see our vision come to life and we knew we had our save the date! 
  • Choosing the outfits for our engagement shoot was a very fun process. We knew that we really wanted an elegant portrait that we would have for a lifetime because we feel elegance is timeless and so is our love. For my dress I had an idea in mind after searching for the perfect gown with no luck, I finally decided I wanted to make my vision come to life. I met a wonderful designer name Linda Bezuidenhout while passing by her store Linda Bezuidenhout Couture in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA. As I perused through all the beautiful gowns in her store I happened to strike a conversation with her about what I was looking for, and if she makes custom gowns. To my surprise, Linda responded that she does make custom gowns for customers and from that moment the process began. I knew exactly what I wanted, and Linda brought my vision to life! She was such a pleasure to work with and made the process as smooth and seamless as can be. I was determined to wear purple and she produced just that, a beautiful, flowing, purple gown! After receiving my gown we felt it would only be right for my fiance to wear a tuxedo! Nothing looks better on a man than a well-tailored suit, and I knew my classic man would compliment my gown best in a black tuxedo! The Bonneville salt flats were so breathtaking we knew we had to wear our formal wear in that location, and the moments captured surpassed our wildest dreams thanks to our photographer. As we posed in the salt flats it felt like a fairytale. 
  • Unbeknownst to Jasmin what was supposed to be just another one of our adventures together, I was actually planning to propose to Jasmin in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jasmin planned a fun-filled few days in Las Vegas for us, all while I was secretly planning an unforgettable last night in Las Vegas that would melt Jasmin’s heart. Calling upon many of Jasmin’s best friends, I invited them  to Vegas for the proposal. With support and love from a host of family members and friends I proposed to Jasmin the night of April 15, 2018 in the Linq promenade. Complete with a serenade, photographers, her best friends surprising her, hosts of strangers surrounding us, beautiful bright lights from the nearby water fountain and the observatory called the high roller, I dropped to one knee and asked Jasmin Miller for her hand in marriage. The moment was magical and very much like a fairytale. Jasmin with tears in eyes, and joy in her heart said “YES” to my proposal. Ever since that day we  have been on a journey that we like to refer to as #ADREAMCOMECLARK.