Color Your Wedding!

Color is instinctive! And, it is definitely emotional...

Most of us have our favorite colors and we know what we like; however, developing an effective color palette takes a  bit of finesse. But... instincts + knowledge = one smokin' hot color palette!

Look to your color wheel and learn a little bit about color theory and then go inspire yourself! If you love all things modern and  trendy, grab your honey and head off to the art institute! Then, have lunch at a trendy restaurant and see what color combos they're using! Love a vintage feel... get color-inspired browsing antique stores and for cottage inspiration... wander through that quaint boutique that is doing everything right! If yours is a destination, head to the beach or the book store and browse books of the area. For everything garden wedding, spend the day at a conservatory! If nothing else, park yourself in front of the paint counter at Menards.

Cool Colors Keep it Cool: we mostly know these colors to be the blues, greens and purples and generally offer a calming ambiance. Of course, different shades of these colors will shift the mood this way and that.

Neutral Colors Keep the Peace: we mostly know these colors to be the blacks, whites, grays, browns and they are fabulous for setting the stage so that you can make one heckofa a statement~ like with a brilliant red that draws the eye and commands attention.

Warm Colors Heat Everything Up: Here we have your reds, oranges, yellows... They're intense. They're passionate. Full of fun and excitement, a warm palette spreads good energy.

How are you choosing your colors?


Cool: BMs, Mini Save the Date magnet

Neutral Image: Damask Mini Save the Date

Warm: Heart-shaped Save the Date