Color Monday: Coral & Turquoise Wedding

Is it possible to ever tire of coral + turquoise? Probably not. It's a wildly popular combo, and for good reason ... it's effortless for spring and summer weddings and divine for a destination in the sun. Let's see how it translates in a few designs!

Welcome to Color Monday!

Why do we love Coral? It can work as a bold hue when it relies on it's orange traits. But coral is essentially a pastel and is a delicate tone. It is a wonderfully feminine hue without being too "girly" and a wonderful substitution for bright pink. Coral can go vintage, be modern or just simply sweet.

Why do we love Turquoise? This shade automatically suggests a beautiful tropical setting. It creates visions of paradise and is associated with sky, sea, and healing. It has come to be associated with high-quality items wrapped inside cute turquoise boxes. Turquoise plays well with all sorts of hues and works wonderfully with warm tones like coral.


coral and turquoise wedding


First off, Coral takes center stage in a bouquet.  The delicate texture of the petals increase the feminine nature of the color. The Love and Gratitude Wedding Invitations showcase a floral sketch--perfect for introducing your color choice in a very simple but modern way.


turquoise and coral wedding


Using Turquoise as the background in the Slide Show Save the Date is a brilliant use of  the color. It allows the Coral to pop right off the background and create a dynamic combination. Here, both colors are showing how bold and powerful they can be. Using large doses of these colors in your wedding would be very impressive. Consider turquoise bridesmaid dresses with bright coral bouquets or flip it around and use coral dresses with bold turquoise necklaces and perhaps white bouquets. Or dramatic uses of turquoise fabric to line the walls of the reception.



turquoise and coral wedding


Turquoise and Coral is a particularly sweet combination--bringing to mind the colors you might find in a sweet shop filled with treats. Using a large dose of white is the secret to creating that impression. Consider a dessert table adorned with these pastels and sweet cookies and candies as edible art. Charming Lavender Wedding Invitation design suggests a french twist on this as well. Think about Marie Antoinette and the colors of her court. Now you get to be the one to let them eat cake!


Try Turquoise and Coral in your design today!


Designer for MagnetStreet