Choosing Your Grad Invites and Making them Uniquely You

Graduation Invitation just for You

Graduation is a monumental milestone, a testament to hard work, perseverance, and the beginning of a new chapter. In commemorating your high school graduation, the invitation you send out serves as an announcement of your achievement and an invitation to celebrate. Customizing your graduation invitations allows you to infuse your personality, achievements, and hopes into every card, creating a personal connection with each recipient. This guide aims to inspire you to design invitations that are as remarkable as your unique experience.

Choosing Your Theme
The theme of your graduation invitation sets the stage for your celebration. It's the first hint of what guests can expect and an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of traditional themes, such as our Layered Grad design. Or, the sleek, innovative appeal of modern designs, may intrigue you, like our Grand Finale invitation. You may personalize your design with your favorite colors, for a personal flair, or incorporate the color scheme that match your school colors. From elegant script fonts to bold, contemporary graphics, choosing the right theme is about making a statement that's all your own.

Layered Grad

Future Is Now

Grand Finale

Incorporating Personal Photos
Photos add a personal touch that transforms your graduation invitations from simple announcements to cherished keepsakes. Choose photos that you adore, and speak to who you are. This might include a photo of you in your jersey, by the water, or wherever you are most truly yourself. Some of our designs feature one bold and beautiful photo, like Future Is Now, while others allow space to showcase a collage, such as Commencement Corners. If there’s a design you love, but want to add more pictures, simply submit a design request. Each of our invitations are completely customizable!

Future Is Now

Commencement Corners

Academic Arrangement

Unique Formats and Sizes
Breaking away from the standard card format opens up a realm of possibilities for your graduation invitations. Our collection features a wide variety of shapes, and therefore, endless opportunities. Arch graduation announcements provide a sleek twist to any modern design. Bracket invitations are unique and eccentric, ahead of their time. You can also turn any design into a magnet or postcard, further personalizing your invitation. Different formats and materials can make your invitation stand out and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Arch Announcements

Bracket Invitations



Budgeting for Your Invites
Customizing your graduation invites doesn't have to be expensive. Our invitations leave a lasting impression, while staying in budget. With frequent sales, don’t sacrifice quality to stay in budget. At Truly Engaging, we believe that each graduate deserves stunning graduation invitations, regardless of budget. Explore our site, and let our low prices surprise you!

Final Touches
Raised foil is one of our favorite final touches, as this detail elevates any invitation. Whether you choose, gold, rose gold, or silver, this detail adds a stunning touch. Also, attention to detail is key in the final stages of creating your graduation invitations. Proofread multiple times before sending your design to print, and to avoid errors entirely, we recommend having multiple different people proofread. Walk away from the design and come back with fresh eyes to avoid mistakes.

Mailing and Distribution
The distribution of your graduation invitations is as important as their design. Timely mailing ensures your guests have ample time to respond and make arrangements to attend. We recommend mailing your invitations about 4-6 weeks before the event. This allows your guests to have plenty of time to prioritize your event.

Customizing your graduation invitations is an opportunity to reflect on your journey, celebrate your achievements, and share your excitement with friends and family. By infusing your invitations with personal touches, from the theme and photos to the wording and design, you create a memento of your graduation that is as unique as your experiences.